How To Sexy Bed Hair Tutorial

Hi how are you all doing today’s hair tutorial is going to be something really cute and sexy today’s hair tutorial look will be called bad hair.

So sexy bad hair you know that kind of model look that look that models usually sporting magazines something very simple natural-looking and sexy and sultry, I think it is such a natural and feminine look to go for it it is perfect for spring it is perfect when you do not have a lot of time to you know style your hair and it is just a great thing to wear every day. So I will quickly walk you through what you are gonna need for this hair tutorial and then we are going to start. So for this look I’m going to be using my one and a half inch Ross curling iron it is pretty good I’m not too crazy about it but for now it does the job well we are gonna be using a Fructis hair wax um it says shine define hair wax and you can just get it in any you know Drug Mart or Walmart or anything it is probably like three four dollars we are going to be using a teasing brush I’m using Dan Mundy 1093 teasing brush really great brush always always a heat protectant because we want to protect our hair and not caused any damage by heat styling and hairspray we love Elnett L’Oreal hairspray.

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So you can just use the hairspray you have usually you want to use something that’s extra whole. So it really holds your hair well and of course, I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions today, I’m wearing chocolate brown number 460 grams said, I just clipped them and, I didn’t bother to you know blend them in with my hair because I’m gonna be curling my hair anyways but yeah the color is chocolate brown 160 grams said and that’s it we are also going to need some hair clips. So you can want to grab a couple of hair clips.

So you are able to you know clip away your hair as you are working. So it makes things a lot easier. So before we do anything you want to spray some heat protectant lavishly especially on the ends of your hair spray it all over but especially on the ends and, I already sprayed some before but, I like to put lots and lots and then you just let the hair you know dry for a minute or two.

So once the heat protectant has dried off you want to just grab it like a two-inch section a section like this click the rest of the hair away and then, I usually brush before, I curl because, I want to make sure there are no tangles because you do not want to create breakage or anything and then what you want to do is just clamp at the bottom that’s what, I do and kind of roll your way up. So bring the curler all the way up it is pretty hot and then you want to hold it for like you know anywhere from 15 to 25 seconds and then just slowly release and you are gonna have like a loose a pretty loose wave like this we are going from Route four really loose loose waves because that’s the whole look that we are going for it is like beautiful loose kind of waves and then grab another section just clamp at the bottom and bring it all the way up and you do the same thing for the rest of the hair well baby, I won’t. So now that I’m done caroling over here, I have a lot of waves going through all of the hair and they are kind of loose waves and that’s the exact look that, I was going for you know the look of those natural waves like you just slept in the hair and got out of bed and this is your natural hair yeah hardly anybody has that kind of hair but anyways we can create it.

So the next step would be to take the hair wax that, I showed you before and kind of dab a little bit on your finger just a bit and go like this. So you have it all over your palms and now you want to kind of scrunch the hair what this is going to do is create more texture in your hair and kind of mess up the waves even more. So you just scrunch it, I think this is a crucial step in achieving this kind of look especially if you here is naturally clean like, I just washed my hair but this is going to kind of create a second day here look like, I just slept with this hair and woke up and my hair is looking.

So fabulous another step that you can do is grab a section here at the top and you want to spray it and just tease it a little bit and this is just for extra volume overall. So you just take the brush up and down and then you let it go and you kind of brush out what you have teased for for additional volume what you can do is kind of lift your hair and this is what really adds the thickness and more volume you lift it and you spray and then you lift it and you spray and you do that all over. So you lift and spray all right I’m going to add a little bit more wax just a little more for more texture more craziness and you kind of like separate the curls with the wax -.

So this is pretty much the final look once you are done scrunching and spraying and teasing and everything it is just lovely, I have. So much hair thank you guys. So much for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial and do not forget to leave a comment down below and rate this post um you know I will see you in the next tutorial, I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you again for tuning in bye.

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