HOW TO Remove Brass From Blonde Hair Tone Hair AT HOME

I maintain and sometimes alter the color of my blonde hair in between appointments and how you too can prevent brassiness and yellow tones from taking over your hair. It’s so simple you do not need to be a hairdresser you do not need to order any fancy products or mix and you toneri’s literally one inexpensive shampoo that completely transforms my hair, and it is the Clairol shimmer and lights blonde and silver shampoo now. I know this may not look the cutest and it definitely does not smell the cutest but looks can be deceiving this is the best purple shampoo that. I have found today.. So I picked mine up at Sally’s Beauty store for about eight dollars and, I got mine at the beginning of summer and, I still have like this much left you guys you get. So much bang for your buck with this product.

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I love it. So the shampoo is super pigmented that’s what counteracts the yellow tones. So when you are looking for a purple shampoo you want it to be really deep in color like this one here.. So I use it once every two weeks to maintain my color and, I like to use it almost like a hair mask.. So I apply after I have washed and dried my hair.

I put a generous amount in my hand and, I like to mix those a little bit of conditioner because it tends to dry up my hair that. I begin massaging it into my hair for about three minutes just to ensure that every single strand is saturated with the shampoo. I prefer to use a purple shampoo over conditioner because it lathers.. So I can use a less product and it will evenly distribute better than a conditioner would then. I clip my hair up and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes and then. I just rinse it out then you want to apply a moisturizing conditioner like.

I mentioned earlier it does tend to dry out my hair. So I have been using this Garnier whole blends repairing rinse out mask and, I just generously apply this all over my hair leave it for about three minutes rinse it out and then my hair feels nice and soft since the purple shampoo is so pigmented if you leave it on for 20 minutes like. I did it is really going to lift out any warm yellow tones out of your hair is going to give you a more ashy er cool tone blondes like mine now you definitely do not have to leave it on as long as. I do if you just want to brighten your blonde hair then. I would just do a quick wash with it every week or two or if you are aiming to turn your hair violet or gray then go ahead and leave it on for a really long time and it’ll definitely tint your hair. So you either want to brighten your blonde or turn it into a more cool toned ash for your color. I highly suggest testing it out on small strands of hair first just to make sure that you like the results but I have used a ton of purple shampoos shampoos for blonde hair all sorts of different products and, I want to help you guys save your money I have been getting my hair highlighted since grade 8.

I still remember because the lady used a cap on my head and it was the most painful way I have ever gotten highlights done in my life I’m. So thankful for oils but. I tried everything from high end purple shampoo that my old hair just remaining by to low end shampoo that wasn’t even purple and, I even went through a stage where. I didn’t even bother using a purple shampoo and, I look back on those pictures and my hair was the color of hay and, I didn’t even notice. I was used to it but if you have blonde hair ombre hair or you want to take the brassiness out of your hair. I highly suggest trying out a purple shampoo even if you can’t get your hands on the Clairol one. I suggest when you are shopping for a purple shampoo pop open the lid and make sure that it is a deep purple color.

So many times, I’m in Walmart looking at new products and, I’m on my phone searching reviews. I usually end up on makeup alley. I probably look like the most antisocial person ever but. I just need to make sure that. I’m making the right purchase. So yeah just double check make sure it has a deep color and, I’m sure it’ll do great at removing those yellow tone. I really hope you guys have found this post helpful if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up.

I tried to make it short and sweet and as informative as. I could because. I get a ton of about the color of my hair and honestly. I think it is using this method with the purple shampoo it is really what transforms the color of my hair I’d love to know what purple shampoos you have tried to help out your blond hair which ones worked which ones didn’t. I really want this to become in discussions that we can help everybody also let me know what other posts you guys would like to see on my blog that would help me out a lot and, I want to thank you guys again for reading and I will see you in my next post.

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