HOW TO Blow-dry Curls Wet to Dry Hair Routine

Guys welcome back to my blog today, I’m gonna be showing you how I do my hair the tools the products. I use is to take my hair from wet to dry and quickly transform it into these effortless loose curls / waves there will be a three winners that will receive the tools that, I’m using in today’s hair tutorial there is the ten times blow-dryer aka the quickest drying blow job I have ever used in my life as well as the curl expert curling wand from bio ionic duty entered into this giveaway. It’s so simple first off you have to go like by ionic on Facebook I will leave the link down below for you guys obviously then right on their Facebook page al extend me here for the bio ionic giveaway and thirdly this giveaway is open to US and Canadian residences and will close on November 17th. So pause this post go into the giveaway and then come back.. So I can show you guys how.

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I achieved these curls.. So I start off with clean and freshly washed hair it usually happens about one to two times per week because dry shampoo is my best friend but. I like to let my hair air dry long doing my makeup or eating lunch that way it cuts down on drying time because when it comes to my hair routine that is my least favorite right.. So I like to start off with Slash need to start off with a cream leave-in conditioner just a healthy or is my hair and of course detangle this Mane maybe, I’m aggressive shampoo or buy everything would come out of the shower. I always have tangles in my hair but realistically it is because.

I use a toner on my hair. So it kind of dries it out. So a leave-in conditioner is a must ever between my palms and then. I focus it mostly on the mid shaft of my hair since where the tangles are and then any excess of course, I’m gonna put on the ends of my hair because they always get the most attention and then we do great weapon for a voluminous hair is a root lifting spray you guys just need me use this numerous times but what. I do is. I just spray it throughout the roots of my hair focusing it on the crown of my head trying my best to resist the urge to spray it everywhere but. I also use this as a heat protectant.

So spreading a little extra definitely does not hurt now over here is a prepped we can go ahead and blow-dry and because. I let my hair air dry this whole process won’t be quite as daunting but before. I begin that can we just take a moment to remember my old blow dryer this heavy clunky unsightly old-fashioned blow dryer has been upgraded. So now is going to introduce you guys to it my new love, and it is this super sleek fancy lightweight quick drying blow dryer from by ionic, and it is there at 10 times ultra lights these blow dryers and look you guys it has a nozzle you guys are right this has changed my hair game forever and you are able to find it this blow dryer at Sephora calm. So I will link it down below for you guys. So once in a while. I can mix up up pull below out but most of the time.

I just need a quick dry because, I’m gonna curl my hair. So what. I like to do is flip my head upside down and begin blow-drying.. So I like to blow the hair in the opposite direction of which it leads to create volume when, I’m trying to dry my hair really quickly. I find going in with my hand and just roughing it up really helps speed the drying process and focus most of the heat on my roots since they take the longest to dry and, I just blow dry the roots upwards to create some more volume and this bull dryer claims that it can dry your hair in ten minutes and, I’m gonna be honest with you when. I let my hair air dry it dries mine in about five.

So what. I like to do is when my hair is about 95% dry I will then parted it as normal and then. I just blow-dry it straight down in the direction that it is naturally going to lay just to give it a really smooth finish once my hair is dry this is when. I like to go in brush out any knots or tangles remaining my hairs that is ready to curl. So now my hair is dry and fluffy sometimes I will leave it like this but. I really like to go in and add waves when. I have to time that way.

I only have to style my hair like once a week which is awesome. So to create today’s waves you guessed it and going in with my Bionic one-inch curling wand you can also find this at now if this has been my go-to for at least the past month because it is made of ceramics have noticed that my curls last a lot longer and it keeps up really quick the other thing. I love about this is it has a temperature control because not everybody’s hair is the same. So when. I use this. I usually go between like 280 to 320 depending what kind of brush, I’m in for that day.

I like to curl all of my hair ugly from my face and if you are someone that struggles with a curling iron, I’m going to show you the cheers way of doing it that’s it. So great about having a iron is you can use it the traditional way or you could use it like a wand which is way easier. So Alice will mine in my dominant hands and, I’m going to be alternating between like one inch inch and a half sized pieces not it is paying too much attention to them and what you want to do is point your one downwards and place it behind that piece of hair now what, I’m going to do with the hair is, I’m just going to start it at the top there and wrap it around the barrel. I like to leave about two to three inches out of the bottom just to give it that more effortless natural look and then. I look for. I do not know eight seconds and then let it go and. So that it does not stay like this cute little curl what.

I like to do is just pull on it as it, and it is gonna give it more of a bend more of a wave going for. So there you go that is what we are left to live and I will probably brush it out a little bit more at the end but it is gonna leave it for now.. So I try to grab at different size sections as. I go and, I try to begin my curls at different points as well just. So they aren’t as uniform and they do not lump together and then even though. I like to start my curls at different points.

So they do not clump together. I do try to start them all at about like. I eyebrow level when, I’m doing the top layers. I keep thinking this is gonna burn me but when it comes of these front pieces. I just give them like a really light Bend just like ones twice around and, I’m like will them for like three seconds nothing too crazy. So, I’m just gonna throw this top layer over my shoulder they are out of the way and what, I’m gonna do for this bottom section is, I’m gonna start the curls maybe about here like four inches down from the root that way you do not lose any length when you are curling your hair the hardest part for me about this tutorial is a trying not to wrap the ends all the way around. I do not know why but every single time at the urge to just keep wrapping in but try to resist here’s the O one side done, I’m still going to go in and touch it up and rough it up after and finish this side but.

I just wanted to show you guys kind of like see before and the after just he could see you the different and then for this side we bring up those top layers to start them at about eyebrow level there we go and then really. I like to hold it for me be for a second this one’s nice and stopped around the face now the hair is all curled. I like to go in double Chek recrawl some pieces that may have fallen out curls and pieces that. I may have missed and then do some touch-ups on any areas that need it. I also like to go in and grab like a teeny tiny pieces of hair and give them a curl. I just like the way that it adds texture to the overall look, I’m just really stand out cute. So now that my hair is all curled it is time for my second secret weapon you guys already know what it is and it is dry shampoo.

I love using this on a clean hair because it just helps add texture and volume.. So I just focus it on the roots of my hair mostly around the crown and where. I part my hair, and it is different any of my blonde out there would you have some regrowth just spray some dry shampoo and because it leaves a white cast is going to lighten up that area for you just like to shake it up work it in create some texture and you will see like immediate volume. So they have you guys that is how its down my hair from wet to dry when, I’m running short in time but. I still want to look put together. I just love that my hair is already styled for the week.

I do not have to worry about it and, I know that may have looked a little time-consuming but. I find. If I spend a little bit more time doing my hair the last time. I have to spend on it throughout the week.. So I end up coming out on top. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this post if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you guys thought let me know what your styling routine consists of what tools you use what products you use and if you have any recommendations for me also do not get to enter the giveaway go do it right now but all the information you need in the description down below as well as links to the products if you want to check them out I’m.

So excited for you guys these hair tools are amazing good luck to everybody you guys in my next post by.

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