HOW TO Simple Bun Hair Tutorial EASY

Hey guys I’m so excited to share this hair tutorial with you guys, and it is this really beautiful sophisticated low bun hairstyle. I’m in love with not only the way that this hairstyle looks.

I think that’s super timeless but you guys it is so simple to do. So let’s get started for this tutorial. I will be using two hair elastics you want nice and strong ones they do not have to be cute because they are going to be hidden. So do not worry we will be doing a little bit of pinning. So you will want to have some bobby pins and then go ahead and part your hair as normal and you want to make sure you have a nice clean part. I just use the end of a comb to make sure that my part is nice and straight first step you just want to create a nice smooth tight low ponytail for that sophisticated look. I find using a comb is the easiest way to give you that nice smooth finish you want your ponytail to sit about three fingers above the nape of your neck.

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So that your bun does not rub against your shirt throughout the day tie it off with your hair elastic and if you want to create some volume take the end of your comb and just slide it under your hair right at the crown of your head and you just want to pull upwards a little bit as you can see here it makes a subtle difference but. I think it helps pull together the whole look to give our bun more structure separate the top quarter of your ponytail and toss it out of the way and you just want to tease that remaining hair. I do not particularly like teasing my hair. If you just tease in an upwards motion it will create less damage with minimal knotting while still giving us just enough of volume especially if you have thinner hair this step is quite helpful to create fullness. So as you can see it is not super teased but just enough to help add additional volume. I take that second elastic wrap it around the ponytail and try to keep everything relatively smooth and when you do that last twist you just want to ensure that you are twisting your elastic right at the top of your ponytail you can see how that cross is right at the top that’s what you want. So before you create my bun, I’m just going to go ahead and smooth down that top section it lays nice and flat.

So grab your ponytail and we are going to partially pull it through to create our bun try to pull it through as symmetrically as possible. So that everything lays a nice and smooth, and it is easier to make your bun a larger then smaller. So once you pull it through you can always adjust it if your bun is looking a little too small okay. So this is the fun part grab the remaining hair at the bottom and divide it into two if you have less than me do not worry it is just still going to work take your left section and wrap it up and over that elastic. I give mine a little twist just to help create more dimension since we are working with our ends do not wrap it too loosely you do not want them poking out and you can always loosen it up later. I continue to wrap your ends behind that second section and you just want to pin your ends. So that they are hidden.

I just placed one pin for now to hold it in place and then, I’m going to take my right section and, I’m going to wrap it up and over our first section and again giving it a slight twist there are so many ways you could do this you could do braids tight twists or even just one big twist would be beautiful get creative with it let me know what you do then pin ends behind the sections. So that they are hidden and add any additional pins to secure everything into place and then take some styling cream or pomade and smooth away any flyaways. So there we have you guys that’s how easy it is to create this sophisticated low bun. I just love this hairstyle and it comes out great every single time. I was. So excited to share this hairstyle with you guys because.

I think that it is great for formal events it’d be great for a date night and, I think it is perfect for work as well but. I hope you guys found this post helpful if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up and do not forget if you recreate this look tag me on Instagram.. So I can see it. I love seeing your guy’s recreations. So so much thank you. So much for reading and I will talk to you guys soon, bye! xo.

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