HOW TO 10 Easy Short HairStyles With Flat Iron Tutorial

Hey all, Welcome back you guys. I’m so glad you could join me for another post and, I got your really great one today just like you read by the title I’m bringing you ten easy ways to style your short hair or your long hair with a flat iron or a straighter there’s going to be straight wavy curly beach waves whatever you could probably expect it is going to be in this post keep on reading the straightener of my choice is this lovely miniature t3 hair straightener it is they are white and rose gold edition, I mean how cute is this it is. So precious I have actually never used a miniature hair straightener before.

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So I’m really interested to see how well this will perform and I’m really excited let’s get started the first hairstyle is going to be super simple, and it is probably one of my favorites to do an everyday basis. Because it takes the least amount of effort and less time as well. So let’s start and I’m going to start section of my hair a little bit above the ear does not matter where your section it just get a first section going you guys a very important element when styling your hair always use a heat protectant whenever using heat tools this will go a long way to save your hair and you do not want to be that girl that straightens or curls her hair and a chunk of your hair falls off guys ever see that post oh man, I felt. So bad for her and today I’m using the bumble and bumble styling lotion, and it is great for hair dryer straighteners and curling wands just a great heat protectant. So grab a section like three to three to two inches of hair I’m going to grab the hair like. So and I’m going to point it away from the face. So grabbing the hair very gently and then moving about 90 degrees and then going down like.

So so you see, I didn’t go all the way down my hair, I want about like halfway down my hair. So the rest of the hair is not curled or waved pointing it down once letting go. So you see that it just gives a big effortless curl we went to the other side switch hand strainer going down grab a section twist it once let it go just like that every single coral is going away from my face just continue doing this until you have no more hair left to style just a quick tip or trick whenever you style your hair do it in the middle on the very top section that way when you actually want to get a little bit more volume, I just take my finger and, I just put it over some of the hair to the side and just look at that look at that amazing amount of volume that you get all of a sudden and then, I just take my fingers and just quickly brush out my hair just a little bit just to kind of piece out the waves and this is what you get super easy it literally takes five minutes to do, and it is perfect for short hair before, I move to second or style let’s say just a quick prayer for my hair it is going to be going through a lot of heat damage and, I hope, I still have some hair left after this. But this is all for you my love all for you let’s move on to hairstyle number two. So this one is going to be more of like tighter curls that are also going in the same direction I’m just section off my hair same as before just a little bit above the ear. So for this hairstyle. Because it is tighter curls you are grabbing much smaller sections than the first hairstyle, and it is going to take a little bit more time just.

Because it is smaller sections right I’m going to clamp it twist it all the way around and take it all the way down the hair that’s what you get you get tight curls like. So and we are going to loosen them and take them apart once we are done with the entire head. So just continue doing this to ass in it all the way around and going all the way down the hair. So you see what, I mean by tight curls they legit like little ringlets I’m going to take some oil some of this invisible oil by Bumble and Bumble and I’m just gonna take a little bit it goes a long way and just mix it in between my fingers and then, I was gonna run my hands through these curls and just separate them a little bit oh this oil also smells. So good and there you have it what do you guys think of this one this was definitely really curly and a little bit more tight just like curls for a girl oh yeah that was. So corny okay I’m gonna keep it in. So what’d you guys think of this one.

So this hairstyle it is going to be straight. But it is gonna look more of like a bob where the dump ends are going to be kind of turned in towards my face grab a nice section that will fit your straightener I’m just going to bring it down like this and then kind of curve it towards the inside just like that. So you see how it kind of gives it that wave towards the inside and it creates that bob effect once you are done straightening your hair just look at all that volume that you get just go apart it in the middle or side whichever you prefer just kind of run your fingers and grab a brush and just very lightly give it a brush all the way through. So there you have it this is how you can create a lot of volume with a hair straightener and it kind of gives it that full bob. So this next hairstyle is the really sleek polished razor sharp straight hair. So if you do not like like this bob and a lot of volume this one is for you and this was just going to be two sections. So it really helps me achieve that really sleek straight hair take the brush place it underneath the section brush it out and straighten it down.

So that’s why, I really like using a brush to help when, I straighten my hair. So that way you get every single strand and there you have it this is the sleek and polished straight hair look what you guys think of this one this next hairstyle is me kind of like from the seventies 80s era super EQ, I love wearing it with like a bandana. So I’m just section off my hair into sections. So. Because my hair is Britney’s pretty straight I’m gonna focus my straightener May way down and when, I get down I’m going to flip it out instead of inwards. So we are gonna take it and we are going to flip it out like that does that remind you of like the 70s or 80s love it peace it is super simple. But it is so cool, I love this hairstyle it also has it gives my hair so much bounce just, I love that wait, I lied this is definitely more sixties hairstyle I’m going to grab some more of this invisible oil by Bumble and Bumble just a little bit which is gonna smooth it down a little bit and kind of make it a little bit more polished, I just quickly want to show you guys what it will look like with the bandana I’m taking some of these front hairs and bring it in front of the bandana.

But you guys think is not it cute with the bandana like this, I like it all right let’s going to the next hairstyle all right. So let’s go back to the 90s this is where you are gonna create those as style waves or kind of the crimped style look obviously, I section my hair off and I’m gonna grab a section of hair you get like 3 or 4 inches and then we are gonna start at the root we are gonna take it up a little bit move it down and then bring you in bring it down a little bit and then go back up move it and then go back down again and move it down. So basically you are just creating that a style wave all the way down your hair. So do you see that it kind of looks like you crimped your hair let’s finish this hairstyle. So whenever, I finished, I just placed it to a side and, I like that gives it a little bit more volume. But then I’m gonna add a little bit more texture kind of separate the curls a little bit to give it a little bit more separated look. So I’m using the BB brilliant by Bumble and Bumble a little bit goes a long way it is kind of like this gel formula, and it is really nice and wet soon going just kind of start separating it just to give it a little bit more texture.

So you can definitely leave it like this it does reminds me of like the 90s 80s style. But I kind of want to make it a little bit more edgy. So I’m going to take on the side that is part I’m going to tuck the hair behind the ear I’m going to take a few bobby pins and I’m just going to pin it down just to give it that more sleek look yes that’s the feels this next hairstyle is going to be another one of those tight curls. But instead of the type curls going all in the same direction they are going to alternate directions my first section that are closest to my face, I like to always have them rotating outwards away from the face take the next section and we are going to twist it in going towards the face clamp it down twist the end continue twisting and then bring it all the way down. So, I want to make it a deeper part. So I’m going to start curling from the back and make my way frontwards alright. So this next step is totally optional you can leave your curls like this just bring your fingers.

So them kind of separate them a little bit give a little bit more polish I’m actually going to take my brush and just brush out my hair take a little bit of oil and apply it to the ends of the hair we are just like halfway down, I like when the waves kind of alternate direction it kind of gives a little bit more texture to the hair. So Eddie, I think of this hairstyle definitely very voluminous as well this hairstyle is going to be like that old glam Hollywood style curls where the curls go towards your face instead of away. So I’m going to section off around the temple areas and I’m going to clip it away for now is top section take a section about like two three inches take your straighter and I’m going to place it right on top I’m just going to straighten it for a little bit making my way half down and I’m going to start flipping it towards my face let this top section go I’m going to right away section where, I want my hair to lay down split it in half and just pin it back just continue doing that make sure the curls all go in the same direction towards the face like that once the curls are set and cooled off I’m going to take a hair brush and just kind of very gently brush them out. But there you have it this is kind of like the old glam Hollywood style waves where it kind of like goes towards your face and just hugs your face. So now let’s make a way back to the beach I’m going to split my hair again in two sections. So for this hairstyle your hair will be basically braided with tiny braids. So it kind of requires a little bit more time and effort.

But the overall results are really cute. So just take a little section we are going to braid it just regular three-strand braid when you get to the very bottom, I try to braid as much as possible and then, I just take any bobby pin and then I’m just gonna pin it at the very bottom to hold the braid together just like. So the reason why I’m braiding the very top section of hair like this it’s. Because it gives a nice volume to the root of my hair and also, I can basically place my hair on either side right left or in the middle, and it is going to look really nice. So this is what your hair should look like it is amazing, I know take this straightener close possible to the root and very slowly drag it down the braid. Because you want to make sure the entire braid gets heated through you can run a couple times through just to make sure it got heated enough yep and do that to every single braid once every braid is pressed like a panini, and it is cooled off I’m gonna start taking the bobby pins out and very slowly taking the braids apart last one guys, I got some crazy volume happening right now I will look like a lioness right now we are gonna add some of this oil again this is just gonna help separate the curls and make it less frizzy. So you can leave it like this a nice voluminous beachy wave or what, I like to do especially on this side where there’s a lot of hair, I just like to take some of this front hair right here just split it in half I’m going to do like a twist on them take the twist and just pin it in side the hair just to kind of hide it and – exactly same – to this side.

But I added a little smaller section of hair and, I just tucked it behind the ear and this is my Beach and hair style just add some salt spray into your hair and you are set. But you guys think of this one. If you made it to the very last hairstyle give this post a thumbs up. Because you guys are awesome. So this very last one is probably definitely my favorite one to do. So grab like a one or two inch section of hair and this is going to be very similar to the very first hairstyle that, I did the effortless waves. But instead of the waves going in one direction they are gonna alternate the direction of curls.

So the first section of hair is going to be going away from the face twisting it once going down letting go this next one I’m going to do it towards my face and, I only go about 3/4 of the way down the section and then, I let go. So the trick to these waves is to alternate them, I think that’s what makes them edgy and look really good. Because, I want my side part to be more on the deep end deep end I’m just going to finish thigh lane on the other side and, I like to start styling from the back to the front just to make sure, I got all the hairs I’m seriously smoking up in here oh God to finish styling this hair I’m gonna take some of this beauty brilliant I’m gonna run this through my hair to kind of piece it and section it off a little bit. So there you have it guys you made it to the very last hairstyle, I hope you liked it let me know what you guys think about all these hairstyles down below and which one or which ones were your favorites again thank you so much for supporting my blog and just making this so much fun, I really appreciate you guys, I love hearing and reading your comments just makes my day, I love you all very much and I will see you guys in another very fabulist post bye.

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