How to EASY French Twist Ponytail

Hey guys today I want to share with you this effortless French twisted ponytail.

I get a lot of requests from you guys to share hairstyles that you can wear to work or the office you guys are seriously awesome and often I will do up dos but last week. I was taking the train to the city and all the women commuting we are just wearing super simple ponytails.. So I thought. I would share this hairstyle this week. So you can switch up your everyday ponytail and honestly it takes only a minute to do. So let’s start, I’m starting off by adding some texturising spray this one is from bumble and bumble and, I’m just going to focus this around the crown of my head it just helps to give the hair of our volume and texture and you guys that this stuff smells amazing next toss all of your hair behind your shoulders and then loosely gather it as if you were creating a ponytail and if you are going for more polished look just comb your hair back nice and tight.

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So you want your ponytail to be positioned just above your ears because this is where our twist is going to start next step grab the base of your ponytail with your right hand and you want to tightly twist it clockwise one full turn and then with your left hand you just want to feel to ensure that all of your hair is twisting and then hold the twist in place and then repeat. So grab it again with your right hand tightly twist that ponytail one full twist and then hold it with your left hand and keep continuing these steps until you reach the nape of your neck remember when you are twisting to keep everything nice and tight and just go with it if it does not turn out exactly how you want the first time it is easy enough that you can just start again once you reach the nape of your neck stop and it should look similar to this and you can see that the start of the twist is right where. I positioned my ponytail at this start. If you are not seeing enough of a twist try starting with your ponytail a little bit higher before we pin it, I’m just going to gently pull on small sections around the crown to add more volume and, I’m just rubbing them in between my fingers just to help give this hairstyle a more effortless appear okay the most important step is Bobby pinning and, I’m going to show you the best long lasting way to do this starting at the top take your bobby pin and just hook some hair from the twist and then slide and pin it underneath the twist against your head. So I will show you again. So you want to work your way down the twist. So hook some hair with your bobby pin and then slide it underneath the twist.

So that your bobby pin is hidden keep repeating this as many times as you want. I probably used around 10 bobby pins and it was feeling very secure and lasted me all day then you want to secure it your French twist with a ponytail and once you tighten it your hair should cover the hair elastic pretty well but, I’m going to go in with a couple more bobby pins and just pin the twists to help cover that elastic and there you have it that’s how quick and easy it is to recreate this really cool French twist ponytail you guys. I absolutely love this hairstyle not only because. It’s so effortless but it is really quick and easy to do the good thing about this is it is very versatile. So you can wear it super sleek and chic if you wanted to and if you do recreate this do not get to tag me on social media.. So I can see your recreations.

So thank you guys. So much for reading and, I will talk to you guys in the next post bye.

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