How To Ponytail with Hair Extensions

Hello my lovelies I’m coming to with a highly requested tutorial on how to wear your clip in hair extensions in a ponytail this one is a mid way ponytail and it also has a rough room. So I’m gonna be showing you guys how to achieve it start to finish with how to clip them in to how to you know the little tricks along the way to achieving this more or less sleek look. So if you want to learn how, I do it step-by-step then just keep reading okay guys.

So as you can tell my hair is a total mess today um, I washed it yesterday and, I went out dancing and this is the result from all the you know crazy dancing. So it is very messy and it is kind of kind of crazy looking. So the ponytail is a perfect kind of solution for bad hair days and since this is a tutorial using hair extensions I’m gonna be using my luck say your extensions in color number two.

So I’m gonna be using pretty much the full set and I’m gonna show you how to clip it in today that is basically pretty much the whole tricky part of this to achieving like a perfect ponytail with hair extensions um another thing you need is just a hair brush and obviously, I here are lasting and if you have any flyaways, I do I’m going to be using some hairspray to just kind of smooth it out and then if you want to do a wrap around um kind of wrap around ponytail where you wrap your hair around the base of the pony you can use some bobby pins to do that as well. So, I start off I’m just going to brush out my hair really well um you always want to make sure you brush your hair before and after um clipping in the hair extensions. So I’m just gonna brush everything back just like that.

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So you want to start off not all the way at the bottom what you normally would start off with the clip in hair extensions but a little bit further up. So kind of in the middle of your ears and just take you know kind of separate your hair from side to side and this is pretty much exactly the same thing as at the same process that. I have shown you guys on how to do how to clip and luxy hair extensions.

So if you have not seen that post check that out. So I’m just going to take my three clipped wept and you want to apply it going up. So I’m gonna just go right here flip that in and I’m just going backwards okay just like that okay and then go up to right above your ears and we are gonna use the smallest of the forklift weft that you have if you have the 160 grams set and always make sure you brush them out before applying onto you here it is just a good practice to make sure you know you leave your hair extensions smooth and tangle free.

So you want to do the same thing just go back and start clipping them in alright. So next one is the obviously the largest of the four clipped whites and that one goes a little bit kind of like at the temples. So again, I just use my fingers to separate the hair do whatever is easier for you you can use it right tail comb to do this.

So just like that grab your weft and brush it out okay I’m gonna turn around again same crosses just want to clip them in just like that the last work that goes in the back is the three clipped wept and that one goes kind of at the crown a little bit. So, I just separate the hair at the crown and, I just clip it away before clipping in the extension. So just grab your last three clipped wiped brush them out and then go back well, I go back you do not have to go back and just find your Center okay and just like that um now the trickiest part of this process is the size because obviously when you are putting your hair up you do not want to be able to see any wife’s here.

So this is where you kind of have to play around a few times even within the time that you are doing it until you get it right and, I basically clip them in the same way, I just go from kind of like my temple and, I grab my two clips weft and brush it out and then just clip it in as far away from the hairline as possible. So just kind of right around here okay let me just show you see a little further in and then, I grab the hair in the back and, I kind of go underneath it. So it hides it right uh next I’m going to do the two one flipped wets the two separate ones.

So just brush them out and then you want to kind of go underneath the two clipped left and again go further in knots around your hairline because that will make it easier when you are putting your hair up. So just clip it in like that okay and then the last one will go just above just above the two clip weft. So just like around here somewhere.

So just like that alright. So one side is done. So we are gonna go on to the next side and it is pretty much the same process.

So just separate you here put it away grab your two clipped wet brush right you wanna again go and away from the hairline a little bit further in cooking the first one and then grab the hair in the bug and clip in the second one Britt then grab these last two webs give it a brush and then just go underneath of the two clip left and then just find a spot again away from the hairline clip it in and then release this hair and do the last one just above of the two clipped waft okay. So just like that alright. So this is where the fun part starts and not what you want to do is just brush the hair gently with the extensions and you have to kind of start brushing them together with the extensions making sure not to you know touch the clips or the weft because that will pull on the weft and you know you do not want to do that.

So now the whole process is to give it a very thorough brush and what that does is blend your hair with the extensions. So what, I do is, I just hold the ponytail and, I just brush the ends really well okay and then, I go and, I start brushing out the sides again try to be very gentle you do not want to pull on anything all right just like that and then what you want to do is start grabbing and gathering you hair in your fingers and then basically the whole process is just kind of looking around and making sure that no weft are showing. So, I have one right here that will be showing.

So what, I need to do is just reposition it and that’s pretty much all it is it is just a little game they play until you find a perfect placement of the weft. So that it is hidden. So for me the side is totally hidden you can’t see anything and basically you just have to kind of go around your head and smooth it out and that’s as easy as that.

So just keep going around your head and smoothing out the hair and I’m gonna show you from the side you see there is no wax showing because we went with a bottom weft kind of higher and backwards and then the sides are also hidden. So you want to just go around and make sure that if any kind of smooth it out and feel out the weft and if you find that any are showing you just kind of move your hair kind of hide it underneath your hair and then just smooth everything out until you are happy with it and then when you are happy with it you just grab your elastic band and just put it up and really that’s as easy as it is. So, I just gather everything in my hair really tightly and you can go higher if you want I’m just gonna do mine in the middle and do it probably three times to make sure that it is you know tight enough just like that okay.

So once you have gathered your hair into a ponytail this is what its gonna look like um I’m just gonna show you guys from all sides. So you can see that you know your hair can really cover the weft if you properly place the wax and you know it all it takes is just a bit of practice and just getting used to her this last step to do is just to smooth away the flyaways then, I have these little horrible little hairs. So I’m just gonna actually spray my hand because want too much hairspray in my hair.

So I’m just gonna spray my hand Susan got scared somebody sees it and then just kind of smooth everything else just like that. So again a little more just going around and smoothing it out. So you see the difference this side to that side.

So again this is just a little trick if you do not want to get too much hairspray on your hair but you want to have that sleek effect. So much finished last thing, I always do is just brush out the hair extensions again kind of like the ponytail with your own hair to make sure that it is nicely blended and throughout them you know the time, I wear the extensions in the ponytail, I kind of always smooth them out with my fingers you know just kind of blend them out blend them in together with your own hair and you know, I was, I wasn’t going for a very sleek ponytail otherwise, I would have straightened my hair, I was going just for a very casual kind of everyday ponytail. So that’s why, I my here is not straight I’m if you wanted to at this point you could also grab a little bit of hair and do a wrap around around like the base of the ponytail and what, I usually do for that is, I just grab the hair from the bottom just take a little piece and then just go around the base of the ponytail tightly bring it to the back like underneath and then grab a bobby pin and then just secure that on the bottom and what you are doing is just pushing it in over the hair that you grabbed like that make sure that it is secure if you want you can even attach a second one just to make sure that it is gonna hold it and now you have this kind of you know very pretty everyday ponytail with the extensions and even to make it even prettier and kind of more pull together you know the wraparound yeah around it.

So let me just see how that looks yeah that looks perfect. So yes that’s my way of doing it I’m sure there’s probably other ways and if you guys know how to do that then by all means do a post response and place it down below I’d love to see you know how you guys achieved this kind of similar ponytail look. So, I hope, I was able to help you guys out to understand how you can still achieve this high ponytail with clip-in hair extensions all it takes is just a little practice playing around with webs if you find that some are showing when you put your hair up all you got to do is unclip that weft and kind of reposition it in a way that it’ll be hidden underneath your hair.

So thank you again, I hope you are having a wonderful day. So far and I will see you guys in the next tutorial ciao the last thing, I do because, I have these horrible flyaways is just smooth it all out with the hairspray and I’m just gonna spray my hand actually because, I do not want too much hairspray whoa what’s going on. So I’m just.

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