How to EASY Knot Bun Chignon

Hey guys today I want to share to you it is really quick and easy sleek low knotted bun. I like to call this in my city chic fun as some of you may know. I moved from the suburbs to downtown in the city. So every single day.

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I see these really powerful and elegant women and it just inspired me to create a more sleek and put together look for you guys now this hairstyle will work best if your hair is just past your shoulders or medium length but. I will show you how to add extensions. So you can recreate this look of your hair is on the shorter side. So let’s go ahead and get started. So for today’s hairstyle. I’m going to be using hair extensions to show you guys how you can recreate it if your hair’s on the shorter side now if you do not have hair extensions and you are looking to recreate this hairstyle. I could not recommend luxy hair anymore.

I absolutely loved her hair extensions I have used them for years this particular set is over a year old and is still super thick and shiny and soft, I’m super jealous because. I wish my real hair felt like this but. I get a ton of questions about which color, I’m wearing. So this is the ash blonde color and, I wear the 220 grams set it is thickest set that they offer. So it just really blends nicely with my hair and just makes it look even more voluminous first to prep my hair, I’m going to take a light hold gel. I love this one from Herbal Essences because it gives you that hold without the crunch, I’m using a quarter-sized amount and just running this down all of my hair now if this hairstyle can also be done on wet hair which is amazing. I would just go ahead and add a little bit of mousse first next step using a soft bristle brush or comb you just want to smooth down all of your hair sadly when.

I move. I misplaced my comb or else I’d be using that but a soft bristled brush will work just as great once it is nice and smooth create a tight ponytail where you want your bun to be. I placed my right the nape of my neck. I love this because you could also pair this hairstyle with a hat. I pulled up the sides a bit to cover my ears and then pulled out small pieces in front of my ears just to frame my face. I find that it gives it more of a. I just threw my hair up and it was like this appearance now if you are using extensions take 2/3 clip weft and you just want to clip one on to the other right below where at the clips are once they are clipped together it should look similar to this.

So take that top weft and make sure that all of the clips are open and you just want to begin clipping it around your ponytail as close to your hair elastic as you possibly can. I like using that 3 clip weft because. I feel it fits perfectly around a ponytail now to create our knotted bun. So grab the base of your ponytail and try to keep it nice and smooth and you want to wrap it up and around your index finger using your other fingers to keep it nice and tight and wrap it a full 360 degrees. So a full circle once you have wrapped it see my index finger, I’m going to also slide my thumb in the middle. So that. I can pinch my ends and pull them through the center of my bun.

So all that I have done is. I just tied a knot with my hair and tried to keep it as tight as possible. So you want to keep your bun pressed against your head and then tuck your ends underneath the bun until they are hidden once they are tucked. I like to secure them first with some bobby pins just to ensure that they do not poke out continue Bobby pinning around the perimeter of your bun what. I like to do is take a bobby pin hook some hair from the outside of the bun and then slide the bobby pin underneath my bun towards the center. I keep repeating this until my bun is secure and definitely not going anywhere. So there we have you guys that’s how easy it is to recreate this low and knotted city chic bun.

I really hope that you guys loved this more sleek put together look. I know. I often do like messy effortless hairstyles but ever since. I moved to the city, I’m just feeling a shift in my style. I feel. So like chic and stylish with my hair like this. I often wear my hair down it is like my security blanket but.

I seriously feel super powerful with this hairstyle if you did enjoyed this post do not forget to give it a thumbs up comment down below please let me know what you thought and if you do end up recreating this hairstyle do not get to share with me on social media but thank you again you guys for reading I have missed you all. So so much thanks for being. So understanding and I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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