Holo Hair Transformation: A Holographic Hairstyles Hair Tutorial

I’m addicted to hollow as you would expect from a hollow attic take a hollow sexual Watching that post are there so few hair tutorials on My blog where are the hair post people want to know how to get cool hair to Do and I would use my skills as a licensed hair stylist to turn my hair Hollow and we are just we are going to see how that goes it is actually ended up being a very involved.

So I’m going to switch out my post style a little bit and go in and out of kind of telling you guys how everything went down because girl What I would do with my hair and in that I decided to incorporate as much Hollow as I could and I started with the braids the first things first I’m going to be using Hollow tensile to braid into my hair I’m actually using more of it then I have hair and those sections.

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So you should see mostly Hollow if not all Hollow section of the front and then just going to breathe under My hair in it does not the technique you are supposed to use for this but it is just so much easier come for the braids stay for the lazy girl hair tips and now I’m going to start braiding in here from the section Is out of money I spent on Hollow for this post is between me and my therapist the braids went down.

I didn’t 3 more of them so I had a total of four braids and then I decided to go into the next step we should try and create some linear Hollow on my hair now I tested this extensively I wanted that linear to Rainbow s that was so important to me but the problem is I could not make it work on here because when you do this supposed to burn.

Jane was taking some spray craft adhesive spray human hair extensions and then applying Hair extensions I’m going to kind of Tana it up and just put them between the two braids right here obviously you are going to be able to see this line I’m planning to cover it with some Hollow Swan Lake hairpiece like I have the feathers on each side and I’m just drowning dying Swan but not a dying.

Swan just a fantastic Halloween Probably be a good idea to get the ponytail as much out of the way as possible so I took all of my human hair that was in the ponytail braided it fold it in half and put it that way so I had just like a little hair none of it just like the littlest bit of my hair was left and everything else could be fully hollowed and I decided to do that next on the top with some Hollow play he tested tons of letters and I finally decided to take them onto a sticky gel base and goodness.

The Branding is on point the texture of the product by the way Christine nail sponges and I raise you whatever these are it seems to be too big for an I definitely too big for a nail I do not know what people use this for but I have to apply glitter to a large area this is like several Bay Area so But I have tested it it works super well with the glitter so oh yeah.

Calling as though it were snow from the sky it is everywhere oh my gosh I’m covered in Hollow my life is now covered in Hollow to bring all your home you going to call Nickelodeon slime line one of the many things you can do with Halle okay do not have a five finger forehead what are you talking about this is really fun glitter and try to the land of them a little bit I think I might actually lose my mind so I found this holographic glitter at Riley rows in the Glendale Galleria I love it it is like a little flask of hollow and I take this and on the back of my hand make some glitter and then apply it to my hair was magical I have ever felt in my life Google what even is this is probably a better way to mix it didn’t like drawing right hand but I just want all the glitter all over me give it to me.

Something I said this is one of the few times you can truly tell someone the back of their head trial Add salt to my ponytail I decided to that by Bobby heading it and remove face until I got a significantly better idea a good idea There’s a hairstylist brain come and take that hairdo by Jessica Simpson I feel hollow.

How to Andrea the hair around the base of the ponytail so I have one more Local weather case but it is going to work in that situation at least Bullet with complete and if you are not familiar with Hollow even lighting like this is not conducive to Optimal Pollo viewership so I had to switch my background switch my life and I’m ready for the reveal Trial Trial experience I do not even understand because your hair is gone And I just here just all of you and it did nothing.

How did you get tinsel Timber I’m still kind of just flabbergast you are just in all of the awesomeness We actually decided to take it outside to see how the Hollywood show up unfortunately it was basically sunset for a long time so it wasn’t Pink sparkles that resulted I mean I could have called it a day but I was loving the hollow and I have needed more so I decided to add those big chunky glitter to the top of my head as well and was that was that obviously I need to get a look at it in the light Try on I’m having mosquitoes posts basically like me challenge myself to create Hollow hair and I feel like I got there it is so sparkly I just want to exist like this forever and that’s was my Holo hair transformation it was worth every bit of glavine turn around my house now I loved it Just come back on post I will see you in the next one.

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