How To Messy Voluminous Ponytail Tutorial

Hey guys today’s hair tutorial is this awesome voluminous textured ponytail that. I think is so perfect for fall now if your hair is on the shorter side do not worry, I’m going to show you a trick to make your ponytail look even longer, and it is surprisingly easy to do. So let’s go ahead and get started okay. So the key to this hairstyle is you want your hair to be a little bit dirty we want that extra texture the leftover wave.. So I find that this hairstyle works best on the second and third day hair now to add some volume back into my hair absorb some oil in my roots, I’m going to use my secret weapon and that is dry shampoo.

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So the dry shampoo, I’m going to be using today is Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk which is formulated for all hair types and Klorane is the botanical expert and is the only dry shampoo that is plant-based and also sulfate paraben and sodium chloride free which. I love since. I do have such a sensitive scalp.. So I just roughly section off my hair really you just want to get that dry shampoo right on your roots and this dry shampoo has some serious power coming out you guys. I love it..

So I just like to focus it around the crown and my part and if you are not familiar with dry shampoo it basically cleanses your hair without having to wash it and then, I’m just going to use my fingertips to really work it in and they also have one for a brunette. If you are hesitant to use dry shampoo based on the white cast you do not have to worry you guys once you have worked it in you can really see a what a difference this product makes. I also keep a bottle of dry shampoo in my purse now. It’s so handy to have. I told you guys it is my secret weapon but after a long day at work you know your hair starts to get a little bit flat. I just spray in a couple spritzes shake it up it really brings life back into my hair style then. I can head out with my friends, and it is the only touch-up that.

I have to do now, I’m going to toss all my hair behind my shoulders and let’s make a voluminous okay first step place your finger at the back of your part and just draw a line straight down to the top of your ear you want to section this hair off from the rest and then repeat the same steps on the other side next step leaving those side sections down loosely gather all of the hair that’s above your temples into a high ponytail since this is going to be voluminous and textured do not worry about things being too perfect next, I’m just playing on some small sections of hair around my crown just to help add additional volume now take this ponytail and just clip it up and out of the way for now next still leaving those side sections out gather all the remaining hair and create a second ponytail just below our first one this should also include the hair that’s behind your ears. So it should look a little similar to this now we are going to pump up the volume. So, I’m just going to use a wide tooth comb and, I’m gently teasing my hair, I’m going to focus most of the teasing at the base of my ponytail and, I’m only teasing in an upwards motion to help prevent knots and tangles now the top ponytail is going to help cover this one. So you really want to over tease it. So that that top ponytail appears extra voluminous now let that top ponytail down and begin gently teasing it as well focusing most of that teasing at the base now if you tease it too much do not worry since we are only teasing upwards it is really simple to comb over that top layer of hair and smooth it out and if you really want a lot of volume try spraying some of your favorite dry shampoo while you are teasing oh and quick tip if you pull on the very top of your ponytail it is going to give you even more lift and volume now it is time to cover those unsightly hair elastics starting on the right side grab your side section from earlier and you just want to softly drape it over your ear and bring it over top of your ponytail and this is what’s going to help hide that top hair elastic also feel free to pull your section as as you want but you guys know me. I was going for that effortless look now go ahead and bobby pin your section into place on the opposite side of your ponytail then repeat those same steps on the left side gently swooping it over your ear trying to keep your section nice and wide just to help cover at that hair elastic then bring it over your ponytail and just bobby pin it into place on the opposite side there we have it that’s how to recreate this awesome voluminous textured ponytail you guys. I’m in love with how this hairstyle turned out it is effortless its textured it is quick and easy it is everything that.

I look for in a hairstyle its screams fall to me that’s why. I have like my cozy knit on today but. I also think it’d be. So perfect for the holidays a work party or any special event and if you do end up recreating this do not forget to share with me on social media I will have them all linked to down below for you guys but. I really hope you found this post helpful and liked it if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you thought and love talking to you guys but thank you. So much for reading and I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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