HOW TO Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener Flat Iron

Hey guys I thought I’d post a tutorial for you today and show you how I curl my hair with the hair straightener now you get compliments on it all the time, and it is honestly. So easy to do, I’m gonna show you guys how to do big voluminous curls like. I have here on the bottom and then, I’m going to show you how to do the tighter curls like I have done near the top now the hair straightener. I used for this is my trinit professional hair straightener and, I set it to about 210 degrees Celsius now.

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I do not know if you can tell but. I have pretty thick hair. I do not want it on a higher heat setting because it’ll put creases into my hair and that’s definitely not the look, I’m going for it. I want these curls kind of – like effortless because honestly this tutorial is effortless. If you want to know how to achieve this look or how to get different types of curls of the hair straightener then keep reading hey guys let’s get started. So you want to make sure that your hair straightener is nice and hot mine definitely is is set to about 210 degrees Celsius next we are just gonna divide our hair into our first section. I like to part this right above where my ear is and then we are just gonna clip it into place next we will pull those two sections forward and we are gonna brush through them to ensure that they are free of any knots or tangles next we are gonna grab the hair straightener and, I like to run it down this section just once to make it nice and smooth, I’m then gonna turn my hair straightener about half way and this is what’s gonna help create a nice big bouncy curl.

So once I have done the curl. I like to grab it into my hand and squeeze it until it cools all right perfect. So now we are gonna go on to the next side and repeat the exact same thing remember, I’m curling away from my face and, I’m turning my hair straightener about a half turn all right. If you notice that your curl does not form perfectly you can just use your hand to help assist it and again just crunch it up until it cools which is gonna help set the curl and voila we are done the first section all right. So we are just gonna start our next section and, I like to start it right where my eyebrows begin just clip it into place now remember these are just guidelines all right. So let’s grab the two sections and pull them forward we are gonna do this part a little bit different than the last section let’s divide this into two different pieces remember to brush it through to get rid of any knots or tangles alright. So now we are gonna curl this piece a little bit different, I’m curling the curling iron about 360 degrees all the way around what this is gonna do is is gonna create a tighter curl which is what we are going for on this layer now this front section, I’m actually going to leave down and I will curl it later.

So let’s move on to the other side and repeat the exact same step. If you guys are anything like me maybe you are better curling one side of your head than the other but. I always have troubles of this side. So when you are curling if you notice that your hair is coming out of the hair straightener if you just curl your hair straightener around it helps hold the rest of the hair and you will still get that perfect curl all right. So remembering to leave these front sections down we will come back to them later but if you want to curl them by all means go ahead. So we are gonna make this next section parted just above our temples alright guys. So we are halfway there this section is gonna be really similar to what we did in the last section except it is going to be divided into three different parts now remember the smaller sections of hair that you grab the smaller the curls you are gonna get and the more you turn your hair straightener around the tighter the curls you are gonna get.

So when we released this one we are gonna get a nice tiny ringlets remembering to hold it into our hand until it cools all right. So we are gonna divide this into two sections here and repeat the exact same step and then we are going to go on to the other side remembering to leave the front sections of the hair down as we are gonna curl those later alright guys in our dumb ad section remembering to keep those front pieces separate we are gonna move on to the next section of our hair now if you do not have a deep part like me then this is going to be the second-to-last section of your hair. So just separate the top layer away from this next layer here all right. So once we have our hair clips into place you can get star in the next section now with this section, I’m going to divide it into two separate pieces as you can notice these pieces are quite large this is going to ensure that we have nice big curls. So, I’m going to grab by hair straightener and, I’m going to be turning it a full 360 degree turn to ensure that we are getting a nice tight ringlets, I’m gonna proceed to do this on the other side as well remembering to keep those front pieces down as we will come back to them later alright guys. So we are finally on to our second last section and for those with the center part this is going to be the last section for you..

So I do not need to clip this into place my hair will actually just stay where. I wanted to go and with these final curls. I want you to notice that, I’m not starting them near the route that, I’m actually beginning the curl a little bit further down the hair and, I’m always turning it away from my face okay we are finally done just kidding we have to curl these front pieces gel. So with these is gonna be a little bit different than what we have been doing. I like to grab the front section of hair and just pull out my little flyaways from the bottom I will be curling those separately with this section of hair. I just like to loosen it a little bit and then begin the curl remember to curl away from your feet, I’m going to be giving this curl a full turnaround with the hair straightener what this is gonna do is create a nice tight curl that we can tuck behind the rest that we have already created, I’m just gonna proceed to do this same thing on the next side do not forget about your little flyaways but please be careful do not burn your ears alright guys. I promise we are almost done last but not least is my bang what, I’m gonna do with these is just take my hair straightener and, I’m going to be curling them underneath towards my face.

I am most particular about my bangs. So it usually takes me a couple tries to get them perfect as you could tell. I wasn’t happy with the final product.. So I went back and, I ended up curling the forestsection of my bangs away from my face and then. I placed it back in with the rest of them ah much happier with that okay. If you guys are happy with the final product that you can skip the next two steps but.

I like to run a hair brush through the hair you can also run your fingers through it just to loosen the curls and give them that more natural look if you do this and you find that any pieces aren’t curled just go back in with your hair straightener and give them a quick curl now. I like to flip my hair upside down and spray it with my hair spray just a couple light sprays this is going to help lift the root and give your curls tons of body. So yay we are done that’s the final product guys. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and I will talk to you guys soon bye.

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