How to DNA BRAID Coolest Braid For Summer

Guys look back to my blog and welcome back for another hair tutorial Tuesday today.

I want to share with you the coolest braids that. I have ever seen, and it is this super chic super cool DNA braid. I’m in love with this braid imagine seeing somebody just rockin this out in public. I think that it is so unique and different. I will warn you though it requires a lot of arm work if you are doing this on yourself but it will not go unnoticed the technique though is quite simple to do. So let’s go ahead and get started, I’m starting with my hair in a ponytail and for the first step what you want to do is divide your ponytail into three pieces you want your outside sections to be the same size as each other and your middle section just to be slightly smaller the reasoning is because we are going to be weaving the outside sections around the middle section. So you want them to be a little bit larger once you have your three sections they should look a little similar to this next step, I’m going to start my braid on the left side grab a small to medium sized piece of hair from the outside of your left section then take that piece and bring it over the left section and then underneath the middle section and just join it into that right section.

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So now on the right side grab a small to medium sized piece from the outside of our right section then take that piece and bring it underneath the right section and then over top of the middle section and join it into that left section and those are all the steps to create this braid now it might not look like much right now but. I promise it’ll all come together. So again on that left side grab a small to medium sized piece you do not have to be precise with this and bring it over top of that left section and then underneath the middle keeping everything nice and tight and then join it into your right section and again on the right side grab a small piece from the outside of your right section bring it underneath the right section over top of the middle and join it into the left section when you are on the left side just remember bring your piece over and then under and when you are on the right side do the opposite bring your piece under and then over this braid is definitely repetitive and, I find it super helpful to keep thinking of the pattern in my mind as, I’m going. So it is simply over and then under and then under and then over and you will find that your hands will get used to the motion and you will just fly through this braid as you are braiding you just want to try your best to keep everything nice and tight this braid is quite forgiving but keeping everything tight will help keep the braid that twists. So it looks just like a DNA strand also if you find out one of your side sections is getting smaller than the other side it is possible that you are grabbing larger sections from one side which is not a problem just balance it out by grabbing smaller size pieces from the side with less hair and it will even itself out again and like. I mentioned earlier this braid is super forgiving. If you need to take breaks go ahead the braid can hold its own.

I personally have to take two breaks my arms around fire and even today they are. I do not know if it is because. I worked out or if it is because of this braid and as you are braiding because we are only using the side sections and braiding around the middle they will become shorter than that middle section. So just go as far as you can until you reach the end of your side sections or until you are too tired and then secure it with a hair elastic you could create a different break with the remaining ends you could curl them or just simply leave them straight like. I did. So there we have you guys that is how you recreate this really cool and unique DNA braid you guys have to let me know what you thought in the comments and let me know if you love it as much as. I do now if you think that this braid is going to be too hard on your arms or you gonna get frustrated.

I totally understand but you could rock this as a side ponytail or even just braid your ponytail halfway down. I think it would look really cool or you could just show your friends how to do it and have them do it for you but. I think this hairstyle would look. So sick for a night out if you did it like super sleek back in a dramatic cat eye. I think that it look. So cool but it could also be really casual for the day time like. I would love to do this on my niece if she had longer hair could but.

I doubt she would sit that long anyways but. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up and you guys have been loving at my last post. I can’t believe it I will link it down below as well at the end of this post but thank you guys for all the support and we are almost at a hundred thousand commentrs, I’m incredibly thankful for each and every one of you. So thank you for supporting me this far I’m. So excited to reach that milestone with you guys. So thanks again and I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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