Hey guys I thought I posted a really easy hair tutorial for you guys today on this big luminous side ponytail. It’s so easy to recreate. So let’s go second let’s before we get started you are going to need about five or six of these clear elastics depending on your hair length if you do not have clear elastics and you will do but these ones will do the best job. So what you want to do is part your hair on the side for this particular ponytail if you are doing a side pony. I think a side part looks the best and then toss your hair over your shoulder and onto the side that the part is not on you got me alright and do not think too much about it just do it, and it is going to turn out the best if you think too much about it then it is going to become too neat to tidy – together, and it is not going to go for the look that we are trying to go for. So loosely secure it off make sure all the hair is in there if not just pin it into place and it kind of looks a little weird right now but we will come back and touch it up in a little bit.

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So what. I do is create two sections we are gonna have a top section in a bottom section do not divide it down the middle like this or your braids going to be facing the wrong way. So we are just going to divide it like this okay two equal parts one on the bottom and then one on the top. So secure the top one off with a hair elastic about this part ends okay this little teal of like four fingers down alright and then we are just going to create a hole by this into two and pull our bottom section through it super-easy all right and then with that top section we are going to tie off again about four fingers down strap around twice you do not want these clear elastics to tight take a whole and just keep continuing down until you get to the bottom of your bunny tail once you are done it should be laying flat against your body like this and as you can tell it does not look big and full like. I told you it would. So we have to pull it apart use your pointer fingers and your thumbs and start at the top here and slowly pull it apart just work your way down if you have layers like. I do and they poked out not a big deal you can pin them back into place but just do it nice and slow it’s.

So much easier to make it bigger than it is to make it smaller if you pull it too much. So just keep going until it looks exactly how you want it they are pretty happy with the way it looks but. I just have this weird area down here. So, I’m going to divide this into two you can assure that it is still laying flat, I’m going to tuck and when you are at the bottom of your hair you need to secure a lot or else is going to slide out and, I’m just going to make this one nice and big as well and as you can see if some ponytails are showing some elastics what you can do is just tighten them up to the point that they are hiding inside keep pulling and we will disappear. So once do not secure it will look like this you do not even need to secure this bottom one off with an elastic but you can if you want but it is going to stay put all day long. It’s so easy. I think looks absolutely beautiful keep pulling on it till it looks exactly how you want it and then just play around with the hairs around your face.

So I like to pull out the pieces just around my face just to frame it if you want to curl them definitely go ahead and do. So and, I’m just going to loosen up the hair as well of it there does you guys how pretty does it look. I absolutely love it and it is so easy to do you go ahead and cut up that top elastic if you want it to look more undone but. I kind of like how it is looking with it in. So yeah let me know if you guys recreate this definitely comment down below let me know what you thought and as always. I will talk to guys my next post I.

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