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Hey guys I look like a cat, I decided to do a kitty cat for Halloween and, I thought that the ponytail look will be perfect with these little ears and actually Mimi was the one that gave me the idea and recently one of my friends who was a hair stylist actually taught me how to do a ponytail with extensions a little bit differently than what, I used to do in the past and, I thought it would be a great opportunity to incorporate it into the look and also to show you guys another way of doing it and one more thing, I forgot to say is if you like the whole look of the makeup as well then I will be putting up a makeup tutorial honor everything like see blogs. So definitely check that out as well.

So let’s get into the tutorial. So here’s what we are going to need for the hair tutorial I’m starting with my hair already flat are you creating more of a dramatic ponytail I’m actually going to use my lucky hair extensions today some of the weft. So I’m gonna use the individual one clip wax four of them I’m going to use two of the four clip weft and I’m also going to use a 1/3 clip weft.

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I’ve had the extensions straightened as well and we are also gonna need just a brush to comb through the hair and two elastic bands the matching hair color and then of course at the very end we are going to just accessorize with cute little cat ears and, I also forgot to mention that we will use some hairspray at the very end just make sure that there is no flyaways. So the first thing to do is just brush all the air backwards once the grafts stay here I’m actually going to bring it forward and I’m going to create a little small ponytail in the back and I’m actually going to turn around for this step. So you guys can see what I’m doing right here we are going to create a small little ponytail and at this point I’m just going to put this up into a ponytail and now that we have the small ponytail in the back I’m going to grab all of my extensions turn around and we are gonna start by basically and wrapping the rights all the way around the base of this small ponytail turning up with the biggest largest weapon this is the core clip what the biggest one out of the two, I have all the clips open.

So basically what I’m going to do is start to clip this all the way around here at the base. So I’m going to begin with one of the clips clip it right in and just wrap it all the way around and clip all the way around the base of the ponytail. So once, I have the first four clip I’m going to do exactly the same thing for the other four clip but.

So again I’m just going to start with the middle clip at the top and just start to find little spaces around the base and clip that all the way around. So now I’m going to do the same thing for the three clip what, I have all the large web. So I’m going to do basically the same thing or the individual clips and I’m going to apply them all the way around the bottom right here you hold it here forward and start to clip this on the bottom.

So now that we have all of the web´s clipped in the back I’m going to gather up all the hair to the into a ponytail and first you want to just brush it out towards the back be careful not to pull on the weft while you are brushing alright now that we have the hair gathered up I’m gonna use another elastic bag and just put this hair up into a high ponytail just like that we have this gorgeous long ponytail right here step is to just make sure that there’s no flyaways. So I’m gonna use a little bit of hairspray and just spray it down the ponytail complete but again before we put on the ears which is the most exciting part, I want to get to that but I’m going to grab a little piece of hair from the bottom and we are going to wrap it around the base of the ponytail to make sure that we do not see the elastic bands. So all I’m doing is just wrapping this around you have it wrapped you just want to use it a couple of bobby pins and just secure this onto the head and the last step is to just put on for the ears just like that and the transformation into a kitty cat is complete with our beautiful ponytail, I really love obviously the ponytail does not have to be used for Halloween it could just be used for any other date.

So if you are going to be recreating either the Halloween look or the ponytail then definitely share with us on instagram with hashtag luxy hair put your chance to be featured on our Luxa hair Instagram account and you can find all the information below if you guys. So much for reading happy Halloween and I will see in the next post.

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