HOW TO Curl Your Hair With A Wand Hair Tutorial Perfect for long medium length hair

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. I know what you are thinking oh great another hair curling tutorial on let me tell you this one is special because this is how I achieve my go to never fail me soft curls and, I wanted to share them with you guys now these are the curls that.

HOW TO Curl Your Hair With A Wand Hair Tutorial Perfect for long medium length hair Photo Gallery

I do if, I’m going somewhere more formal if, I’m dressing up or if, I’m just feeling girly that day these curls are quick which. I know you guys love simple and you really only need one hair tool to achieve them for this tutorial, I’m going to be using my nume it is tightened through wand with the 32 millimeter barrel. I prefer a larger barrel they are just going to give you that softer fancy more natural looking pearl which is exactly what we are going for for this book personally. I like to section my hair as. I go.. So I started my first section right above my ears and, I’m just going to grab the hair that’s down divide it down the middle and pull it forward the biggest tip.

I have you guys for curling your hair with a wand is always hold it in your dominant hand it is so much easier and you will have a less likely chance of burning yourself.. So I like to work in about two inch sections starting at the front of my hair and, I’m going to point the wand downwards and you want to get as close to the root as possible and we are going to start wrapping up around near the handle now because, I’m going for curls today. I want to try my best to keep my hair flat on the barrel and not twisted. So once. I wrapped it to the end. I like to count down from five and then.

I like to unwrap to the bottom two inches and count to three. So for a total of eight seconds and then. I just let the curl drop obviously because. I was explaining it. I held it on for a little longer than eight seconds but you get what. I mean now for the tough part you just want to leave the curls do not touch them we are going to let them cool for as long as possible once my bottom section is curled. I like to grab my next section starting it kind of right at my temple area and, I’m repeating it the exact same step starting in the front it is gonna leave out my front pieces for right now and, I’m just going to go back to them because they do not need nearly as much heat as the rest of my hair does.

. So I think, I’m either going to need to look into a longer wand attachment how do you know if they make them or maybe it is about time. I get myself a haircut could soon enough my hair is, I’m not going to fit on this and once. I get to the top of my head. I just like to work in smaller sections maybe like one inch instead of two inches in size it just helps it look more natural. So in these little front pieces. I curl them the same but I have really only pulled them for like three seconds that’s all they need and then same thing with these bangs if you even want to call them that anymore just hold them for about three seconds okay.

So obviously we are not done but what you want to do is let your hair curl for Enzi’s five minutes this is usually what. I do my makeup or go make some food but you just want to make sure that your curls are completely cool and set before brushing them out another scary for you guys. I just like to go in with my hair brush and just brush each curl about once or twice just to give it some more bounce and a softer appearing and then as you can see if my hair is kind of flat to my head where my part is.. So I like to go in with a dry shampoo and the batiste original is my absolute favorite dry shampoo I have tried a bunch of them but. I love this one because it does not leave a residue behind..

So I just like to spray a bit of this throughout the roots of my hair and once it is sprayed in. I just like to work it in with my fingertips and guys like look at that immediate puff and volume that it gives my hair. I absolutely love dry shampoo it is like my secret weapon and then to lock in all my hard work. I like to use my favorite hairspray it is the Loreal Elnett strong hold hairspray and, I just do some lights Fritz’s just to hold the curls all day long. I say a couple legs for this guys but every time. I use it and mirrors like Holly used enough of that but. I really do not think.

I use too much there we have you guys that’s how I achieve my everyday go-to soft curls usually take me about 10 minutes to do and they turn out perfect every single time hopefully you guys like this tutorial if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up and, I really want to thank you guys for all the support lately we surpassed 30,000 commentrs.. I’m so excited. I just think it is absolutely incredible okay. So my last thank you thank you guys for reading and, I will talk to you guys in my next post.

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