HOW TO Romantic Hairstyle Old Hollywood Inspired Curls

Hey guys I’m going to share with you this old glamorous Hollywood inspired hair tutorial. I think that is so romantic and beautiful anything that would be perfect for date night.

I try to envision what. I thought was the perfect hairstyle for valentine’s day and, I imagined big voluminous curls. I want to do something a little bit more unique. So when. I came across this picture of Jessica Alba pinterest. I just knew it that’s what. I wanted to recreate.

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So let’s get started for the tutorial you will need a curling iron or curling wand you want it on the larger side this one is a 32 millimeter Barrel these are old Hollywood curls that you definitely need hairspray the Loreal elnett one is my absolute favorites got that stronghold without the Krusty feeling and help get really define long lasting curls. I have the alligator clips to just click my curls while they cool and you can also use bobby pin and you also want to have a clip handy just to help section of your hair while we are curling it, I’m starting off with freshly washed hair but day 2, 3 hair will probably actually work even better for this and, I already went ahead and clipped in four wefts of my luxyhair extensions. I wear the color ash-blonde. So what. I did is. I clipped together at 23 clip web and, I put them into my hair just below my ears and, I clipped together my two four clip wefts and, I clip those ones just above my ears having the extensions is just going to help you get those big voluminous curls and, I highly recommend doing a really deep aside apart for this hairstyle does not matter which side but. I like to use the end of a rat tail comb just to make sure that it is really straight ok.

So what. I did is a section my hair off just above my ears and then just going to take this bottom section divided down the middle and bring it forward next. I always always always hold my wand in my dominant hand norwich that i’m working on and for these specific curls you want to keep the one horizontal that we are going to want to jority of the curls to go towards our face which, I’m not used to but trust me and look incredible. So what, I’m going to do is grab like two inch sections kind of large. So, I’m really just dividing this into two and then, I’m going to take my wand. So, I’m going to start on the opposite side of my dominant hand write some working across and then what you want to do is place the wand underneath the section close to the root of the end of the barrel here and then you want your hair to lay flat as possible and you just want to start wrapping all the way to the end the back of your head make sure you get the end of your hair too okay. So hold it for about 10 seconds and then when you release the curl try your best to catch it you can either hold them in your hands to look cool but.

I want them to last a really long time. So, I’m going to go in with my alligator clip we wrap this curly and do a very good job catching but a lot of more chances to redeem myself. So just roll it back up if this does not have to be perfect and then just flip it and let it cool all right i’m gonna show you guys one more time on this side. So wanted my dominant hand i’m doing the opposite side we are going to hold it horizontally and pleased that underneath the section of close to the root and then you want to wrap the hair and nice and flat around your barrel although it to the end and then fold for about 10 seconds alright and then you want to try to catch and review myself this very careful alright. So, I’m just going to clip this one into place and then i’m going to show you guys how to do the other side ok now this side. So same thing as before just dividing this into two sections rather large sections wanted to my dominant hand and if you will awkward pulling it towards the back of your head like last time. So now the one is going to be pointing towards the front of her head and i’m going to place it on top of the sections.

So close to the root is possible and then wrapping the hair and nice and flat didn’t do as well that time to wrap it up and do not forget to tip it into place all the cool alright. So i’m gonna show you a one more time if you are having a hard time remembering like which way to point the wand and all that stuff. I will put like a cheat sheet down below but what you can also do is point it down just like you normally would wrap the hair towards your face flip horizontal and then carefully roll it up to your roots will give you really similar but now that the bottom section i’m just going to go ahead and section my hair off at my temples and repeat the same steps. So on the opposite side of my dominant hand placing my wand underneath this section as close to the root as you can. So the top of the wand is pointing towards the back of my head and then wrapping the hair flat all the way to the end of the barrel that was a perfect catch you guys and then the same size as my dominant hand we are just placing the one on top of the section wrapping the hair around the wand all the way to the end and, I remember to keep your curls or hold them in your hand at the cool.. So I went ahead and curl the rest of my hair away from my face except for the top area.

I have all the hair to the side of my part here almost all the way to the back and then to the side of my forehead. So it is like a big square and what we are going to do with is we are just going to curl it away from our face. So it gives us that really prettiest group effect. So fascinating steps except now i’m going to put underneath. So the curl go away now that my whole head is clipped i’m just going to go ahead and spray it with some hairspray to lock it in guys this is a brand new can of hairspray they definitely changed the Sun oh yeah it is definitely lighter. I mean it is not amazing but has anyone else responded anyways just let me sit for about 10 minutes and then we will take them out now for the fun part you just want to remove the clips you want to do it gently. So that the curls still hold their shape but you can always go in and do touch-ups later on.

I can tell you right now that my curls definitely would not look this defined. If I hadn’t went ahead and click them.. So I highly suggest doing. So for this hairstyle. So one more quick spray of hairspray and how to transform the curls is also the scariest part but do not worry what you want to do is take a comb or a brush and then just divide your hair down the back look forward to have two sections and then you just want to pull the curls against your body and gently comb them out really slow just to break up the curl a little bit and then just gently come over the top of the curls that you are left with more of a wave versus a ringlet because i’m not w can see right away that this side it looks a little bit more elegant and soft opposed to this side. So, I’m just gonna go ahead and do this thing pulling the curls against my body and then just gently pulling them out of their stopped and then any curl that are a little too perfect just make sure that you call them out.

So go ahead and tease your hair if you want additional volume at the top but. I just like to use dry shampoo it gives me the right amount of volume that, I’m looking for. So, I’m just going to gently lift my hair and spray it around this side you can gently kind of left us okay. So it looks really cute like this but. I think it looks particularly guys if you talk this behind your ear and you can leave it like this but. I want to create like a little bit of all you got kind of like this. So, I’m just gonna take a bobby pin and pin it right behind my ear and whatever have you guys you can leave your bags down like this or you can hairspray them up.

I will leave some inspiration pictures for you guys down below that will help you decide but there you have it that’s how you get these glamorous old Hollywood curls. I told you guys that the curls going towards your face would look really pretty in that and like. I absolutely love this look because you rarely see hair done like this anymore.. So I think it would be. So unique and you will definitely stand out. I think this hairstyle is so perfect for not only a date night but a formal event as well especially for somebody that keeps it pretty simple usually wears the hair down then this is just a really easy way to would change up your hairstyle especially if you put in like a really pretty hair clip right here and think that it would be stunning because you will have to let me know what you thought this tutorial if you liked it please give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you thought let me know if you tried out and where you ended up wearing and, I love interacting with you guys more than you will ever know.

So it is Valentine’s Day coming up let me know what you guys are doing are you planning on staying in reading sappy movies maybe you have is day two and next restaurant or maybe all your girlfriends are getting together let me now. I would love to hear but love you all. So much thank you for the continuous support and i’ll talk to you guys soon bye.

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