How to Pick Your Perfect Hair Extensions Shade

Hi everyone for the Lexus sisters and today we are here for the first time to go through all the colors that we carry on the website for hair extensions to finally show them to you in high definition you know because we know how hard it is to choose them just by looking at the pictures on the website and, I think it is going to be.

So much easier and more real to see them in a post. So we are really excited to show them all the ten colors that we have um there’s a lot of showing that’s going to be happening. So we are going to talk less and try to show more.

So let’s just begin let’s begin. So I will grab the first color and this is the darkest of the colors that we carry this is number one and it is called gel jet black. So the beauty of this color is it is a gorgeous classic darkest darkest black you can get it is kind of like that gorgeous clearly Electra exactly color that’s what we associate the color.

So the next one we are going to show you is one B is the off black and this is the color. So, I do not know if you if the camera, I think it can pick it up that it is not really um it is not jet black it has a little um brown undertones in it it is a warmer block yeah like a warmer brown undertone in it and one thing we should mention um the process of coloring is called a multi tone adapt coloring thing. So which basically means that there’s lots of different shades and tones within the each color.

How to Pick Your Perfect Hair Extensions Shade Photo Gallery

So it blends with quite a few different shades of like your natural color. So even though it might not be an exact match it’ll still blend nicely with your hair oh yeah it does. So do you want to show them against each other, I guess we should.

So this is what the block looks like and let’s put it really close together. So you guys still see yeah the one that Leila is holding is the jet black is not one that jet black and that the one I’m holding is the day off black color. So you can see that um against each other you can see the little bit of brownness and aleeah’s definitely this week this one is the cooler black and this is a block but it is a warmer block basically with a bit of brown.

So yeah that’s basically what they are this okay and the next color we are going to show is number two. So Lily’s gonna grab that. So the number two is actually the color I’m wearing and it is my favorite color because it is this gorgeous gorgeous brown with red undertone, I think this is going to be one of our popular colors because it is just a beautiful warm rich brown and you can see all of the extensions are twenty inches.

So basically this is just a darkest Brown and if you want to compare it yeah let’s compare the two. So the one I’m holding right now is the off block and the one Leila is holding is the darkest Brown and obviously you can see how black this looks against the the number two yeah, I mean the difference is very very dramatic. So this is what they look against each other you can see the difference one is a lot more warmer and a lot more redder like this one and this looks like a block but with a bit of warm Brown okay.

So let’s go to four. So the color that I’m holding up is number four it is our chocolate brown it is a gorgeous color, I love it this is actually what I’m wearing right now, I do not know if you can see it, I mean, I have a lot of colors in my hair right now it is it’s really bad but this is what works for my hair right now. So number four chocolate brown very warm in a rich color.

So let’s just compare number four against number two. So number two is the dark brown and number four is the chocolate brown. So you can see the difference here obviously number four is a lot lighter okay.

So the next shade is number six and this is a our chestnut brown it is beautiful it is got golden specks in it and just absolutely stunning, I think this color is also going to be popular because it will blend with a lot of different shades and Browns and golden tones. So it is just beautiful it is like a lighter lighter brown and let’s just compare the two. So you can adjust.

So the one I’m holding is number four chocolate brown and Layla’s holding chestnut brown. So you see let’s hold it up a bit yeah yeah you can see that one is a lot lighter and more golden like number six is a lot more golden and yeah number four has a bit more reddish undertones. So there we go.

So now we are going to go into the lighter shades and we are going to start off with the lightest blonde that we have this is number sixty as blonde. So if you here’s um really ashy blonde this would be the best choice for you it is like a white blonde with you know has a lot of ash tones in it it is hard to see, I think on the camera here but oh maybe not yeah it is like a wider blonde beautiful gorgeous. I have always wanted to have this hair this color, I mean and, I could never pull it.

So I will just you know satisfy myself by looking at this hair and touching it of course the next one of the blondes is six one three and this is our bleach blonde color also very popular very very popular and the difference between the two is just that this obviously has a lot more golden tones and you can see that if you compare the two that this one is a lot wider and as she as opposed to that one but if you just look at six one three it is a golden it also has a she’s tricks in it but obviously small yeah it does have a she streaks like we said the multi tone adapt coloring process but it is a lot more golden than the ash blonde yeah. So six one three is the one Leigh Leigh is holding and I’m holding sixty ash blonde. So you can see them against each other yeah, I know this is going to help a lot of people out to make a decision on their color.

So next one. So the next color I’m going to show is number 18 dirty blonde and this is what the color looks like. So this is perfect for real blondes you know real dirty blondes this is a great natural looking color beautiful.

So that you can see it. So the next color is very unique it is our strawberry blonde and this is number 16 it is one of my favorite colors because it’s. So unique it is like a perfect marriage between golden tones and red tones and it is just a beautiful fusion gorgeous color you can see how shiny it is and obviously soft and if we would compare the gym you compare the two this one is obviously the dirty blonde that I’m holding up is a little more ashy er um does not have any redness to it and obviously strawberry blonde has more redness finnaly a lot of red tones but also a lot of golden tones.

So, I would match with with lots of different shades okay. So the last color we are going to show you today is number 33 vibrant auburn. So for all the redheads out there this is the perfect choice such a beautiful color it is a gorgeous color.

So whether your hair colors dark red or lighter red this should blend in pretty well. So number 33. So there you have it guys those were all the colors that we carry on our luxy hair extensions website, I would really hope that this helped you guys out to pick your perfect shade because it is a lot harder to choose on the screen of a monitor than it is on a high definition post you guys enjoyed this post and the first time you finally saw us together cuz we always do post separately but you know what kind of like this mom I’d do it again yeah it is a lot of fun actually and, I finally figured out where to look yeah she kept looking in the screen.

So sorry we will love you guys thank you. So much oh we really hope this was helpful to you and let us know if you have any questions see you next post and even if we are interrupting okay ready and let me just do a little close-up. So you can see better oh it doesn’t, I didn’t do it last time, I don’t, I did yesterday we figured it out we’re.

So good your teen, I can do for you because, I just did a his and when you pick up the team see it that’s enough and, I would really hope that because, I saw that’s it noble done yes the world together. So that’s it why no okay. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and the first time you guys.

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