How to Blow-Dry Your Hair Straight Step-by-Step

Hi how are you doing it is meteor today recently, I did this post and showed you guys how i blow-dried my hair wavy a lot of you guys liked that post and also requested on how, I blow-dry my hair straight today I’m gonna be showing you how to recreate or really how to blow dry your hair straight to be nice straight and silky if you think my hair is natural straight it is not it is actually frizzy dry and sort of curly wavy if you want to know how to blow dry and wavy hair or if your hair straight they can work with straight hair as well just.

So it looks nice and fresh like you are out of a salon then keep on reading this post and I will show you all the steps this is my hair in its natural state it is not really dry it. So it is sort of them something in between wet and dry obviously the first thing, I do is wash my hair and I’m just gonna show you what products, I used to wash my hair because personally, I think what you use to wash your hair is really really important for example if, I never go to a salon and get my hair blow-dried by a professional you know sometimes it does not last more than a day because of the products they use. So personally.

I’ve tried. So many different products and many of you guys know that, I try to use eco-friendly and natural products. And I have tried pretty much everything that’s out there and the only thing that works for my hair is this product is Bhairav wah.

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So, I use this shampoo and this is the voluminous shampoo because, I like that it makes my hair thicker. So use this first and then, I finish up with a conditioner this is for conditioning you really damaged and frizzy hair perfect for my hair next what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add a touch of this and this is another product part by Arakawa and that’s a sort of a living conditioner know if you are here it is fine and silky you do not want to use a living conditioner what it is actually gonna do is weigh your hair down only use a living conditioner whether this or another product if your hair is frizzy curly damaged unruly you know then you want to use an otherwise skip that step also if you hear some point on whatever you wash your hair make sure only to use conditioned at the very ends of your hair you do not want to put it all over cuz again that’s gonna like kill the volume and bring your hair down no I’m just gonna put a drop of this living conditioner in my hair literally drop and then I’m just gonna mostly put it on the ends of my hair you do not need to use this product or this shampoo or this conditioner you use whatever works for you I’m just sharing with you honestly what. I have been using for the last year or.

So and, I do use other products you know once in a while, I use John masters they are also clean products very good organic products intelligent nutrients are also another great shampoo conditioner if you are looking for more natural healthy products before, I start blow drying my hair, I just have to go through the three brushes that, I use. And I have used the same brushes when, I showed you how to do curly hair with a blow drying technique I’m using the exact same brushes for straightening the hair. So big round brush is for blow-drying the hair straight the little brush, I use for my baby hairs which, I have tons of if, I pull you guys will see and, I can straighten them with this brush and, I know it’s.

So complicated this brush, I think works the best for blow-drying my bangs straight personally if your hair again is fine and more silky then stick with one brush each one if your hair is more finer than, I would say go with a medium brush because you do not have. So much here that you do not need a big round brush. So you will do good enough with this one if your hair’s like mine it is unruly frizzy curly then you are probably gonna need three now when it comes to a blow-dry, I think it is one of the most important elements to getting a good straight hair after your blow-dry for many years.

I’ve been using elf chim now that, I moved to London, I wanted something though, I do not have to use a converter for, I got this lure drive by pair locks three eight zero zero, I honestly just want an Amazon look for reviews and, I found something that was good and this one is actually eco-friendly because it is made out of recycled plastic and it works really good it was recommended by a lot of salons, I think it is very much comparable to the Elgin one that, I had what, I usually do is, I use three clips when, I blow-dry my hair I’m gonna use this tiny one to section my bangs and what, I do is, I usually just roll up my bangs and clip them away, I will use this one to section the hair in the right section and then what, I do here is I’m just gonna grab a section and I’m gonna clip the rest away and I’m just gonna be working with that one section first this is the technique, I use and, I be using this for many years and, I think, I probably learned it by just observing my hairstylist once you have blow-dried my hair all it is is you take your big round brush and then you put the hair on to the brush with your right hand you constantly do this motion. So like you roll the brush and then that kind of feeds the hair on and then you go lower and lower. So, I can’t talk with the blow-dryer is on.

So, I want to explain before, I actually started doing it I’m gonna hold the blow-dry close to my hair and I’m gonna go up on the highest heating what I’m gonna do is just feed the hair through the brush and roll it roll it with my right hand and go all the way down second things do is I will actually go out I’m gonna go with my brush over the hair and the blow-dryer under and I’m gonna go all the way up that’s gonna create volume and then if I’m still not happy with how straight my hair is, I might go one more time down. So I will do the same thing again down and that’s really what, I use for every section of the hair. So let’s begin.

So here’s my first section literally it takes me about maybe 30 to 60 seconds to do one section perfectly straighten out that, I blow dried it and it looks nice and silky I’m gonna go ahead and do the exact same thing all over and I’m just gonna speed up the process okay. So now I’m gonna be working with my baby here as you can see here i blow-dried this section but this little hair didn’t get affected by blow dry and it is still curly you can’t get into the small sections with bigger brushes. So that’s why, I like to use my tiny brush and what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna put the air onto the tiny brush I’m gonna do the exact same thing I’m gonna roll up brush with my fingers like that to keep fitting the hair until it is straight.

So let’s do it did you see the difference now this whole section is perfectly straight now when working with the sections in the back it can be a little weird that times one of the most important thing, I do personally is, I grab the brush and, I make sure that, I always brush this section. So this here at the crown at any time you are working with the section here in the back make sure that you grab it fit it onto the brush and then you blow-dry back, I know it is a little hard but just practice practice practice and it is gonna become more natural with every time as you can see it is nice straight and silky. So I’m just gonna move on to my left section and do the exact same set now before, I move on to my bangs because that’s the only section that, I have that is left I’m gonna go back to the back section of my head and I’m gonna brush it back to create more volume and I’m gonna take it again and one last time I’m gonna blow dry this whole section back and blow-dry it start them up and then drop the hair pick it up blow-dry it back up.

So just watch me and you will see what now the last step is always my bangs I’m gonna take my medium size brush and I’m gonna just brush my hair first now when working with my bangs, I blow dried many many times before, I actually shape it into the side, I wanted to fall I will start with first blow drying and towards my face like that and I will do that a few times then I will blow dry it out of my face maybe ahh. So when, I rolled right for the last time I will usually let my hair is sit on the brush for maybe a minute or. So, I like to get a volume in my bangs I will let it sit for a minute and then I will release it and now we will just wait and this is usually what I’m left with when, I take out the brush it is nice and straight but there’s still a little bit of volume and shape to it now the very very last step, I promise this is it is I’m gonna take my argan oil just gonna use a drop of it just a teeny tiny drop if you put any more than a drop you here it is gonna look like it is grease you make sure you do that and I’m just gonna put on my palms like literally it drop then I’m gonna go like this.

So it is just nicely evenly distributed in my pumps and I’m just gonna brush with my pumps through the ends of my hair first but it action and moisture and I’m gonna do it on my right side and most of the oil has gone by now the last thing is I’m gonna start from the front and I’m gonna put some of this oil in the back and the very last is I’m gonna go over my bangs but this is what my hair looks like when I’m done from the front as you guys can see, I do have highlights in my hair when, I wear my hair straight you can see that even more and then I’m gonna turn it on and show you the back that’s it for today my darlings try to blow-dry your hair like this straight and let me know how it works in the comment below I’d love to hear from you also if you find this post helpful please remember to like this post down below and please comment for more hair tutorials also if you post any pictures of your beautiful straight hair I’d love to see it. So you can either tie me on instagram or tag likes it here on Instagram or post it on Facebook Fanpage, I just love seeing when you guys are Korean hair style thank you. So much for tuning in mmm, I love you guys.

So much and I will see you soon bye .

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