How To Easy Updo French Rope Braid

Hey guys, I’m so excited to share with you this beautiful Twisted undone updo..

I just love this hairstyle and, I thought that you guys would too and what is so great about it is it can be worn more sleek and Formal or you can wear it more undone and boho you guys know how much. I love that effortless appearance But it is quite simple to do. So let’s go ahead and get started first, I’m going to prep my hair with this light hold gel from Herbal essences. I just use a pea-sized amount or rub it between my palms And. I like to smooth it down my hair just helps prevent Frizz gives me a little bit of hold and helps create some shine Part your hair wherever you like. I did a side part And you will want to grab about a one-inch size section of hair right at your part and at the front of your face Since. I have bangs and leaving them out,.

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So, I’m grabbing mine a little farther back Once you have your first section you want to grab another 1 inch section Just below that previous one do not worry about them being too perfect and if your hair is on the thinner side Then just grab two inch sized sections instead with these two sections We are going to create a french rope braid first step is take that bottom section And you are going to bring it up and in front of that top section and you are going to bring that top section down So we have crossed them over one another Now to create the French portion of the rope braid super simple We just want to add hair into that bottom section. So grab about a one-inch size section of hair from the side of your face Again does not have to be perfect and just join it into that bottom section So again across that bottom section up and in front of that top section and just bring that top section down. So we want to repeat those same steps ensuring we are directing the braid towards the back of our head again grab A One-Inch size section from the side of your face does not need to be perfect, and we are just going to join it into that bottom section ensuring that it is completely Sectioned off and then cross that bottom section up and in front of the top one and just that top Section down and you just want to keep repeating those same steps and keep in mind the smaller sections You grab the more detailed this hairstyle will come out. So try not to rush Once your rope braid has reached the area Around your ear you just want to remember to direct the braid across the back of your head just to ensure that it is laying nice And tight to your scalp,. So continue grabbing one-inch wide sections from around the perimeter of your hairline as you move along your head as you continue to The back of your head you want to ensure that your one-inch wide sections that you are grabbing are also Including the hair that’s hanging down from the crown of your head Making sure that all of your hair is Incorporated into this rope braid will ensure that it stays nice and tight and secure to your head. I Continued my braid all the way across the back of my head But feel free to stop in the middle or even repeat the same steps on the other side of your head And once you are done, you just want to secure it off with the hair elastic To help the twists stand out we want to pancake them slightly which will make them appear thicker Just use your index finger and thumb and gently pull on the tops and the bottoms of your twists And. I like to start at the top and work my way down And.

I can’t believe, I’m saying this but you do not want to pancake them too much or else The hairstyle will become too loose once you are happy with it it should look similar to this and feel free to create whatever bun you like with your Ponytail. I decided to continue with the twist,.. So I just divided my hair into two equal sections And then. I wrapped one section around the other counterclockwise all the way to the ends of my ponytail Once. I reached the end. I just secured it with a hair elastic And.

I like to create a little bun just to help keep my ends tucked away once secure, I’m just wrapping the twist counterclockwise around my ponytail and, I’m holding the bun in place with my left hand as. I wrap and, I just continue until. I reached the end of my Twist and then. I just tucked the ends underneath my thumb to keep them hidden Once it is wrapped, I’m just securing it with a bunch of Bobby pins. I barely opened my Bobby pins while, I’m sliding them into place And. I like to slide them in on Angles creating Crosses which really helps your bobby pins stay secure my biggest tip is it is better to use More Bobby pins grabbing less hair than trying to use less Bobby pins grabbing more hair because they’ll just slide out. So there we have you guys that’s how to recreate this twisted updo and Don’t be discouraged if you do not get it your first try because.

I definitely didn’t either just keep Practicing and, I promise you will get it I’d love to hear what you thought and I’d also love to hear what type of updo you’d like to see next are you somebody That prefers more sleek put together up dos. Do you like these braided updo or maybe you want something That’s more messier easier. Maybe more intricate let me know and I will see what. I can do also I have been brainstorming like crazy to introduce some new content on my blog for you guys. I love doing hair tutorials, and, I promise you that. I will continue to do them But. I really want to share more personal side.

I want to share my hobbies with you guys my interests with you guys because majority of my time is spent outdoors Adventuring. I love hiking biking the winter time, I’m snowboarding. So, I’m really trying to find a way to Introduce that into my blog whether it is with posts Routine posts get ready with me Let me know what you’d like to see and stay tuned for that. I’m super excited, but. I really hope that you enjoy this tutorial and found it helpful If you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up and if you do recreate this hairstyle Or you are inspired by it or you just want to show me your hair do not forget to tag me on all my social medias They are linked to down below but thank you. So much for reading and, I will talk to you guys soon. Bye.

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