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I watched you folding – oh yeah, I saw you swim to the other south come back come back to me hi how are you doing it is me Amir today and today’s hair tutorial is going to be on how to get those beautiful perfect curls that are bouncy and shiny and just perfect hairstyle to wear this holiday season holidays are like pretty much here. So, I know a lot of you girls have been requesting holiday hair tutorials and, I thought this would be perfect, I wore my hair like this quite a lot of times and, I can’t believe, I have not done a tutorial on it yet because it is such a simple simple hairstyle to do um one of the most important thing that we are gonna need for this hair tutorial is obviously a curling iron and I’m going to be using today a one-inch curling barrel this is a cortex you guys have seen us use those hair um hair curler quite a lot and usually we use the one and a half inch barrel.

So the bigger the barrel the bigger obviously the curl. So one and a half inch barrel gives you more of a wave and this is a one inch barrel. So it gives you more of a curl but it is not too small and it is not too big it is kind of just perfect.

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So that’s it really important it does not matter what currently you use make sure this is the barrel. So it is about one inch or anything that’s close to one inch would be that perfect kind of size um another important thing that we are gonna need are these um hair clips and these you can get in any beauty supply store or Sally’s Beauty Supply Store or anything like that any kind of stores that will carry hair accessories will have these and these are really crucial we are going to need these um you are going to need just a hair clip hair spray I’m going to be using Intel’s intelligent nutrients hair spray and just a hair brush to brush your hair, I’m also wearing my lucky hair extensions in 160 grams set. So, I have a lot of hair to work with it is going to take me a bit of time but again this kind of hair style is more for you know going out or you know and or something like that.

So let’s begin the first thing you want to do is just split the hair in two and you just want to brush it out to make sure that there are no tangles and once you brush the hair you want to split it well it is already split in two you want to just grab one section and I will show you an example and then I will move forward to do the whole head and I will just spit it up for you guys but you know just to show your own one strand you want to take sort of a one inch strand something like this and you just want to curl it around the barrel like you normally would and you want to hold that for like 15 seconds that’s what, I usually do come back now here’s the crucial part once it is time to release the curl you want to just slowly release it into your palm and that kind of keeps the curl together and the next step is you want to take that on a clip that you had the middle clip that, I showed you you want to just grab the curl sort of keep it in place and curl it upward as you want to take the pin and you just want to bring it through the loop and you just want to let that go now that’s all you are really doing you are going to do the same exact thing for the rest of the hair. So you are going to take another section and you are going to curl it then curl it with your finger upwards and just pin it oh come back to me when you left you took the honey cues from my world the way the yellow green blue, I look out my window, I listen found oh well some of your footsteps down to muster once you are done curling all the hair you are gonna have something like this. So you are gonna have your curls pinned all over the hair and as you can see some of the curls are bound to unravel as you are doing this process and that’s completely fine it is bound to happen.

So do not worry about it. So the next step to do is just take your hairspray and just spray it all over your head and let it just kind of set for a few minutes after it sets for a couple of minutes you can take out the clips and that’s pretty much it. So I’m just gonna start with some of the bottom ones here.

So you just kind of take the pins out and let the hair unravel you do that pretty much everywhere and as you are releasing the curl. So you can see how bouncy and how perfect looking they are to me. So this is the end result you have perfect beautiful curls if you want them not.

So perfect um like me, I usually do not like styles that are too overdone you can just like slowly break the curls with your fingers just a little bit just to soften them up a touch but if you like that you know tight curl look you can not you can skip that part but, I personally will just break them a little bit with my fingers to make them more bouncy and oh this is the final look it is just gorgeous gorgeous perfect beautiful curls perfect hairstyle to wear to any holiday party with a red lipstick like, I’m today and this is pretty much it guys you just need these clips and a curling iron hairspray and some time on your hands thank you. So much for tuning in as always please do not forget to rate this post down below do not forget to leave a comment, I love reading your comments and do not forget to comment it is free and it will make my day love you guys have a wonderful day and I will see you soon, I use the green blue, I look out my window, I listen found oh well sound of your footsteps out baby.

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