HOW TO Messy Beach Waves KHLOE KARDASHIAN Inspired

I thought I’d post a really quick and easy hair trip for you guys today on these really messy beachy waves love this look. I was inspired by picture Khloe Kardashian posted on her Instagram probably about a month ago this one right here. I think she looks beautiful and she rocks the beachy waves like no other. So someone’s really messy and, I’m done and, I love it really easy to do. If you want know how to recreate this look please keep reading. So, I’m starting off with my hair air dried.

HOW TO Messy Beach Waves KHLOE KARDASHIAN Inspired Photo Gallery

I just feel like helps give it that natural texture and some waves. So when you are doing the beachy waves it just looks more natural also you are going to want a hair clip for this hair tutorial just to clip the sections out of the way you know the drill and, I’m going to be using my Conair a one and a half inch curling iron today you guys know how much. I love this, and it is on sale on Amazon right now for $9.99 for the star of the hair tutorial our sea salt spray though this one’s my got to be. I picked it up at the drugstore it is very inexpensive but any sea salt spray will do, I’m sure you can even make it yourself if you wanted to and if you do not have a sea salt spray do not worry about it you do not necessarily need it for this hair tutorial just helps kind of finish off the look and make your hair look super messy.. So I know all of you know how to curl your hair by now but, I’m just going to show you a couple techniques to achieve these really messy and natural beachy waves that we strive for every single summer.

So, I’m just clipping that first section out of the way and, I’m just going to divide this bottom section. I do not know two or three pieces it is messy really does not matter you do not need to be that particular about it. So with my curling iron, I’m just going to curl this first section away from my face and, I only wrapped it around the barrel probably about one and a half times just for the length of my hair but you can see how much is still sticking out at the end and then, I’m going to hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds okay. So you can release that section. So you can see that it gives us a really nice natural wave now you can see since we curl their hair away from our face that my curl is trying to go in that direction. So you want to take your curling iron and clamp it and wrap it just a little bit around the barrel pull it there for about 10 seconds and then what you want to do is then go down where you didn’t apply any heat closer to the end of your hair and clamp it towards you. If you look at it like we are creating almost like an S right.

So this is going to help add some more movement and more Bend to the end of our hair you can also see, I’m still leaving out about an inch and a half at the bottom just to keep that messy natural look. So there we have it feel free to spray that with hairspray but, I’m just going to go ahead and move on to the next one this one. I got into curling towards my face and you are just going to try alternating the curls as much as you can as you go on. So again, I’m just wrapping to around about one and a half times to create that Bend and then. I will just be waving the bottom and leaving them there we have it you can see it all slowly coming together it looks. So pretty. So, I’m just going to finish up the other side.

So now that we are finished the bottom section we are going to move our way up and, I just part of this one right at my temple now as you move up your hair you just want to make sure that you are grabbing it smaller and smaller sections just. So it adds more detail and makes it look more natural. So, I’m going to divide this one probably into four or five sections depending and same thing all the curls around my face, I’m still going to curl them away. I just think that it looks better and more natural and more flattering. So grab me my straightener same thing try to grab these baby hairs if you can and just incorporate them into the curl once you get to your part this is what. I like to do..

So I have my last section here and, I’m just going to grab a little bit from the other side of the part as well and, I’m going to combine it with this section getting right into that root and doing my one-and-a-half twirls keeping those ends out just exact same technique just grab different sections when you get to the top again just that looks really messy there’s no new ones over on your hair make sure that you are happy with the wave and, I’m extremely happy with the final product you could definitely leave your hair like this tease it a bit and it looks super beachy but it kind of looks a little bit too perfect. So we are going to go in and mess it up with our sea salt spray now it does say to add it in damp hair scrunch it with the wind do the rest actually. I think that’s exactly what it says but, I’m going to be applying it to dry hair and it works just as great now the main tip. I have for you guys with this product is hold it as far away from you as you possibly can it is going to make the floor around you messy. So be in a bathroom or something like that this product is not super clean it is very messy but. I mean messy product messy hair just works out that way. So yeah hold it really far pull up your hair and spray in between your layers this scent is really nice it is strong on this stuff but it is really good it smells like the ocean like it is really good flowery ocean like Hawaii may be it.

So forget all of your hair and then give your hair a nice crunch and then just keep repeating it shouldn’t make your hair wet like you should be spraying it far enough away that it is just misting your hair you do not want to have your hair wet and tangled and stuff like that. So just a light mist will do and then you can go in with a brush or a teasing comb and just hold the bottom of your hair and just kind of taste upwards it is going to help create some more volume and movement. So there you have you guys some big messy beachy waves. I absolutely love this look and I have been wearing it all summer it really makes it look like you spent the day at the ocean when in reality you spent the day reading posts. So thanks. So much for reading you guys do not forget to comment down below if you try to set yourselves and any questions feel free to ask and do not forget to share with me on Twitter or Instagram and as always I will talk to you guys soon bye you.

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