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Hey guys I’m going to be recreating mermaid style waves for you guys as per lots of requests that we have received. So if you guys like these waves and want to learn how to recreate them then just keep reading and, I will take you through all the steps alright guys. So to start off this look we are going to need a few basic styling tools and that will be a regular paddle brush a clip to hold the hair some hairspray at the end some sort of a smoothing cream or a shine serum or a shine spray I’m going to be using this small sample size of biosilk that, I have we are going to need a very tiny amount at the very end and of course we are going to need a crimper today and I’m going to be using this large crimper by hot tools it looks like this.

So the first thing you want to do is just start off by brushing the hair thoroughly all the way around. So the next thing you want to do is separate the hair from about ear to ear and then clip that out of the way and now to the fun part it is actually the crimping of the hair. So we are going to be taking relatively small sections and I’m going to divide this right here into two sections put the rest in the back and you want to just start by bringing the crimper pretty much close to the roots of you here and just like.

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So clamp it in and you want to make sure that you hold it at the same angle all the way throughout your hair and that’s pretty much the only tip that you have to keep in mind while you crimp the hair. So you want to hold it for about five to six seconds let it go and you get this kind of a wave. So you want to make sure that you are following the same angle that you hold the crimper.

So you want to bring that down a bit and just continue doing that all the way towards the end of your hair length and then we are going to continue that with the neck section. So here is one section done and I will just quickly show you what it looks like all the way to the bottom. So once you have this one section complete you want to continue doing pretty much the same thing all the way around.

So I’m going to just show you one more time slowly on this section and, I always brush it out just to make sure there’s no tangles we are going to bring the hair crimper just like this bring it very close to the roots not touching the roots though and you want to clamp it in and you want to make sure that you are doing it at the same exact angle that you did first and then continue doing that all the way throughout the hair and I will be back once the hair is all complete. So once you are done crimping the entire hair this is what you are going to end up with it is these beautiful mermaid waves they’re. So pretty.

So feminine, I just love them. So just as a finishing touch all you want to do is not before you spray it with hairspray use a bit of shine serum or shine cream or a smoothing cream I’m going to use like, I mentioned the bio silk and I’m just putting in a drop I’m going to put that onto my palms like this and my fingertips and what I’m going to do with this with this on my hands on my palms it is actually just run my fingers through the hair and as you can tell it is giving it such a beautiful shine all around the hair. So I’m going to do that and work that all the way through the hair.

So once you are done working the serum through the hair as a last step you just want to grab your hair straight and give you here a bit of a hold. So what I’m going to do is grab all the hair and use the hairspray from underneath to just give the hair a beautiful hold I’m all finished with the beautiful mermaid waves, I hope you guys enjoy it, I personally love it it looks like such luxurious and mermaid-like here. So if you like this look then definitely give it a try and also if you guys want to do this look a similar look without using any heat let me know in the comments below and, I will create a different hairstyle for you guys that requires no heat and will give you similar waves to these.

So definitely leave your comments below letting me know if you’d like to see and no heat mermaid style hair. So thank you. So much for reading and I will see you in the next post bye.

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