HOW TO Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle Pull Through Braid Fishtail Braid

Hi I want to share with you it was really a simple and pretty summer hairstyle it is this half-up half-down chunky pull-through braid and, I included three different variations. So you will have to tell me which one’s your favorite.

HOW TO Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle Pull Through Braid Fishtail Braid Photo Gallery

I think mixing braids is a great way to make an everyday hairstyle really stand out and kind of make it your own before the church tomorrow you will need five clear elastics give it a good stretch before you use them and a medium sized clip to clip away our sections the foundation of this hairstyle is a three pull through braid. So we are going to start off by creating our first section with only the hair on the top of our head. I do not want to make mine too tight but you want to make sure that it is secure once you secure off that section what you want to do is just clip that ponytail just out of your way for a second section we are going to start right at the temples and, I just like to keep out all these little hairs up here just to bring my face, I’m going to secure this section with an elastic on the lower part of my crown keeping those side pieces loose for that effortless look now that our two ponytails are secure unclip the first section and divide it into two equal pieces twisting one on either side of our lower ponytail now with that lower ponytail flip it up and out of the way we are going to create our third section not picking up any hair from the front or sides of our head only a small section from the back. So once secure unclip that second section separate it into two equal pieces clip away our third section and we are going to create our fourth section to finish off these pull through. So for the fourth section you just want to grab the rest of your hair that’s on the side of your head and the back. I like to leave a little bit down just to cover my ears again, I’m keeping it nice and loose and just secure it with an elastic now unclip that third section divide it into two and instead of clipping away that fourth section simply secure those two pieces behind it. So it should look a little something like this if it is not perfect do not worry because we are going to pull apart or pull through will hide any mistakes.

I like to start the bottom pull through pulling on both of the outsides at the same time to create an even fullness. I like to start small and work my way up checking to make sure that they are equal in size because it is so much easier to make them bigger than to try and go back and make them smaller. I like to make mine really full but feel free to keep your words minimal. I just like how it gives the illusion of having thicker fuller hair from here there are three variations you could do first probably the most popular just continue the pole to braid down the remainder of your hair remembering to pull on the sides to give them that fuller appearance second something a little different simply it do a three strand braid on that top section crossing each side underneath each other just. So that the braid goes in the same direction as. I pull through either secure it with an elastic or simply tease the ends to hold it in place and third my favorite because it combines my two favorite braids finishing it off with a fishtail. So divide that top section into two and grab a piece from the outside of our left section and cross it underneath into our right section and then grab a piece from the outside of our right section cross it underneath and join it into our left section once you have done this about two to three times then you can combine that top section into the bottom one just by dividing it into two and then continue this all the way down to the bottom feel free to pull on it a little bit just.

So it combines with our pull through perfectly again either secure as an elastic or simply tease the ends and it should stay in place all day long. So there we have you guys. I love this hair. So these are simple yet with the combination of brave it really stands out. I would love to know which one was your favorite or which one stood out the most to you and if you liked this post it is do not face to give it a thumbs up. I cannot wait to see your recreations and, I really hope you guys are loving this heatless hairstyles because, I’m enjoying it posting these two. So far.

So thanks. So much for reading you guys and I will talk to you in the next week sighs how’s it going. I thought I’d make a post for you today showing you how I achieve my absolute favorite– heatless waves the war mother is here you can probably tell much.

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