How to Clip In Hair Extensions

Hey everyone today I will be doing a tutorial on how, I clip in my hair extensions I will be using my e hair extensions today and here’s what they look like here’s the packaging love this cute pink color on the back it is just got all the information that you possibly need.

So let’s begin only eyewear number two the darkest Brown but, I just colored my hair last night. So it looks pretty dark it looks almost black because the color needs to wash out a few times. So today I will be using the 1b because it’ll just blend better with the color that it is right now but once, I wash it out it will go back to number two which is my favorite color.

So here’s what the hair looks like out of the package it is beautiful thick luscious, I honestly cannot stop touching it because it’s. So super soft and super luxurious it feels amazing. So let’s get going.

So here’s what my hair looks like without the extensions, I just got a trim. So it is pretty thin and pretty short. So the transformation will be quite incredible once we are done to begin you want to section off the hair and clip it up go as much to the bottom as possible and you want to start off with the weft that has three clips you have two of these in the set and here it is.

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So I have already opened up the clips which let me show you them up close here’s what the clips look like they are the best clips out there they just snap close and open and as you can see it is got this little, I hope you guys can see it is got this little silicone grip right there which really helps to have a very tight and very very secure grip on your hair without damaging it and these little teeth, I do not know if you guys can see let me try to do this they have this little slight indentation down which really helps to grip on to the hair and like, I said just clip it and clip out. So what you want to do with this is go all the way to the back.

So what, I do is with the middle clip just go into the hair. So the process is basically lift it up go right into the hairline then with your finger go underneath the clip and then just snap it shut and it is nice and secure and do the rest of the ugly clips on the sides just like that this one right here and clip it and it is nice and secure. So for the next one you want to go and literally about that much hair on top of the clip on top of the weft sorry.

So go in with your fingers and just separate the hair. So that much here is more than enough. So now you want to grab um you have two of the four clipped weft and you want to grab the smallest one and basically the process is you want to follow the natural shape of your head with the weft.

So we started with a three now with the four and then I will show you what’s next. So this is the smallest of the two fours. So again you wanna.

I’ve already opened up the clips. So you want to go back then just go into the hair go underneath with your finger snap it shot and do the same exact thing on all of the hair and it is nice and secure like you just see same thing right here and same thing over here there we go nice and secure um for the next one it is going to be the largest weft and it is basically going to be going from ear to ear. So you want to separate again with your fingers a line a straight line basically from one year to the next and just clip off the rest wrap your largest weft.

So let me just turn around and show you what you do with this want to go from ear to ear a straight line and just like before you are going to go in with the clips right into the hair go underneath with your finger and just snap it shut do the same thing over here and again same thing over here just lift up the hair here. So it is not in the way go underneath it snap it shut and there you have it now for the last WEP that’s going to go in the back and that will be the second one of the two with the three clips. So what you want to do for that one is just pick up the hair at the crown and kind of separate that portion again you do not need a lot of hair over top of the web.

So this much is more than enough going to go in and go into the hair clip clip just like that to be there but and now you are going to let loose all this hair okay for the sides you are going to take your two clip weft and I will show you where you are going to place it just separate they are with your finger just like that and clip it away and what you want to do with the front because you do not want to have clips right at the hairline because when you do you know when you put your hair back like that you do not want to be going into the clips. So usually, I go about an inch from the hairline for the first clip and I will show you what you do with the second clip. So for the first clip like, I said close to the hairline away close to the hairline up top and away from the hairline on the side just go in like that underneath go underneath with your finger it is not good shot and it is nice and secure and for this one, I usually just hide it underneath this hair.

So what you want to do is kind of pick up this hair here and just go into the underneath the hair like that and just snap it shot and when you let this hair loose overtop it covers it nicely and you will never be able to see it now for the last lost pieces on this side you get one of these one-inch clips and you are going to do two on each side for the first one, I usually go right above the ear because when you have shorter layers they kind of show right. So you want to put the clips where as close to the hairline as possible. So that when it is out it blends with the with your layers and creates a seamless look.

So go right above the ear kind of underneath the clips and above the ear. So just separate that a bit that flip it away and do exactly the same thing go into the hair with your clip underneath and there’s snap it shut and it is perfectly secure you see I’m pulling on it and it is not going to come off and one more clip left and for that one, I usually just put it right above the two clip well just lift the hair up okay. So go into the hairline just like that underneath with your finger, I hope you can see and just snap it shut and there you have it.

So one side is to finish off this side, I just finished clipping in all of the extensions and let me show you guys what it looks like from the back right after you clip them in this is without any styling any teasing or anything like that let me show you it is absolutely gorgeous look at all this thickness that, I have, I mean, I would never be able to grow this much hair on my own, I mean no way in hell this is absolutely gorgeous and thick and luscious in look at this length let me show you the length you just bring all this forward. So you can see if, I get up, I mean this is like almost to my bellybutton. So gorgeous okay we are all done and, I really hope that this helped you guys out and the link will be right here of where you can get your own set of luxy hair extensions and thank you for reading and, I will see you guys in the next post bye.

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