How to Sexy Loose Waves Inspired by Kim Kardashians Hair

Hi guys it is Layla here today and, I was showing you how to create Kim Kardashian inspired loose waves today this is the look and it is been requested.

So many times. So, I decided to show you guys how to create that and its signature Kim Kardashian look but it is also one of my favorite looks that, I wear all the time. So if you want to see how, I do it then stay tuned and you will see it is very easy and I will show you what you need to to get this look done and the first thing you are going to need is obviously some sort of a curling iron the bigger the barrel the looser and the and the more balanced the sort of the waves will be this is one and a half inch well.

So, I need a brush to just quickly comb through the hair definitely one of the biggest things you are gonna need is a lot of hairspray because for to make sure that the curls or the waves stay longer you have to spray it beforehand and then right after you finish it and definitely a heat protectant because you want to make sure that you are protecting your hair from all the heat and also if you have long hair then you are lucky, I don’t. So I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions and that will definitely help to create those long and big voluminous sexy Kim Kardashian waves. So let’s get going and the first thing I’m gonna do is brush through the hair just to make sure that, I untangle any tangles if they are already just like that okay once you brush through the hair.

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I’ve already turned on the curler. So it is nice and hot I’m gonna be putting my hair up in two sections because that’s how, I find it is easier to work with if you find it okay to just kind of curl without putting it in sections you can go ahead and do that for me I’m gonna just section off the bottom portion and just clip up the rest just like twist it up and there we go and up for the bottom part I’m going to actually separate it into three three portions and bring them forward. So it is gonna be like two in the front and one in the back and the first thing you want to do is definitely spray some heat protectant and, I forgot to mention this is if you do not know already this is Tresemme heat tamer spray and it is my favorite one.

So just lightly spray over here that you are about to curl and you definitely want to make sure that you let it dry but otherwise it is counteractive because it is gonna keep burning your hair. So just go ahead and spray the hair and let it dry for a few seconds and the reason I’m doing this is just it is kind of letting it faster air dry faster. So it is dry now.

So what I’m gonna do is lightly spray this with hairspray like that not a lot just a little bit and basically the key to this look is we are gonna be curling but not taking it up to the head like after the roots you want to kind of curl halfway to the middle of the hair okay. So you want to grab your curling iron and just come sort of to the end of the hair, I mean in the middle of the hair and just kind of put the curling the hair into the curler onto the clip and then what you want to do is holding the hair up just bring the curler all the way down like that and then just start curling the hair on top of the curler and if you have layers your own hair is gonna fall out. So you just want to kind of help it up and just go right there into the underneath the curler and we are gonna hold it for about ten okay that’s probably enough.

So you want to let it go by just opening up the clamp and letting the curl just fall through your hand like that and you want to take your hairspray before you let go of the curl and just kind of spray it like that and this is what it looks like now it is quick curled right now but they are gonna fall out as we finish the head and that’s the look that we want cuz that’s Kim’s signature look it is those kind of loose waves and that’s exactly what we are what we are after. So another thing, I should mention is we are gonna be next to the face I’m gonna be curling outwards but the curls sort of in the back basically you want to go in one outward and one inwards. So when the hair is all curled and finished it is not going to just go into if they are if the hair is curled in one direction only once you have finished the whole head it is gonna be like one big curl and you do not want that look, I do not want that.

So what I’m gonna do is just curl outward and then inward and just that will create sort of more of a natural wavy look. So let’s go ahead and do the next side okay now that. I have finished curling all of the hair finally you notice that it is quite opened and that’s exactly the point, I didn’t want it to be tighter curls, I wanted it just to be sort of natural and natural and sort of loose waves.

So that’s exactly what, I have right now and to finish off the look I’m just going to tease a little bit of the crown. So for that I’m going to be using this Denman teasing brush and basically all you want to do is just pick up your hair at the crown and never ever tease your extensions because that will ruin them. So just pick up your hair at the crown just separate it a bit and just tease a little of it a little bit without even hairspray because you already have hairspray from before.

So just like that and then just brush it out a little bit like that do not want it to be dramatic or anything like that just very natural and a little bit over here as well. So just pick it up and go from the back serve cheese like that and that gives you that big volume is here and just do the same thing here just make sure you are not teasing the extensions again please pick up your hair go from the back just like that and there we go. So I’m all finished and basically the trick to this is using a large barrel curling iron.

So one and a half inch would be great a lot of hairspray and a lot of patience and you will end up with these beautiful Kim Kardashian weights, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and try it out and thank you. So much for reading please feel free to comment and comment to our blog if you have not already and, I will see you guys in the next post bye.

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