How To Clip In and Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair

Hi lovelies welcome to the luxy hair blog i’m PM uhlenbeck i’m in aussie travel and lifestyle r and i’m probably one of the most indecisive people ever when it comes through what hairstyle i won. So as you can see right now i’m rockin a bit of a short haircut i’ve got a little love going on but sometimes, I really miss that beautiful long luscious hair and. So whenever, I feel like that, I just turn to my lucky clippings which are absolutely perfect now the reason, I love clip in hair extensions is because they do not damage your hair like you can just clip them in and clip them out at the end of the day and they are not going to you know rip out your actual natural hair or anything like that you do not have to wear them to the gym you do not have to wear them to bed you just pop them in whenever you find that occasion where you really want that extra volume or that extra length.

So for me, I just think they are the perfect solution and, I really view clipping extensions as more of an accessory like whenever, I have an event that, I just feel like that’s what they are right for that’s when I will take the extra time and put that extra effort in just to feel extra glamorous now the first thing, I want to talk about is color it is a lot easier if you have a single tone color hair to match hair extensions to it and what, I have is a bit of crazy two-tone color like you can see it is a lot darker there at the top then towards the end.. So I have got some highlights going on now my best tip with that is to mix and match hair extensions.

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So especially if you have got a short cut like me the best tip is to use two sets with different colors and blend these together. So what, I use are the Luxy blonde hombres and the lucky chestnut hombres and, I actually lay these on top of each other to create a mixed effect which looks a lot like the ends of my hair here. So that blends out a lot more seam than it would if, I just try to fit one color into it okay.

So let’s get started. So first thing, I want to do is actually probably brush through my hair because it is got a bit too much texture in there at the moment okay. So I’m just going to show you guys how, I clip them in and lay the different colors.

So to start off with, I want to pull back most of my hair and just leave a tiny little piece out of the bottom now what I’m going to do with this little piece here is actually backcomb it fairly heavily because I’m going to pin all of this up this is a really great trick especially if you have quite short hair that you are trying to clip the extensions into. So I’m going to twist that around like that and then just lay it flat and grab some bobby pins to fasten that down and that’s where I’m going to clip the first bunch of extensions. So I’m going to start with a chestnut the darker color just because usually when you have a Belliard type of style the bottom of your hair here is a lot darker than the top.

So the highlights are typically towards the top and the ends. So I’m going to grab one of these wide ones here and just kick-started then right on top of that dark one I’m going to go straight in with and on Waveland and that’s basically what you do the entire time. So, I typically start with the dark ones and, I want right on top of that, I put one of the blonder ones and that’s just going to make them blend out and it is going to look like you have got those nice sort of natural sunkissed highlights and see how underneath here you can’t see any of the shorter hair that, I have.

So from here on I’m just going to start flipping them in like normal where I will just keep their a little bit to add a bit of grip and just keep layering my clip ends once I’m at this point of my head here, I like to grab these two sets of three clips. And I have actually cut them. So that the sides which will be towards the front of my face are slightly shorter.

So I will have these pieces that frame my face and I’m going to lay these side-by-side and they’ll be overlapping a little bit of back. So essentially this is what I’m trying to do is make one long piece across there. So you can re start to see there that once these colors are blended together they just become this beautiful golden highlights now back when, I had long hair, I swear hair extensions as well but more.

So for you know volume and thickness rather than for length and back then, I used to keep the extensions really really low. So that all the top of my head was my own hair and there was no risk of it ever poking through or showing or anything like that with these ones especially because, I have short hair what I’m trying to do is remove most of my short hair from the top. So, I really want to actually bring the extensions quite high.

So that, I do not have an awful lot of kind of a mullet effect. So yeah I’m kind of layering these up and I’m going to probably end up about here also a great little time-saving tip is curl the extensions beforehand like you can probably tell that these. I have already curled and what you do is you get a coat hanger with two little clips on it and you can just click them up on the coat hanger and hang it somewhere and then just curl these and up before while you are reading TV or something.

So then the next day you are not in too much of a rush because the hardest part is pretty much done. So all I’m going to do is once, I get these in maybe throw a couple of extra curl then to blend my hair into it but this is quite a lot of hair to curl. So a little time-saving tip.

So you can see here I’m using the smaller lighter colors to frame the front of my face and that’s is going to conceal my hair really nicely and that’s pretty much how my natural balayage is like a lot of the time the darker colors are towards the back. So I’m getting to a place here where this is starting to look quite good and then along the back here I’m finishing off with another set of full clips. So a wide one here and, I like to do that.

So you can kind of like lock down all of the other clips you have got in there and have this one cohesive extension to sorts of covering them all ok. So I’m really getting super excited about how this looks. And I have just got a couple of these little individual clip pieces.

So I’m going to place those in strategic places just to wherever, I feel like, I need them and, I like to have a couple underneath here. So I will put the dark one in first and then finish off with the two light ones closer to my face okay. So that is all of the extensions clipped in and what, I like to do is just tease the top above the extensions a tiny little bit as well they do not have to be any gripping there anything but basically, I just want that to stay exactly where it is that you never have an extension pops through and you have just got that kind of thick piece of hair covering it nicely and the final thing I’m going to do is curl the top layer of hair again.

So the extensions are obviously already pre curled and what I’m going to do just to get that transition super smooth is grab the top pieces including my real hair and recall those. So, I want to get one big swoop in. So that is one cohesive curl and see how that’s flicking up there sometimes, I get the extra long piece and actually bring that down.

So that my hair is curled in the exact same direction as the extensions and it just blends it. So much through that and voila. So, I’m done now.

I’ve done a little bit of curling at the top of there just to smooth out and blend that out, I just brush through these ends a little bit and you can see that blends together just to have that kind of blond effect and, I just absolutely love it like, I can’t believe that we can just go in a couple of minutes from having a short log hairstyle to pretty much having like a Victoria Secret style big blowout hairdo. So this for me is like super super glam and honestly really not that hard to do, I hope love this post, I had. So much fun making it and, I feel like, I have tackled two major extension challenges one of them short hair and the other one being multicolored two-tone hair.

So these are my tips and tricks to getting that nice seamless look and, I hope you enjoyed it, I will see you guys next time .

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