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I thought a new post for you guys today showing you how I curled my hair with a curling iron it is something that. I struggled with for a long time.. So I wanted to make a post showing you all the tips and tricks that. I use to get the perfect curl.

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So I know lately a lot of people have been using wands or using your curling iron as a wand to curl your hair but. I really love the curls that a curling iron can give you. So hopefully this tutorial can help you guys out all you need for this tutorial is a hair clip or a hair elastic just we can section off our hair and you are going to need a curling iron the one. I use you guys is super inexpensive it is a Conair one and a quarter inch curling iron you can find these at the drugstore. I got mine at Walmart they have the one Amazon for like $11 they are super inexpensive and work great. So working with de3 hair today.

I found my hair is a little bit dirtier it holds the curl a little bit better and, I also went ahead and pressed my hair with the Tresemme heat protectant any heat protector will do but this one is my favorite you are also going to want a hair clip or a hair elastic just to section off your hairs get the curls and then optional but some hairspray is a good idea depending on your hair type you might want a flexible or a strong hold this one is extreme like I have mentioned in past posts. I do not really like this one. I approve. I prefer the Loreal Elnett if you can get that one. I love that hairspray they section my hair off right at my temples and, I’m just going to bring that bottom section all the way forward if you have more hair than me then feel free to do more sections. So with my curling iron. I’m just going to fold my stand down and have my finger on my index finger, I’m going to be curling all of my hair away from my face it is just a personal preference and in order to achieve that you are going to want to put your curling iron clamp on the top of your hair.

So it was our first section of grabbing it is about an inch in size you do not want to be grabbing too much hair because you need the heat to touch all of the hair if you grab too much then it is not going to curl, and it is just going to follow. So again grabbing that first section and, I’m going to put the clamp up towards the root of my hair you do not want to start the bottom that hair it is far too delicate to be held on the heat for that long you want to clamp it where most of your hair is and where it is the thickest and where you want the curl to start okay. So, I’m going to clamp it on and, I’m going to put the hair at the top of the clamp let go curl it towards my head and now my thumb is on that clamp and, I’m slowly opening the clamp as, I’m twirling my hair nice and slowly up to you how much of the ends you want to put in but, I’m going to leave a nice chunk of my ends out. So because my curling iron does not get that high, I’m just going to leave this on for about six seconds and then to loosen the curl just with your index finger open up the barrel and it should slide right out if you do not want your curl to be. So curly you can just pull it with your hand while it cools I will give you a more natural wave but if your hair does not hold a curl very well then. I was suggest just leaving it and letting it fall naturally by itself. So, I’m going to go ahead and do another section a quick tip for you guys.

If this is your first time curling your hair with a curling iron and you are still struggling. I suggest that you practice with a cold curling iron. So when that is not turned on because you do not want to practice on your hair and have it not worked out properly and you are just ripping your hair out burning it damaging it do it with a cold curling iron until you get the motions down and then use the hot curling iron to achieve the curls. So with our next section grabbing it is about the same size as the one we just did pick the curling iron put the clamp on top up near the root putting it at the top of the clamp drilling it is a curling iron under using my thumb to open up the clamp as we turn use your hand to guide your hair as well we just want to keep going. So all of your hair is in the curling iron again, I’m using my index finger to open it up a little bit just. So that the curl can come out. So, I’m going to continue to curl the rest of this section this exact same way and then.

I will show you guys the top they have the bottom section curled. I forgot to mention if your hair has a hard time holding a curl spray it with your hairspray before you curl it and it’ll help secure it. So just want to show you the top how to curl the top section to make it look flattering on the face. So again, I’m just gonna grab my first section of hair and instead of starting all the way up near the root you just want to start a little bit lower and when you are going around your face you are trying to just frame the face you do not really want to have big curls next to your face. So I will show you we are just gonna go really lightly through this section of hair and that’s it that’s gonna give you such a soft curl around your face and again it is going to fall a little bit but that’s how I like to do the front pieces for the rest of your top section because. I have a side part on this side am.

I headed to my top section beside we are not there yet. I just pinned the kind of Mohawk section out of the way. So again with the next piece. I do not like to start all the way up near my part you want to just start Midway down and same thing we did on the lower section just keep curling away from your face let’s just pretend that that’s on for another thing too when you are curling your hair you are getting is super attempted to rush the process just do not just keep going at the same pace for my lovely lovely fringe, I’m just going to curl them under and away from my face. So your whole head is curled what you want to do is you want to go a stand with your back to a mirror and you want to hold up this small mirror and check the back of your hair because no one’s here to tell you a few very straight pieces. So, I’m gonna go check my hair and, I will be right back. So now you have checked your hair you can fix any loose pieces you just want to go ahead and spray your hair with some hairspray now there you have you guys that’s how.

I curl my hair with a curling iron. I really hope that you found this post helpful because. I honestly struggled with this for. So long. I think that’s the way. I do it helps prevent a lot of heat damage to the ends of your hair and it really really has been working for me. So thanks again.

So much for reading you guys and, I will see you in my next post bye you.

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