Hello I’m super excited to be here today because today I’m gonna be sharing with you my five go-to tips on how to make...

Hello I’m super excited to be here today because today I’m gonna be sharing with you my five go-to tips on how to make your curls and waves last longer because it is the most frustrating thing when you do your hair you put all that effort into your curls or waves and then five minutes after they just drop and your hair looks flat.

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So frustrating. So the tips and tricks that, I will share today are guaranteed to make your curls and waves last longer are you guys ready keep on reading tip number one to longer lasting curls is to hairspray your hair before during and after you style your hair, I find that if, I do not use hairspray in my hair my curls just do not last hairspray your hair will give you here a rougher texture which will help prolong the life of your curls tip number two use a small barrel of a curler the smaller the barrel the smaller the curl and the smaller the curl the longer it will last also you want to make sure that you use small sections of hair when you are curling your hair because, I gave the smaller the section the smaller the curl and again the smaller the curl the longer it will last tip number three is get a curler with a controllable heat setting you want to set your curler anywhere between 300 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit that is the magic number that will make your curls last longer tip number four once you have curled it here you want to allow your curls to cool ideally with an alligator clip like this one you just clip your curl in place and wait for it to cool down the longer you wait the stronger the curl will be. So here, I’m curling all of my hair and setting it in place with these alligator clips, I do the exact same thing when, I curl my lucky hair extensions, I use small sections and a small barrel to curl the hair and then, I just set everything in place and, I allow the curls to cool with an alligator clip and now just waiting for the curls to set now when it is time to release your hair from the clips make sure not to break the curls right away that’s truly the key here because if you break the codes right away they will fall remember that okay just give it a few more minutes and add more hairspray before softening the curls, I always clip in my lucky hair extensions first and then, I style my hair with the extensions clipped in.

So I’m gonna put it in my hair first and then I’m gonna get a brush and I’m going to softly start it from the bottom start brushing through these curls and as you can see as I’m brushing through the curls they turn more into really beautiful waves and all the hair sort of blends together, I absolutely love love love these curls and throughout the day they are gonna drop a little more and soft and quite a bit. So these curls will last me for at least two three days which is incredible all right my lovelies now you know how, I give these gorgeous waves, I would love to see your recreations. So when you do your hair make sure to post it on instagram with hashtag hair I will be checking them out thank you guys.

So much for tuning in if you have enjoyed this post make sure to give this post a big thumbs up it will totally make my day thank you. So much for reading, I love you guys and, I will see you soon you.

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