How to EASY Effortless Bun w Braid Detail

Hey guys today’s hairstyle is this really beautiful and effortless low bun with some chunky braid detailing this look was inspired by Emma Chen artistry on Instagram.

I absolutely love everything she does but. I was. So drawn to this look because of how effortless and chic it was and although braids are usually associated with summer hairstyles. I think this would look. So great paired with like a chunky turtleneck for fall, I’m going to break down this hairstyle for you guys and make it nice and simple. So let’s get started for today’s hair tutorial. I will be using two of my 1 clip weft from my Luxy Hair extensions these are in the color ash blonde and what.

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I like to do is just clip the one extension to the other right underneath the clip like this that way when you put it into your braids there’s only one weft which is really easy to hide a deep part is necessary for this hairstyle and the best way to do this is line your part up with the arch of your eyebrow use the back of a comb and just draw a line straight back now. I find it easiest to a section away all of the hair that. I won’t be using. So place your comb at the back of your part and part your hair across the back of your head and tell your it about your temple and then you want to part your hair down to the middle of your neck. So it should look similar to this and go ahead and clean up your lines and you just want to tightly secure all of that hair out of the way for now with that clipped away we can section off the front section if you want that swooping bang. So place your finger about an inch back from the front of your face and just trace down until you reach the top of your ear and then just twist and clip this out of the way for now now time to braid. So grab a one-inch section right at the top of your part and, I’m just going to sneak in my extensions to help make this braid nice and thick from the top to the bottom and, I’m just joining them into that top section now divide this section into three very equal pieces that we can begin our braid starting with the right strand you want to do one full pass of a three strand braid going underneath the middle and this just helps to create the foundation now time to Dutch this time when you bring the right side underneath the middle you want to grab a go to half-inch size section and join it in once it is joined in bring that underneath the middle and then repeat the same step with that left strand grab about a half inch size piece of hair and join it in and then bring it underneath the middle keep Dutch braiding down the remainder of this section and the trick to this braid is to keep it nice and tight also grab smaller sections than you think you should you want this braid to be detailed.

So the smaller sections will help you achieve that once you reach about the temple height you want to begin directing your braid towards the middle of your head to help give it that pretty curved appearance and, I remember trying to keep it as tight as possible once you have reached your neck could go ahead and stop and then secure your braid with a clear hair elastic now to make the braid pop even more you will want to pancake it but not too much. So just use your index finger and thumb to tug on the outside of each section to help it appear thicker the step is great especially if you didn’t use hair extensions because it just helps to give your braid that nice full appearance now an easy part secure your hair into a low side ponytail leaving out that front section for now and you want your ponytail to be sitting directly underneath your braid then anchor your ponytail with one hand and pull up in small sections around the crown of your head this will help to create that effortless appearance while giving us more volume without having to tease our hair and lately I have been using this medium hold hairspray from Kerastase and, I find adding hairspray really helps to give the hairstyle that texture appearance while holding those lifted pieces into place plus this hairspray smells. So good you can see here the difference that this step makes now time to create the bun have fun with this let’s put together the better.. So I like to wrap my hair counterclockwise completely around my ponytail keeping everything nice and loose and once I have wrapped around in a full circle. I like to kind of wrap it underneath itself and then tuck my ends through the center for this hairstyle. I left my ends poking out at the bottom.

I thought. I just gave it a more lived-in appearance next bobby pin your bun into place. I like to secure the outside of my bun first and then. I like to go in and bobby pin any of those loose pieces kind of wherever. I think looks best. I think creating different directions in your bun and having it be less perfect helps to create that effortless appearance that the inspiration hairstyle had. So just have some fun with it and keep pinning it until you are happy with it now those front pieces move them over your ear and you just want to pin them right where your braid meets your bun and then tuck your ends underneath your bun and pin them out of the way and then you just want to lock it all in with one last spray of hairspray there have you guys that is how to achieve this effortless braided bun you guys.

I am. So in love with how this hairstyle turned out. I can’t get over it look at it. I think it looks. So nice it is definitely going to be my new go-to and, I want to get my hair like up and off of my shoulders. I wish. I had somewhere to go right now.

I just have plans to go play some tennis in like 20 minutes. I guess. I could leave it in and I will just look super extra on the tennis court also stay tuned to my blog on the next couple of months because. I will be reintroducing some really great lifestyle makeup fashion content, I’m super excited but. I want to do it right. I’m going to be moving November 1st. So once we are settled into the new place you can expect some new exciting Content comment down below if there’s anything in particular that you would like to see.

I promise it is going to be really fun and interesting. So let me know what you guys think but in saying that. I want to thank you all for reading and your continuous support it means. So much to me and, I will talk to you guys in the next post bye.

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