How To Blend Straight Hair with Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hello my lovelies its Leila here today and I get into the tutorial, I just want to say I’m So sorry about the lack of posts recently, I feel like, I owe you guys a small apology it is just because, I have been traveling for a few weeks and getting back and trying to get into the swing of things and with running the business and also my parents are not actually moving at the end of this week. So it is been pretty hectic but, I promise you guys. I’m So looking forward to setting up my new room decorating it and sort of starting um posting in my new room in any case I’m just trying to get the best lighting, I can today for today’s tutorial and today’s tutorial is going to be on how to blend the extensions with your hair by straightening it we get a ton of questions about that and I’m going to show you a few tricks that, I personally do to create that look.

So you are going to obviously need your extensions. And I have went ahead and put mine in and you know just apply them clip them in the way, I showed you guys in how to clip in laxa hair extensions if you have not seen it then check out that post I will post the link right here and yes the same way and you are going to need a straightener I’m using one by jet black just a regular straightener tourmaline ceramic and you are going to need a brush to comb through the hair and then a brush too, I use this because, I find it helpful but any brush to kind of help you to brush the hair while you are straightening it first thing you want to do is separate the hair and, I always start with the bottom layer. So what you do is um firstly you brush the hair and brush the Strand that you are going to be blending in and using a straightener is a great great trick to blend the extensions in the hair together.

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So what you do is you simply grab the the Strand that you want to blend and you kind of put the hair on top of a brush and then you grab your straightener and you sort of start in the middle wherever your hair ends and extensions begin you sort of start straightening the two together and you kind of curled them in. So by curling the hair inwards while you are straining it you are actually helping the hair your hair blend into the extensions and they kind of you know kind of blend in nicely. So it creates this really really nice natural effect just like that and now basically you are just going to go ahead and do that throw your whole head and, I actually do not um do not section off the whole head, I just section it for the bottom layers because, I find that’s where the shortest that’s where my shortest layers are.

So that’s why, I sectioned that off and then, I also do the like these hairs these layers that are over top. So basically you are going to do the same thing you are just going to pick up the hair wherever you feel like it is it separates or it is not blending and you are going to brush it first just like that and then you are going to grab your brush like the brush that you are going to be straightening with just sort of hold the hair up there and you are going to put the straightener and start curling the hair with the extensions inwards like that and you see it is virtually impossible to see where my hair ends and where the extensions begin you see like this is where it ends right but once, I do that it is really really really it is seamless like it is it’s really seamless you can’t see, I can’t see the difference. So that’s pretty much what I’m going to do wherever, I see that the hair starts to separate or starts to like come out and you see just like your strands with the extensions.

So I’m just going to do the same thing just grab the hair the output on the brush and then just grab your straightener and start sort of straightening it but going inwards just kind of straightening in and that really blends the extensions with your hair and creates a super natural and blended effect the same thing for the back layers as well I’m just going to bring the hair forward with my fingers grab the hair and brush it first like my top layer with the extensions then grab this brush and start straightening and then as, I get to the end of my hair I’m going to start curling like that and that really blends the extensions with my hair and then you can just go over and parts that you feel you need to like that and this side is pretty much done. So I’m just going to do the same exact thing on the other side. So I’m going to bring all the hair forward and just start doing the same process wherever, I feel, I need to blend my hair to the extensions suffer.

So let me just do a little demonstration for you guys to see how well the hair and extensions is slide that I’m just going to turn around. So you guys can see that doing this technique really helps to blend the hair and the extensions really really well, I hope you can see it, I know the lighting is not the greatest but this is the best, I can do at this point. So really that’s all there is to it is just straightening the hair inwards where your hair and the extensions meet and just sort of brushing it as you go along with the straightener and just do it a few times if you have to and that’s really all there is to it.

So at this point your hair is pretty much ready to be either worn straight like this or in any sort of hairstyle you can tease you here you can pin the hair somehow and you know do whatever whatever you want what kind of hairstyle you want for the day. So, I hope you guys found it helpful and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below leave your comments comment to the blog if you have not already and again thank you. So much for all your support and love and, I can’t wait to see you guys in my new room hopefully next week I will be able to already set up and start posting there.

So thank you. So much and I will see you guys in the next post ciao you.

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