How to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

Hi everyone today we have a special person here to introduce to you our friend Steph and lovely stem we’re. So happy to have her stuff is gonna help us out today she’s gonna show how to blend short hair actually pretty short hair because stuff has really should we probably can’t tell right now because she’s amazing and blending it but uh yeah we she’s gonna show you step-by-step how to blend in short hair with flexi hair extensions it is a very requested highly requested post and we have been meaning to shoot it for.

So long yeah finally, I got together yeah and we are ready to well she’s ready to share all the secrets with you guys. So yeah she’s really amazing and you know it comes. So natural – yeah yeah, I do not know if, I could do that if, I had you know shorter hair yeah or at least you know not blended that well but it is not that hard well we are here to see what is six dollars.

So exactly if you guys want to know what she does and how she blends her short hair with hair extensions stay tuned and we will sue after you bye okay guys. So today I’m going to teach you how to blend your luxy hair extensions with short hair okay. So my haircut is that normally no what, I would call it but it is short it is about shoulder length it is growing kind of fast but still get in there anyways um.

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I’ve short layers at the top as you can kind of see here like they’re, I guess what would that be like 3 mm, I do not really know, I guess, I would say 3 or 4 inches. So not long at all I’m folks, I think, I have layers all around short anyways. So I’m gonna just explain to you how, I blend my hair with the extensions and, I find it works very well can’t top.

So I have already curled my extensions. I have actually worn them once and it curled them.

So this is just like the next is to date with curled um yeah. So, I always wear my hair straight underneath like regardless of whether my extensions are curl we thee straight because of the length of my hair, I find that it like it blends the best for me um, I have curled my natural hair once but that was when, I curled them with my extensions in and that was because, I did like a very tight curl in the extension as well. So it just looks kind of weird without curling my actual hair but otherwise, I always have my natural hair straight um okay.

So anyways. I have already put a Tresemme here this one, I already put my heat protectant all over my hair and let it dry and whatever, I did it just actually a couple minutes ago okay. So first, I used a three clip two weft for the very bottom and back of my hair line.

So I will just show you. I have heard it um do you want to just take your hair and everyone, I guess kind of like you do what works best for you I’m also depending on your style like you may not want to put it as low as, I’m about to right now you may want to put a little bit higher if you are putting your hand a ponytail or whatever but I’m about to I’m going to wait my hair down um. So you just kind of like part your hair with the rest and a clip and then what, I do to make it blend really well is you straight take your fire and you straighten your hair and you wanted not curl it under but you just kind of want to look like the motion you use with your straightener it is kind of a good base like a C or a curve you kind of want do you just want to make sure basically the ends of your hair aren’t flipping outward that they are going to go in and not like poker straight and I’m going to take my left very quickly take the middle clip of the three clipped web I’m just going to kind of try and find the center of the back of where, I put it I’m grab it snap it should take the next clip same thing I’m going on the side Jets my first clip weft is in.

So then the next I’m going to use a forklift weft for and then, I usually is pert my hair um, I mean every time took a little bit different it depends right like where you feel it is the most comfortable like that’s something, I find very important like you want to put them where you like find works best for you um usually though, I do it just above my ear again you just kind of like part its leg all the way around your head take the rest of your hair please Nick clip. I have already sprayed it with the heat protectant. So I’m just gonna miss my flight and again you just want to strain it that motions that it is going underneath enough with the head at all.

So then forklift I’m just going to kind of try it again let’s enter it in the section of my head the next part, I usually, I guess, I would say like my eyebrow line, I guess you could say it would be like where, I kind of do it um or like an inch, I guess above my ear and then again you just kind of go around all the way around your head then again string you just take the sections kind of straight fire here. So that it not gonna stick out. So then again, I use my other four clipped weft.

So, I did three four and now I’m doing another four and then again you just want to self and kind of try and get in the middle of your head okay. So, I have three of my extended. So far.

So, I have again, I have the three the four three clipped wept for clipped left and then another forklift wet. So I’m using my the next one is my three clipped left again my second one um. So you want to put it, I guess kind of it like the crown the crown of your hairline, I go like here.

So, I just kind of um, I guess like your temple would be or no it is way over top of its kind of here you will figure out what works best for you and, I just kind of again part it with my fingers um yeah that’s right then just take the rest of your hair which as you can see like, I have like no way are there it is very short. So trust me it is very easy to blend the extensions um okay. So then I will show you again first.

I’ve already sprayed my hair if he protected I’m just going to straighten and again like kind of you know make sure that the end or sticking out you they are going to take my favorite wet and again the clip in the middle put it in the center of the back of your head then, I have. So far in right now, I have the three clipped wife for clipped wife for clipped left my another three clipped what what, I do is, I have my 4-1 clipped wife’s left and, I have my two two clipped ones. So what, I personally do with my left is, I’m again just section my hair like at the sides.

So, I usually do it about every times, I guess like a little different. I have just fixed my hair is above there which kind of seems, I go weird hairline as well but um, I guess it kind of seems like, I do not know it seems a good year like you may feel like your clips are gonna show but they do not as long as you have like at least enough hair to cover it um and then again the guy always just make sure, I always make sure that, I just kind of go over okay fine it is not gonna stick out. So I’m taking one of my two clipped webs and then okay I’m just going to put the front one and like it is kind of, I know people say that like they feel that their clips are going to show as they are wearing your extensions but, I literally wear my clips, I get the front of my hairline as I’m clipping I will show you right now like right there yes and I’m, I see it like I will do it again like you can see, I put that this clip on like no hair like that steam out of here I’m about to put the clip on too but, I do this every day um yeah.

So, I put my click there and then, I put like just kind of obviously as long as the weft is the back there and then obviously right now you are going to see that kind of be able to tell that it is just fun to know but, I have not done on top of it um okay. So that’s that side and then again same thing to this side. So as you can tell okay.

So now, I have all of my weapon except for my 4:1 clipped webs um. So now what, I do like this is kind of you can sometimes use after. I have put in the fork up to us but for the most part like, I like to do it before.

So, I can kind of you know, I do a bit before and after I’m just going to kind of string again doing with the UM the technique that. I have taught that. I have been talking the whole time we just kind of slip it under.

So it does not stick out at all okay. So now I’m gonna take my last forklift wefts which, I guess see like you do not really need them like as you can tell, I like this looks like a full head of hair I will kind of doing a 360 turn you really need to last for cassettes but, I love them they are probably my the most important ones to me anyways um okay. So with two of them, I actually put them behind my ears just to kind of create more hair for down here and then not everyone will want to do this cuz you will be kind of scared that your clips are going to show I’m never scared, I do not know why um if they do not show unless you you know like move your hair like if, I went like this and showed you my wife di Oh see it but why would, I ever do it um.

So, I just take like the pale shades. So the one clip weft I will do the bottom two first. So, I just kind of like it does not really matter where some days, I put them up like kind of higher back here but for the most part there, I find that they are the most comfortable like right here behind my ear.

So I will just take it and just kind of like clip it in like that yep there’s that one and then the next clip again on this side just kind of like behind my ear same idea that, I always brush as, I go along and then okay. So these two are the ones that like you do not have to do this but this is what, I do because, I like to have more a lot of hair at the front as well um, I just kind of part my hair up here um and then again, I always kind of go over it and then, I take the one cooked left and, I really put at the front, I kind of my hair line and, I just put it there just that, I have more like it just makes to me it makes it look more natural and, I just put my hair back over it and then the last one um, I actually do the same on this side which, I have like less hair because of where my part is um but again, I use like very little hair to clipped hard too um and then, I just yeah same thing right at the front of my hair line the clip there just kind of make sure yeah and that’s it..

So I have all my extensions in now for, I have a bleach blonde 160 gram set. So it is number six one three um and I will just kind of turn around for you can we do the back it is not going anywhere and this side is glow some idea yeah and that’s it that’s all, I do it takes me usually about five minutes at most every day to actually fully put them in like you will get better with us like with practice it takes some time to get used to it but yeah and just remember that it is the most important thing is to remember like what works the best for you and obviously everyone’s head is different everyone’s hair lines are different and just figure out what makes you the most comfortable and then go with that oh yeah that’s how, I blend up my luck see Eric’s into English my short hair you.

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