How To Blow Dry Wavy Hairs

My my beautiful presence how are you doing it is me here today. So lately it is being extremely hot and as much as, I love wavy and curly hair you cannot force me to use a curling iron when it’s.

So hot.. So I have decided to try a new method of curling and waving hair that.

I’ve seen my hairstyle is doing me and, I always thought it would be a lot complicated to do it on myself but, I tried it out and, I absolutely loved the result and, I got. So many compliments from you guys from the pictures, I post on Instagram and, I did a post on colors on my other blog and you guys are like oh my god your hair looks like it is a Pantene commercial. So, I thought, I just have to show you guys how to create the same kind of soft and glamorous waves and honestly it lasted like three four days which was.

So let’s begin okay. So my hair is them. So it is not wet and it is not drying sort of in between and I’m ready to blow dry my hair wavy one of the things I’m gonna need of course is a blow dryer this is an Elgin blow dry pad three years I’m going to be using three different brushes and I will explain why.

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So the big brush is what, I use to blow-dry my hair straight the small brush is what, I used to create the curls in the hair and this sort of in the middle brush is what, I use just for my bangs when, I finish. So, I leave my thanks for the last and then of course I’m gonna need two clips this is gonna be just you know sectioning right here and, I just use the small metallic want to clip away my bang the first thing i’m gonna do is walk you through probably the first few section and then i’m just gonna speed up the whole process because it does take me about 35 minutes to do the whole head and what i usually do is just section my hair in two equal parts. So right and left actually this part it gets more hair because of the way my hair is parted and then what i’ll do i’ll just clip it away because if i just live it down it is gonna dry and i do not want to be working with dry hair either start with just a small section here at the bottom I’m gonna clip the rest away and I’m gonna clip this bangs away separately I’m just gonna take my big brush now and just stop blow-drying my hair straight first now that my hair to straight what I’m gonna do is take the small brush and I’m sort of gonna start rolling the hair on the brush as if it is a curling iron and then I’m gonna you know work with a blow dry heat it up and then I’m just gonna hold it for a few seconds and then I’m gonna release it and you will see how I will do it, I just can’t talk on the blow dryers on cuz you won’t be able to hear me.

So just watch me do this as, I ball dry this hair into a beautiful curl and then I will hold it for a second or two and then I will just slowly release it and it is gonna be a nice soft bouncy way. So maybe show you one more section okay. So now that this trend is straight I’m gonna do the exact same thing with my small brush.

So I’m gonna just roll this hair up on this brush wait a few seconds till it cools off and then take the brush out and you are left with a nice bouncy wave. So I’m just gonna continue the exact same steps for the rest of the post and I’m just going to speed it up okay. So my left side is done as you can see and this is what you are gonna get pretty bouncy very loose natural looking waves and I’m just going to go ahead and do the exact same thing here on my right side the only difference is gonna be is that when I’m gonna be curling here we are gonna be curling the opposite way it is always away from the face if here was doing your way that ways and here I’m gonna be doing away this way.

So I’m not in words but outwards and it is gonna be the exact same technique okay. So I’m almost done waiting all of my hair and the last step always for me anyways is my bangs. So with my bangs, I use this one and a half inch brush, I know, I look very funny, I use this brush and what, I do first is, I will blow dry it towards my face then I’m gonna blow dry it out of my face and in the end I’m gonna blow dry it sort of on this time and I’m gonna blow try it out and the last step is I’m just gonna blow drive on the side which is for me the left side and I’m just gonna let them set in the brush because the brush is still hot.

So it works like hot rollers once, I release my banks, I sort of play with them and you know, I brushed through them with my fingers and shape it in the way that, I want it now the last two steps of this hairstyle is just to add a little bit of oil and moisture to my hair and for this, I just use argan oil, I use like three drops and before putting in my hair, I just rub it against my palms. So that it does not make my hair oily but just adds a little bit of shine and I will just scrunch the waves a little bit and evenly distribute the oil through the hair. So, I find that this sort of tames the Friesen is at the top and adds a little bit of shine to the hair and the last step of course is we are gonna make sure that this hair stylist.

So what I’m gonna do is just take my rock or hairspray and just spray it through the hair and I’m not gonna be using too much just a few spritz here and there and voila the hairstyle is done. So that’s it guys now you know how to blow dry your hair wavy sort of Victoria’s Secret soft and effortless waves, I absolutely love this method of waving and curling my hair because its first of all it is easy and, I do not need to use a curling iron and, I find that it is a lot more bouncy than let’s say what a curling iron would do. So, I definitely prefer this method more and I’m gonna show you what they hair still looks in the back okay my darlings let me know how this works for you definitely give it a try really all you need it is just two brushes and a blow dryer that pretty much summarizes the whole look let me know how it works for you I’d love to see some pictures.

So please post it on Instagram or lexing your hashtag and I will be spying on you to see how it works on you leave me a comment down below like this post and comment for more year tutorials love you guys hope you have a beautiful day see you soon bye. So let’s get this hairstyle going just gonna grab the bangs and I’m just gonna blow them out and try them and I’m just not gonna be using too much just a few spritz here and there, I think you just sprayed.

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