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Hi guys it is Leila here and today I will be showing you how to create one of my most favorite hairstyles and it is a two-minute elegant bun, I absolutely love this hairstyle and it is honestly one of my go-to hairstyles along with the the French the side French braid whenever my hair is a mess like it is today, I honestly absolutely love it because it takes no time it looks elegant and and, I want to share with you guys I’m actually going on tonight if you are wondering why I’m wearing this dress, I have a date. So, I wanted to do something nice with my hair but, I as you can tell, I do not have a lot of time it is already evening and my hair is absolute mess, I did wash it yesterday but something is happening to it and it is very, I do not know messy looking.

So, I decided to do to make this bun and, I figured, I might as well show you guys how to do it. So the most important thing you are going to need for it is one of these things and it is cold hair styler foundations for perfect shine yawns that’s what the packaging looks like, I got this at Sally’s Beauty Supply but you can basically get it at any most, I would assume most Beauty Supply stores or even online this is what it looks like this thing is absolutely amazing um because basically it creates like a volume in your bun if your hair is medium length like mine you need to have at least medium length to put your hair up in a ponytail and sort of wrap your hair around it and I will be showing you how to do that today. So this is one of the most important things we are going to need one thing, I should mention I’m not going to be using my hair extensions today because, I wanted to show you guys how to do it without the extensions but, I usually use extensions and if you guys want to see how, I do it with let me know in the comments below and, I can definitely make another post showing you how to do the elegant bun with extensions.

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So in any case we are gonna need this um lots of bobby pins and I’m just going to use a brush to comb through the hair and definitely some hairspray at the end to finish off the load. So to begin I’m just going to brush all the hair and sort of brushing backwards because I’m going to be pulling all the hair back oh sorry, I forgot to say you are also going to need a and lasting bed to put your hair up in a ponytail. So just brush the hair like that and then we are just going to do a basic ponytail and the most amazing thing about this hairstyle is that it is very versatile.

So you can um it is perfect for you know an office or school when you want to have your hair away from your face. So it is a perfect look for that also you can do different looks with it I’m going to be doing my bun somewhere in the middle of my head somewhere there you can also do it closer to the bottom which would probably be more office appropriate. So you can kind of pull your hair to the you know like the back of your neck and just kind of do it there or you can do a really dramatic kind of like Jennifer Lopez one where it is like pulled all the way to the top and do it that way today I’m going to just do mine sort of in the middle and for that you just need to you know gather all the hair in the back and then just grab your elastic band and do it three or four times just to make sure that it is really nice and tight.

So once you have got your hair up in a nice sleek ponytail once you have decided where you want to place it again mine is sort of in the middle. So once you do that the next step is to grab this chignon foundation whatever it is called and just sort of loop the hair through this little hole just like that just like another elastic band and that’s what it is going to look like just like that all the way to the kind of like the base of the ponytail and this is where the magic starts to happen and for that I’m just gonna grab some bobby pins loosen them up and I’m going to turn around. So you guys can see what I’m doing.

So we want to do is sort of um grab your ponytail like the hair in the ponytail and just sort of fan it out like with your fingers like that and put all the hair kind of to cover to cover this little xinyu on. So it takes a little bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it it is really really easy. So you are just going to do this and it is going to look something like this where your hair is the ponytail is kind of covering it is spread out all the way around and it is covering that.

So all you see is hair. So once you do that you kind of want to cap it with your fingers like this and start to twist all the hair kind of underneath underneath all of this. So you want to kind of go with your finger and just bring all of the hair like that kind of twist it gather it old and start twisting it and kind of hiding it underneath.

So you are just going to do that and if you see if you feel like you know there’s not enough hair just find it out more like this and and just start bringing it all the way around like that and just kind of hide it underneath. So that is kind of what is going to look like and I’m just going to check it out to make sure um that it looks okay and, I actually really like it it is really really cute and that was. So simple but we are not quite done.

So the last thing you want to do and if you see like this kind of hair just grab it and twist it back in like that. So next thing you want to do is grab lots of bobby pins and basically what you want to do with them it is just kind of open them up and where you are going to be doing is going kind of they um how about, I say grab the hair from your head and the ponytail and just kind of attach them together and you want to push the bobby pin in like that you see what I’m what, I did. So it is invisible.

So you are not going to be you know putting the bobby pins this way you are going to be kind of pushing them underneath. So grab more okay and just go all the way around and do exactly the same thing. So you just want to secure the hair and the bun like that and then right here and that way the bobby pins are hidden and it looks very very sleek and just very nice and elegant.

So that’s it guys I’m pretty much finished with pinning down this the bun into the hair with the bobby pins and the last step I’m going to do is you see kind of like these little flyaway hairs I’m just gonna be hair spraying that. So it is nice and sleek. So just kind of help um with your fingers pull the hair back and going in with your hairspray just like that and then just lightly go over with your fingers.

So it looks nice and sleek and just do that all the way around your head just like that and over here okay and then in the back as well just spray and then help with your fingers just kind of smooth it out like that and then I’m just going to check it out at the back and see to make sure that nothing is sticking out. So there we go nice sleek elegant bun in under two minutes it took a little longer now obviously because I’m explaining and show you guys but honestly absolutely love this look whenever my hair, I do not feel like doing my hair or my hair is a mess and I’m in a rush but, I want to look good this is my go-to style. So that’s it that’s a pretty pretty easy and fast process.

So basically you just put your hair up in a ponytail you add the foundation the chignon and then you sort of open up your ponytail all the way around you find it out cap it with your fingers put some bobby pins push them in. So they are nice and hidden and you are pretty much done um, I really hope that you guys enjoyed this tutorial if you guys want me to show you how to do this elegant bound with extensions. So you have even more of a dramatic bun in this, I do not have a lot of hair.

So if your hair is longer it’ll probably be more fuller. So um for me, I use extensions. So if you want to see how, I do that then leave me a comment below and, I will definitely do another quick tutorial showing you guys.

So thank you again. So much for reading and, I will see you guys in the next post bye.

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