Hi how are you all doing it is Mimi here today and today, I will show you how to do a very simple organic...

Hi how are you all doing it is Mimi here today and today, I will show you how to do a very simple organic ponytail you guys love the organic braids that, I did recently and because, I got. So much positive feedback and. So many of you requested more organic hairstyles, I was just kind of playing with my hair for a few days and trying to figure out ways to do an organic ponytail and, I got it a.

So I’m just really happy to show it to you today and what, I mean by organic, I mean it is just really a turn for me to you know call this hair style but what, I really mean by that is that you are not using any hairspray you are not using any tools no pins no elastics nothing it is just your hair and that’s it. So let’s begin I’m gonna turn around. So you guys can see what I’m doing um.

So pretty much the first thing you are gonna do is grab these two sections on the sides of you here. So you are just going to grab two sections and what you are going to do next is just take these two sections and make a tie. So you are going to just tie this up.

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So you are gonna pull the hair down and just make a simple knot and then the next part is just taking these two sections that you noted and bringing it under all of the hair. So you are just going to bring it under and all you are going to do here is make as many knots as you can possibly make depending on how long your hair is because mine is quite you know medium long I’m probably going to be able to make three. So one two and three now in order for this hairstyle to stay in place what are you going to do is just take this part and bring it under.

So you see there’s like a little opening here. So what you are going to do is just take that in and just just bring it through the loop and pull it through and then you let go and you have an organic ponytail that looks. So pretty takes just a minute to do and it is just really fancy and cute you know perfect for those times let see when you are in class and your hair is in the way or if you are shopping or like running errands and like your hair is in the wind you are getting all hot and you do not have an elastic or let’s say you know you are about to eat and your hair is in the way and like you know some people can’t eat with their hair down.

So this is really perfect for that or like sometimes when I’m brushing my teeth and like, I want to put my hair away this is just perfect like, I do it quickly, I brush my teeth, I do not need to look for an elastic or anything and at the same time it’s. So pretty and, I was such a beautiful look, I absolutely loved it and. I’m So happy to finally share it with you because.

I’ve been waiting for a week to do this please give this one a try let me know how our it is down below do not forget to rate this post leave a comment, I absolutely love reading your comments and please do not forget to comment for more awesome posts love you guys let me know if you want to see more organic hairstyles and, I can work some magic for you okay bye love you but, I need to know your name you are dressed and wearing it is a little.

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