All right guys you are going to love today’s post because it is an easier than it looks braided updo that’s perfect for Bridal season. So let’s get started you guys really loved when. I showed you last time how I prepped my hair. So, I’m going to quickly show you how I did it for this hairstyle and I’d recommend using a hair wand, I’m using new Me’s 25 millimeter magic one this is just.


So easy to use and, I love how it gives me really soft long-lasting curls that are perfect for updates and of course. I had to have it in this hot pink color. I just want to thank Noomi for partner use me again for this post and they’ve extended a coupon code for you guys. So you can use the code Alex and save it 20% off site-wide. I list all the details in the description down below for you. So this does go up to 450 degrees but. I like to set mine at about 270 s perfect.

So, I’m going to be roughly grabbing about 1 inch sized sections they do not need to be perfect because we are going to be tying our hair up anyways. So, I’m always holding my wand in my dominant hand and, I’m pointing it down and as, I’m wrapping my hair on the barrel, I’m just making sure that it lays flat that way it’ll create a nice smooth curl this wands literally curls in seconds. I only hold my hair on it for about 4 and then as. I slide my hair off of my wand. I catch it in my other hand and, I let it cool which helps the curl hold its shape you guys look at that like tell me that is not the most perfect curl you have ever seen. So moving right along, I’m just gonna grab another 1 inch size section point my wand down make sure your hair is nice and flat on the barrel and just begin wrapping away from your face you may have noticed, I’m leaving my ends out this will give the curls more of a beachy casual appearance versus if you curl all the way to the end it will create more of a formal appearance. So it is up to you and then drop it in to your hand and just squeeze it.

So that that curl sets let go pretty there they are just like the perfect curls. I can’t get over them also for more volume you can alternate the curls but. I usually always curl away from my face and this wand is per if you have thick hair like me because it easily curls and smooths out the frizz without leaving your hair feeling dry I’d recommend only curling your hair once or twice a week wands aren’t intended to be used every day. So when. I sleep to help my curls last. I just use a big banana clip and loosely clip all of my hair on top of my head it is a beautiful thing and as. I move my weight down my hair.

I just toss the curled sections of a high my shoulders out of the way if you have never used a wand before. I highly encourage you to practice with it turned off practice emotions until you are feeling comfortable and if you get the nume magic wand it does come with a glove which will help protect yourself from the heat until you are really comfortable with it and, I should be using the glove anyways and one other thing is this is my go-to wand for traveling mostly because of how lightweight it is you know guys, I’m thinking about you guys remember when wands first became huge on a couple of years ago my very first heroine was actually nuni. I recently just gave it to a good friend of mine but. It’s so crazy to think of a time before we use these they just make it. So much easier to curl your hair like what did we do before the one. I love it under my bangs, I’m still going to make a bang post for you guys do not worry but and just curl these away from my face. So just check for stragglers and give those a quick curl and we are done.

I love these curls my hair feels. So soft and voluminous. I didn’t even put in any product but let’s get started on the updo shall we okay first step on the right side place your finger at your part and draw a line down to the front of your ear and then toss or clip this section out of the way for now next roughly gather the rest of your hair into a tight low ponytail a great way to add volume without teasing your hair is to pull small sections of hair around your crown and this will help give your updo a nice full appearance now divide your ponytail down the middle into two equal sections a left and a right side and grab a generous 1 inch size section of hair from the outside of the right section crossing it over and joining it into that left section and then grab a generous 1 inch size section of hair from the outside of the left section cross it over and join it into that right section and this is the beginning of a fishtail braid. So you want to continue a fishtail braiding all the way to the end of your ponytail and, I find this type of updo works best if you grab larger sections as your fishtailing.

So about two to three inches depending on the thickness of your hair which is great because it helps speed up the entire process once you reach your ends secure them with a small hair elastic and, I like to create a little bun on the end of mine like this next roughly pull apart the braid you just want to be a little bit looser before we move on to the next step now grab the ends of your braids and tightly tuck your ends under and begin rolling it towards your head and you want to try to roll it as tight as possible once you reach your head it should look a little similar to this and you just want to bobby pin it into place. So it feels secure for now and now the fun part grab small pieces of the braid on each side and just pull them and bobby pin them to your head keep repeating this grabbing new sections of the braid and pinning them to your head do not think too hard about it and, I probably did this about five times this step is what helps transform the fishtail into looking like an intricate bud next grab that side section from earlier give it a little twist or braid it and you just want to drape it over your ear and then bring it across the back of your head and, I just wrap mine around my bun until. I reached the ends and, I just bobby pin them into place guys.

I just went looked in the mirror and I’m. So happy with it. I love it you will have to comment let me know what you thought and let me know if you thought this was going to be harder than it actually was but. I hope you found this post helpful if you liked it do not forget to give it a thumbs up and comment if you are not commentd already. So you do not miss any more hair tutorials, I’m not sure why. I always do this with my hands but thank you guys. So much for reading I will talk to you in my next post bye.

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