How To Milkmaid Braid Inspired Hairstyles

Hey everyone I will be doing a tutorial that incorporates braids and recently. I have just been loving anything and everything that has to do with braids um they are they’re. So hot they are like everywhere on the streets and you notice the stars are wearing them on the red carpet in all the TV shows you see it and the best thing about it it’s.

So fast and it’s. So easy to do that pretty much anyone can do it, I saw the picture that, I showed you guys in the beginning of the post of zoe saldana at one of the red carpet events that she attended and, I just fell in love with the look. So I’m going to try to attempt to do that and if you’d like to see how, I do it then just keep reading and for this look because my hair is quite short I’m going to be using my LexA hair extensions as you can tell I’m already wearing them and one thing I will just mention about the extensions when you are putting them in watch my post on how to clip in locks a hair extensions and just skip the first part.

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So basically I’m not using the web that has three clips on it just for the very very bottom of your head basically right at the neck I’m not going to be using that part because when I’m going to part my hair and sort of bring the braids up, I do not want the clips or the web showing. So that’s the only piece that’s missing other than that, I’m wearing the 160 gram set and that’s pretty much it. So what I’m going to do to start is just basically separate the hair into two parts with your fingers just kind of in the middle of the head and just bring all the hair forward and I’m going to lightly brush through it just to make sure that there’s no tangles when we are braiding the hair because, I want it to be nice and smooth.

So going to start with this side and just bring all the air to the side and kind of gather it all in your fingers sort of thing okay now you are going to divide this and just do a regular braid. So basically divide it into three parts three equal parts okay just like that and we are going to do a pretty tight braid because we do not want any of the loose pieces coming out we want it to be a clean sort of like a clean braid. So just start braiding and make sure it is nice and tight okay.

So once you have braided the your right side you are going to go ahead and do exactly the same thing on the other side. So you are going to gather all the hair into to your hands and you are going to want to just separate it into three equal parts and do a basic right just like before. So now that you are at this stage what you want to do is just basically flip this braid over the top of your head and the way you are going to do it do not worry about this I’m going to fix that later you kind of want to go above the ear and just kind of smooth it down and bring it forward.

So you have something like this I’m going to grab a bobby pin and just go into the hair open it up and just go right up like that to secure that you see that it is nice and secure and it is hidden. So once you are done one side you want to just take a bobby pin and if you have any hair like that sticking up just go right in pick the hair up and just stick a bobby pin in somewhere just to make sure that nothing is sticking out and there you go and now you are going to do exactly the same thing with this side you are going to just pick up this braid kind of flatten it up against your head, I do not know if you guys can see that I will go back a little bit. So just flatten it out against your head and just go right above the ear and just go over top of the of this braid that was going towards the side and just sort of cover that up to cover the elastic and that’s kind of what it is going to look like once it is in place.

So what you want to basically do is just hide this braid under this braid. So just very gently slide it underneath and kind of hide that the end of that right into the hair like that this parts a little tricky. So it just takes a little bit of getting used to you are just going to kind of go in with your bobby pin and just secure that braid just like that and then you want to do the same thing over here.

So this this side of the braid does not move and uncover the elastic underneath just kind of flatten out the bread and just go with your bobby pin right in like that again if you have these things sticking out what I’m going to do is just use a little bit of mousse and this is just a Z volumize styling mousse that’s the bottle I’m just going to use it a little bit and just pick it up and go over top and just sort of smooth them out just like that. So you see now it is kind of gone and I’m gonna hold you the last step is just grab your hairspray and if there’s any here that’s kind of sticking out what you want to do is just spray the head downwards and just go quickly with your hands and sort of smooth everything out okay just like that and do the same thing on this side just gonna do that and then go with your fingers and you are going to go opposite right because the hair is going that way with the braid just do that and just kind of smooth it out with your fingers okay the very last step and you can leave this step out if you want for me I’m going to just curl this a little bit just the end I’m going to curl this hair going outwards and you can pull a few more and I’m going to do just a few of them just going to want to grab that take your curling iron facing down and just very lightly just at the ends you want to just curl your hair hold it for a few seconds and let it go and that’s what that’s what it does, I like, I like that a bit better than just kind of straight and just do exactly the same thing over here just sort of curl it from midway down and with your curling iron looking down okay for a few seconds let it go and, I like that it is more it is more flirty it is more playful okay and then you want to just spray that this down alright and you want to do exactly the same thing over here and you can take off a bit more if you want like that you can do it in two you can do it in three whatever you want. So just grab your curling iron again looking down and you wouldn’t just curl away from your face Midway to the end just like that and hold it for, I do not know a few seconds three to five seconds let it go and just kind of pull on the curl.

So it opens up because, I do not want it to be too curly just sort of wavy at the ends and here I’m going to do just going to separate this into two as well like that just at the end away from the face and just hold it for a few seconds like that let it go and do the same thing with the last piece with the curler looking down from the Midway and just at the ends let it go and there you go and just kind of pull on them open them up because, I do not want it to be you know a defiant curl just a little bit of a flirty look okay just kind of pull on them and open them up. So it is not as defined of a curl or more of a wave and then just spray that with just like that and voila we are all done and, I absolutely love this look you can the beauty of this look is that it’s. So versatile you can do it day and then you can take it out to a night umm you know you can do it going to school or running errands it is perfect for summer you know your hair’s away from your shoulders and your face and it is just in this very cute um hairstyle can tell even out from the you know pictures or Sam Dallas she wore this to a red-carpet event.

So you can do that as well you can take it out to a night why just wearing a nice gown and some earrings and just dress it up with jewelry. So that’s it guys I’m all finished, I really hope that you enjoyed this look and if you liked it try it out if you like the post then favorite thumbs up and we love reading comments. So share your thoughts down below and, I will see you guys in the next post bye you.

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