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Hey guys I want to post a post sharing my secrets and tips to achieve my at-home blowout pretty simple. I just add a couple extra steps from a regular blogger routine and it makes me look come out a lot more polished and professional looking without taking up too much time and if for whatever reason if this hair tutorial does not help you blow to your own hair then.

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I will link down below my tutorial on the lazy girl blowout do not worry. I got you guys.. So I started off with freshly washed towel dried hair and, I’m just going to go ahead and ply a leave-in conditioner this one is by Agee, and it is called their fast food what. I do is. I just apply a dime sized amount. So then, I’m just going to rub it in between my palms and, I like to apply this to the shafts of my hair and the middle of it because this is where most of the knots get tangled up.

So now that my hair is conditioned and hopefully not Liz, I’m going to go ahead and brush it out this step is crucial if you have ever gotten a round brush stuck in your hair then you will understand why next. I add my secret weapon when it comes to having a long-lasting blowout and it is the brioche EO a blossom and bloom volumizing blowout spray it is not only cruelty free but it is free of silicone parabens and any synthetic fragrance this stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I just spray it throughout my roots and it really gives my hair that added thickness and fullness without weighing it down even on days that. I do not blow-dry my hair. I will still use this stuff because it helps promote hair growth not that. I need my hair any longer but, I’m really trying to get it to my bellybutton and a bonus this stuff has such a pleasantly a fresh scent to it. So yeah you guys will be very impressed with the whole Brio geo line and, I will definitely link more information down below if you want to check them and then the brush.

I use it is a round brush is medium sized with mixed bristles. I find this one works best for my hair tag because. I can grab really large sections and it really grasps onto the hair without letting go and the fact that it is a medium sized brush it really leaves my was a nice natural flowy look for my blow-dryer. I just use a regular old one that. I borrowed / never going to give back to my boyfriend because mine that. I had started to blow out blue flames at my hair to save time. I like to rupture at my hair usually just by flipping my head upside down which will help add volume and focusing most of the heat on my roots and the back of my head where most of the moisture is and, I do this until my hair is about 85% dry when.

I section my hair for a blowout. I do about four of them and then. I subdivide those as well, I’m going to begin with my first section being right at my ears and then. I divide down the back into two more sections a good rule of thumb is not to have your sections any wider than your round brush. So as you can see it has no problem grasping onto the hair and that’s going to ensure that we have enough tension while we are blowing in it, I’m just going to be placing my brush at the root of my hair love drying upwards to create lift and to dry out our roots. I usually repeat this about two to three times you want to avoid wrapping your hair around the brush trust me you will get all caught up. So what you want to do is just slide the brush down your hair and as.

I do this, I’m slowly turning my wrist. So that the brush is doing all the work, and it is picking up the new hair while it is letting go of that old hair for this next step. I just want to add some curl to my hair. So, I’m just going to be starting on the right side and, I always hold my brush in my dominant hand. So, I’m going to place my brush in front of this section of hair with the handle facing down and, I’m going to slowly pull it down my hair keeping that tension on the roots and once. I reach the middle, I’m going to be flipping my brush 180 degrees towards my shoulder. So creating a twist in the hair now you can see that the handle is upright and, I’m doing this.

So that it maintains tension while curling the hair. I repeat this about two to three times and then once it is dry, I’m going to P it one more time this time, I’m just going to do multiple twists twirling the head of the brush towards my shoulder and then back into the position that it was in once you reach the end your hair should be curled away and, I just like to lay it on my shoulder to let it set if you have a hard time with this last part just use your fingers to twist away from you. So that’s it two simple steps and, I repeat them with each section the other side of my head. I still hold my brush in my dominant hand and, I do the exact same thing exception will be at my temples not quite at my part and I will be repeating the same process grabbing sections no bigger than my brush for the top recording to be doing the same thing except we are going to be moving in horizontal section probably about four to five and, I like to start in the back and then work my way forward you really want to over direct those routes. So the simplest way to do that is to pull the hair forward especially if you have long hair this will allow you to get all the way to the end and working in horizontal sections will allow the hair to follow more naturally and really give you that appearance of fullness on the top. So, I’m just going to fluff out the twists and play around with it just a little bit look, I’m going to add some of my loriel Elnett hairspray just do my hands just to tame those baby hairs that never cooperate but. I just rub it through my fingers and kind of just push them down that’s all it takes it is pretty low means from here it’ll usually last me about two to three days helps.

If I wear my hair to bun while. I sleep and then sometimes I will just add some dry shampoo to give it some additional volume hopefully you guys found this post helpful if you did do not forget give it a thumbs up and, I would love to hear from you if you guys had any hair tool nightmares like my blow dryer that blew up the blue flame definitely leave them down below. I would love to have a good laugh but yeah thanks again. So much for reading guys and I will talk to my next post. I’m holding a curl just throw in some hairspray as well to achieve your very own fo quick and easy blow.

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