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Hey guys I’m going to be showing you how to create a headband out of your own hair one of my most favorite hairstyles because it is super easy and it takes literally like two minutes to create it and you only need a few things for this look and the best part is you can wear it on any kind of hair your hair can be straight or it could be curly or it could be wavy it does not make a difference it is really up to you and your preference and depending on the occasion. So today as you can see my hair is kind of wavy but only way the up top like the bottom the hair was curly. So it just kind of kind of opened up and now it is like this very very very loose wave and if you want to know how, I created these curls right here up top um, I just got this amazing curler it is by cortex and, I got it up winners for our Canadian viewers you will know what that is it is a like a discount department store and it this one came with, I do not have the box in front of me I will show it maybe in one of my future tutorials but this one came with four different like attachments of different widths and this is the the thickest one the widest one and, I think it is about somnom is taken an inch and a quarter or something like or something like that like an inch and a half something like that and it is a clipless barrel as well and, I actually loved those because it actually holds the curls.

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So these ones right here, I just curled and, I basically just picked up the hair and, I just kind of wrapped it around the curler let it stand stand for like five seconds and this is the kind of curl that it creates that kind of Kim Kardashian wave. So the bottom of the hair I’m just going to leave as it is because, I think it looks fine but you can go ahead and curl your hair or leave it straight anyways let’s get to the tutorial of what you are going to need I’m going to be needing these little elastics that kind of match you here and also some bobby pins – you know pin the pin the braids once you are done. So let’s get going I’m not going to be brushing my hair because, I want it to be kind of a messy look.

So what you want to do is start off by taking a section about two three inches again that depends on the on your preference of how thick you want your headband to be, I want mine to be sort of a medium thickness. So I’m going to be taking a section about this much let me take this away. So you can see and taking it over this way and then the same thing on the other side you are going to braid that and you are going to have these two braids and then you are just going to crisscross them and that’s about it.

So I’m going to start off by brushing out just the section that I’m going to braid and, I forgot to mention, I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions 160 grams set in number to darkest Brown because, I always get questions asked. So, I just figured, I might as well say it right off the bat. So you are gonna separate into three parts and just do a basic braid and it depends on your preference how how tight you want the braid to be you could make it looser you can make it more of a tight braid for me I’m going to do it sort of in the middle not too tight and not too loose.

So something like this just braid it okay when you get to the bottom of the hair you are just going to grab one of these elastics and just tie the end a few times just like. So and then leave it be. So you just want to do the same exact thing on the other side you are going to grab a piece of hair kind of under your ear from the back and separate that portion forward bring all this to the front.

So it is out of the way and just brush this out. So there are no toes when you are braiding it separate into three parts three equal parts and start braiding you okay again when you get to the bottom of the hair you are going to grab one of these elastics and just secure the bottom okay. So the final step is basically bringing the braids across your head and you can do this by leaving your bangs out and doing like a braid like this by leaving your bangs out I’m going to be kind of hiding them behind the braid or or the the headband and just kind of smooth out the top and bring it around like.

So and you can do this up top or you can do this down below it is totally up to you just make sure that you kind of hold your hair back and just pull on this braid and bring it to the side right here and then you want to go in under the hair and we are going to be securing that with a book and we are just going to grab a bobby pin go into the hair and just push it in like. So and it is nice and secure and then okay. So once you have finished pinning down this braid which you have just pulled over your head and pinned over here above your ear you are going to go ahead and do exactly the same thing over on the other side.

So just bring all your hair back just sort of pull it back towards your ear and hold it and then pull on the braid and just kind of tightly bring it all the way across your head and kind of behind your ear and you are going to grab a bobby pin as well oops okay grab a bobby pin open it up go into the hair let me just want to hide it behind that braid and that’s what it looks like and we are done alright. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this very easy tutorial um it honestly you saw it took like two minutes and it is actually a perfect hairstyle for school or work or any other everyday occasion, I think because the best part is that it is fast it is easy and you can you can wear it on straight hair or you can wear it on curly hair or wavy hair whatever it is that you have that day it would work. So thank you again for reading and if you liked this post then thumbs up the post leave your comments below we absolutely love reading them and thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us.

So far and we will see you guys in the next post ciao.

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