I thought, I feel my hair tutorial for you guys today on a big voluminous messy bun who would ever think that you would need a tutorial for a messy bun but if you have to ride one of them you do know that they are harder than they look. So I have seen a lot of posts here on and, I have not seen anyone do it the way that. I do. If you want to know how to achieve this big voluminous messy bun then please keep reading bye guys all you ready for the Terr tutorial is a hair elastic, I’m not even going to brush my hair the dirtier izanagi of the hair the better it is going to turn out. So first things first, I’m just going to part my hair right below my ears and bring the section up to where. I want my bun to sit on my head next, I’m going to grab all the hair underneath and join it up at the top super simple.

HOW TO MESSY BUN HAIR TUTORIAL Long Medium Length Hair Photo Gallery

I like to do it like this because it gives my hair a little bit more of a different direction it allows it to be Messier and it is why it works for me nicely ideas my hair is, I’m going to grab with the hand that does not have the hair elastic on it and, I’m going to grab the end of my ponytail and wrap it around, I’m going to kind of grab it with my pinky finger pull the tail end around and tuck it up into the bun now it looks like this now the hand that has the elastic on it is going to grab all of that hair and attach itself and then go around toys how many times your hair elastic will let you. So there it is now this is the fun part my favorite part you can just start pulling the bun in all different directions to make it as big and as messy as you want. I like to do it little bits at a time not focusing on the same section but moving around to all the different ones. I can give it the best effect like to pull clothes to the donut area okay. I could play with this fun for hours. So, I’m just going to leave it like that for now it is so simple you guys and I have seen in the comments down below in some posts that people have a hard time getting these hair hairs out and, I understand because a lot of girls just pull up sections what. I like to do is you just take your hand and, I kind of rub it counterclockwise against my hair and all your baby hairs will start coming out and then you can just kind of join them in with the rest of your hair do the same thing on the other side and at the base of the neck as well just to get those cute flyaway hairs down at the bottom.

So there you have you guys how I do my messy bun. I understand that mine does not look as messy and as naughty as a lot of people’s do this is how I like to wear mine it looks soft and it looks messy but still a little bit put together.. So I really hope you guys enjoyed this post thank you. So much for reading and, I will talk to you guys soon bye thank you.

So much for reading you guys and, I want to let you know if you want to know a little bit more about my daily life that you guys can check out my lifestyle blog. I will list it down below. I post every single day things that, I’m doing things that. I love trends that, I’m loving fashion beauty everything is on there. So be sure to check out my blog and thanks again you guys I will talk to you soon bye.

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