HOW TO EASY French Side Braid Hair Tutorial

Hey guys I thought I’d post a really fun spring inspired braided hair 12 for you guys today I have seen this hairstyle absolutely everywhere and it is so cute. So I have definitely done a side braid before but this one’s a full side braid it is awesome to wear spring summer dresses.

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I think it is so cute and it really kind of just dresses up and everyday outfit and if your hair is a little bit on the greasy side it’ll cover that right up. So, I’m going to go ahead and show you guys how to recreate this look. So what you want to do is just bring all your hair to one side of your head you want to bring it to this side where most of the hair is so give yourself a nice deep Alex part and what, I’m actually going to do is make mine even a little bit deeper. I know the reason, I’m doing this is because it is gonna give me some more volume on the top you know. I love a good volume. So, I’m just going to keep that all flipped over here and, I’m going to start with my first section okay. So what, I’m going to do is, I’m actually going to leave down my bangs my friends whatever you want to call it you can obviously incorporate yours if you want and, I’m going to grab a section of hair all the way back to the crown of my head now this section should be about an inch thick sentence gonna get thinner just like that and you want to just split that into three different sections equal sections would be desirable now you just want to start braiding.

So, I’m going to put this right section over the middle and then the left section over the middle and this is just going to start our French braid for us. So as, I’m braiding. I’m picking up some hair. So Anna grab again all the way to the crown of my head gather into this right section and pull that right over the middle and then it’ll hold those into place grab hair and put it into my left section and pull that over the middle and seeing seeing grabbing some more hair putting it into that right section and pulling it over the middle go ahead again with this last section and then, I’m going to show you what to do with all the hair on this side of the head okay. So now that our last section is pulled over, I’m going to hold it into place and, I’m going to grab right above my temple just brushing all the hair back with your fingers makes it easiest just going to join that big chunk into my right section and bring it over the middle. So now all the hair from the top of my temple through the back of my head is now incorporated into my braid. So with this left side picking up hair and now, I’m right below where my temple is so what, I’m going to do on the right side again is grab all the way down to the bottom of my temple all that back hair and bring it over the middle section braiding you want to try and direction it away from your ear just.

So when you get to your ear you can go right behind it easily now if that’s actually. I picked up all the hair that was in front of right ear. So, I’m in front of right you are on the right side, I’m gonna grab all the hair in front of my ear on this side and join it into the braid pull on your left side over and now you grab all the hair all these hairs on the bottom of my neck mix where they are all in the braid gonna bring the rest of my hair all the way down to the bottom and do not secure it with a hair elastic quite yet okay. So now that we are done our braids you can obviously secure if you want to and leave it like this but you guys watch any of my other tutorials now that. I like my braids big and chunky. I like to create the illusion that. I have a lot more hair than.

I do. So it is going to start at the top section and you just want to pull at your three pieces grabbing from the middle and pulling grabbing from the outside and you will see, I’m going to start at the top we are coming right down and I will work my way back up you you you are desired chunkiness go ahead and secure the hair with a hair last stick you can grab some bobby pins as well just to kind of clip the hair away on the back of your neck you guys love it this is the final look. I think it is so cute and such subtle detail and if you have mastered the side braid you guys will be able to do this no problem. I have one thing to ask from you guys though if you enjoyed this hair tutorial and you guys recreate it yourselves or if you guys put your own little spin on it please please please let me know on social networking. I finally made my Instagram and my Twitter no longer private but let me just say it is hard to tweet when nobody’s tweeting you it is kind of lonely. So definitely reach out to me hashtag Alex Avery if you recreate this look recreate any of my other looks or if you guys want me to recreate something. I just want to share a picture with me please hashtag my name.

So I can check it out, I’m super excited to start talking to you guys. I promise I will reply to your tweets and yeah that’s enough plugs for one day. So, I’m gonna enjoy this tutorial comment down below on some other spring inspired hairstyles you want to see and as always thank you. So much for reading I will talk to you guys soon bye.

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