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I am so excited to share his hair strong with you it is this voluminous Dutch fishtail braid this is probably the coolest hairstyle that I have ever done on my blog it is just edgy yet feminine and it’ll definitely make a statement which is why. I love it quite simple all you are going to need are three of these painful clear elastics two to four bobby pins if you want to give it a more chic look and then the strength of a body builder because we are going to be putting in some work with our arms..

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So I placed my index fingers right at the base of my ears and, I’m just going to draw upwards towards the back of the crown to create a half up ponytail the forestsecure is an elastic. I like to take my brush and brush away all my hair in the under section you will thank me later while you try to take your elastic out and it is not caught in your hair at the end of the night one start off, I’m going to flip my ponytail up and through itself by creating a hole behind my elastic with my thumb and index finger. So now. I have what, I’m known for my childhood as a Topsy tail, I’m going to create one more by grabbing a small section of hair from behind my ears and placing it on top of my first Topsy tail try to ensure that these are both Center creating these before our braids are important because they are the foundation for our hairstyle and will keep it in place all day now grabbing up the hair from my two ponies, I’m going to divide them into two equal sections and these are what, I’m going to use for my fishtail grabbing a small piece from the outside of my right section, I’m going to cross it under into my left and then. I grab a small piece from the outside of my left section and, I cross it under in my right. I do this to create a base. So since this is a Dutch fishtail I will be adding hair into my pieces and then crossing them underneath grab a small piece for the right section pick up a small piece from the top of our under section and then cross them under into the left section now grab a small piece from our left section and incorporate a piece from the top of our under section and then just cross it under into our right.

So we are fishtailing but we are adding sections as we go spread our fish tails attached to our heads now this is the gun our Dutch fishtail and you will want to repeat those same steps all the way down the back of your head picking up hair each time as you work your way down now the pieces of your hair that you are picking up should also be moving down your head as well quick tip when you are braiding keep your two sections separate at all times to help prevent tangling your hair is long like mine once, I’m nearing the bottom. I like to pull my hair forward and then just continue to braid over my shoulder once the gray is complete it’ll look similar to this but as you can tell this does not look like the braid that. I showed you. So using my index and thumb, I’m going to pull apart this braid starting with small pieces at the bottom and then. I work my way up each side repeating until. I achieve that voluminous messy appearance trust me guys. I repeat this a lot.

I go in. I take my time because. It’s so much easier to start small and go big then trying to reverse a step. I like to have my braid larger at the top and then taper it down slightly do not forget to pull on our Topsy tails to kind of incorporate them in that messy look now sometimes once you have pancake the braid the sides have gotten looser or you might have some flyaway hairs on your neck like. I do. I personally really like it like this but what you can do is you can take some bobby pins to give it that more sleek look and just smooth out the hair and then vertically pin the bobby pin there you have you guys is how you create that fishtail faux hawk it is pretty cool. I feel like there are.

So many simple changes you could make to switch it up like if you pulled all your hair back and did a dramatic eye. I think I have used super fierce or if you started your braid a little bit higher if you really dramatic. I love that you guys will have to share your recreations me.. So I can see what you guys come up with. I love this hairstyle you guys and if you like the two do not give it a thumbs up also comment down below let me know what you think of this faux hawk trend. I think it’s.

So different you do not see it that often but they are absolutely beautiful yeah thanks guys. So much for reading and I will talk to you minutes – you absolutely fell in love with and, I thought that you guys would too. So it is this half-up half-down so.

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