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Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog today’s post is gonna be a very simple makeup tutorial that is dedicated to fall. So basically really nice darker berry lip with a very wearable smokey eye for the day or for the night whichever you prefer.

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So if you like these types of post keep on reading. So the first step is foundation this is one my favorite foundation is by NARS and this is in the sheer glow and my shade is Deauville light 4. So basically shake it up really nice before you apply it and I’m gonna use a damp Beauty Blender today, I love this and this together it is amazing, I would say the only negative about this foundation is it does not have a pump built in. So it gets kind of messy and do not forget to blend down your neck now that I’m building my foundation I’m just gonna let it set before, I do anything else and I’m gonna move on to the eyes. So first I’m actually gonna pry my eyelids, I love this step, I never miss it and I’m using my favorite NARS Pro prime or yes Pro prime smudge proof eyeshadow base and then just blend it with my ring finger. Because, I want to be gentle with my eyelids moving on we are gonna start with the eye shadows. So all of the eye shadows that I will be using in today’s post are all from this beautiful spirit eyeshadow palette by Stila and they have, I think three or two other ones and they have just beautiful colors, I chose this one.

Because it is my favorite type of eyeshadow shades and they are just perfect for a fall or literally any time of the year. So let’s begin the first eyeshadow that I will be using on my eyelid is this beautiful shade right here that it is called gold lightly it is it is a very beautiful Brown like a brown bronze color it is really really pretty, and it is shimmery – now that the shimmery shade is down on my eyelid I’m gonna go back into the palette and take this matte Brown cooler tone shade and just blend it all together on the crease and the upper crease. So taking this is just a bigger blending brush by Mac of the two to four also a great brush take off the excess a little bit and then just start blending to deepen up the crease and my eye I’m just gonna take this beautiful espresso color it is actually named espresso and just get a tiny bit. Because you can always go back and get more and just tap off the excess and then just put it right into the crease and kind of wiggle it back and forth at the very outer corners of your eyes and then bring it down creating that v-shape towards your eyelashes you see that V, I see that and then just blend it blend it out taking that same bigger blending brush that, I did before we are just going to go back in and blend it all together taking the same packing eyeshadow brush the first one to four to by Mac.

I just basically wiped it off, I have a towel on my lap just wiped it off and then going back into the palette, I will actually take this beautiful Miu Gold shade in the color wheat take the eyeshadow and apply it right in the center of your eyelid just like this, I start closest to my eyelashes and then just bring it up towards the crease take a small blending brush I’m just blended out with nothing on the actual brush just very very lightly I’m B I’m barely touching my just very very lightly blend it out moving on to the lower eyelash portion whenever, I do a smoky eye or a sort of smoky eye, I like to smoke out my lower lashes as well. Because it makes the eye more uniform and actually makes the eyes a tad bit bigger and it looks better taking both go lightly and espresso together just a tiny bit, I mix them both and, I tap off the excess and I’m gonna go right underneath my lower lash line to help blend the two colors together on the lower lash on the lower eyelashes this little brush is amazing to blend out the lower lash line. So taking that beautiful matte light brown shade on this little brush I’m just gonna blend out the colors together next is liquid eyeliner and this is by Stila their stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner intense black you guys get the gist it is just eyeliner which ever you can do a bigger flick you can do a small flick you do not even have to have a flick. But just apply a tiny bit of black eyeliner to the top of your eye lashes I’m just gonna quickly do my eyebrows and then continue with the eyes now that the eyebrows are done yes I’m gonna take a highlighting shade which is this beautiful kitten it is actually the kitten it is their ultimate shade from Stila it is a beautiful beautiful shade and just take it on a small eyeshadow brush and I’m gonna apply that right below is the F rose just like.

So to finish off the eyes I’m just going to apply several coats of mascara now that, I applied mascara to my top lashes, I actually skipped my bottom lashes. Because I’m a move on to concealer I have recently fell back in love with this concealer this is my Mac there Pro Longwear concealer and, I’m in the shade and w20 and then take the same damn Beauty Blender and then just start blending away. If you guys want to check out my contouring post where, I featured this awesome palette by Kat Von D I will have the post up here and I will have the post linked down below now that, I finished a very light contour, I will move on to my blush and, I have been loving those blush lightly especially for fall this is the Racketeer blush by benefit, and it is a beautiful shade it is actually kind of like a rose gold shade with a very light sheen to it the lipstick that, I picked for this look is actually by pixie and, I got this in Target and this is just a beautiful beautiful berry color, and it is just perfect for fall and the name is actually plumberry when, I apply a darker lipstick or a matte shade, I like to take a small lip pencil brush and, I just put it on the pencil brush and I’m just gonna outline my lips sort of like a lip liner now that, I have a good base that, I applied with the lip brush I’m just gonna go back in with the actual lipstick and just go over it one more time alright. So now that, I have the actual base with the pencil brush and then the actual applied with the lipstick I’m gonna actually take toilet paper or a Kleenex and just kind of take some of the excess off and do not forget to apply mascara to your lower lashes alright you guys. So here’s the finished look, I hope you guys liked it and found it helpful and and easy to follow. But I just want to say that, I love this type of makeup look mixing a gold and a bronze color together and then doing some kind of berry lip color or a deep red, I just love the two mixed together thank you for reading this post and I will see you next time.

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