Hey everyone I thought I’d make a post for you today it showing you how I achieve my absolute favorite– heatless waves the warm others here you can probably tell by the shine on my face and the last thing.

I want to do is pick up a blow dryer. So utilize that heat give yourself a hair detox and with the tutorial you do not have to sacrifice step all you will need are two hair elastics and slightly damp untangled hair if your hair is damp a spray bottle works great go ahead part your hair is normal and what we are going to do is we are going to create our first section and inch back from our hairline right at your part and you just want to draw a line straight down. I like working in a one-inch section because it gives you those youth effortless curls which. I love. So now that we have our first section we are going to go ahead and repeat the same thing. So an inch back from that section draw a line straight down. So right now, I’m at the back of my ear how do you have your two sections we are going to cross this front one up and over the back line and it works pretty do one more twist just.

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So that we have waves right in front of our face now we want to add some hair into our bottom section here. So, I’m going to draw a line to get an inch back all the way down and join that section into our bottom line once it is joined in twist it upwards and over our top section there were putting that same thing we want to add some hair to our bottom section. So go roughly about an inch back you do not need to be precise and join a new section of hair into our bottom section once it is join in cross it over continue down the back of your head and stop once you reach the nape once you have reached the base of your neck what you want to do is wrap the two sections around each other loosely tie them off with the hair elastic at the end and then you are left with this really cool twisted hair style and repeat the same thing on the side except, I’m going to start my sections off fashion event remembering to work in one-inch sections for looser curls and anything smaller for tighter one.

I find it really helpful to section my hair off all the way to the end this prevents a tangled mess and try to position your twists on your head where you want your waves to begin once you have reached your nape be sure to double check that you have not left any stragglers behind because that has happened to me and then the fun part simply twist those two sections together once both sections are tied off use how to wait something to dry probably take around 3 hours you could definitely sleep on these and if you are in a rush just it alone dry them on low heat side once it is ready remove the hair elastic and carefully untwist the sections in the opposite direction in which we twisted them once on twisted give your hair a really good shake and reveal those beautiful beach waves. I like to a lightly spare my ways just to hold my place throughout the day and kind of smooth out any of the frame there have you guys if you liked this post please give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what your go-to key twist hairstyle is are you a beachy waves kind of girl maybe you always go for the phrase let me know I’d love to hear it yeah thanks. So much for reading and I will see you in my next post bye you.

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