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Hey guys I want to share with you a very easy foolproof way to achieve the classic French twist. I think this hairstyle is so timeless and beautiful it is perfect for any special occasion. I know some of you have prom and graduation coming up and, I always think that it would be perfect for a wedding as well but i’m going to show you my tips to achieve it. So let’s get started if you didn’t already know the French twist involves a lot of Bobby pinning. So you will need quite a few bobby pins on hand the longer your hair the more pins you will need it is a help you need everything it is smooth and in order i’d recommend having a comb on hand but it is not necessary feel free to part your hair as normal but parting her hair on this side.

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I think will really work best for this hairstyle and we are going to do is just brush all of your hair back making sure it is free of any knots or tangles. So that we are left with a really nice smooth finish then you just want to gather all of your hair as a back of your neck nice and low making sure that you are grabbing all of those little baby neck hairs as well is going to give you a more polished finish and you just want to make sure that everything is nice and tight and smooth then grab the base of your ponytail with your one hand and you just want to begin twisting the base in a clockwise motion keeping everything nice and tight once you start twisting it direct your ponytail upwards and you will notice the twist of the French twist just forms on its own now once the twist has formed if you have excess hair left out of the top like. I do then what you will want to do is secure the top of your French twist to your head to help hold everything into place. I used about six bobby pins and you want to make sure that you are inserting them on angles to create X’s which will help keep everything nice and secure if you have short hair, I’m jealous because you are done at this point but if you have excess hair is sticking out the top like. I do then what you want to do is twist this remaining hair and we are going to tuck it underneath the twist that we created this is definitely a little trickier the longer your hair. So you will have to work a little bit harder to tuck it all in but there is a pocket there and, I promise if you are persistent you can do it my biggest tip for getting all of your hair into the pocket is take your time it is quite tight in there. So just use your fingertips to really work that hair into the pocket and you will find that it starts going in really easy if your ends become untwisted just twist them back up again.

I find that this also makes it easier to tuck your hair in and just make sure that you are getting all of those ends in there too you do not want any poking out once the hair is tucked in it should all feel nice and secure but. I highly suggest Bobby pinning the underside of the twist to your head. I used about five bobby pins inserting them vertically as well as in an X at the base of my twist just really hold everything in place when you are Bobby pinning your hair you want to try your best to keep them hidden but if some of them are showing and you do want to cover them up what you can do is grab at the side of the French twist and gently pull it over the bobby pins and then secure vertically with a bobby pin into place and you just want to repeat this all the way up the French twist and this will hide all of your bobby pins and then for the front i’m just going to take the end of a comb and kind of slide it underneath and just gently pull up these sections just to loosen them up a little bit and not make it. So pinned to my head. So there you have you guys that is how you create this beautiful and classic French twist hairstyle I have always thought that the French twist was. So timeless and classic. I just think that it is perfect for any special occasion you guys will have to comment down below and let me know if you are looking forward to any special events this summer I’d love to know if you are graduating maybe you are going to prom for the first time or maybe.

I know there’s some of you that are getting married. So comment down below I’d love to hear and maybe you are like me and you do not have any big celebrations of summer and you are always celebrating your friends who are getting there having babies and graduating. If you are like me do not forget to celebrate yourself go out for dinner and have an event or have a party it is just because but thank you guys. So much for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you did do not forget give it a thumbs up and I will talk to you guys soon or on Twitter Instagram and of course in the comments below so.

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