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Hi how you doing I’m doing good. So recently, I did a tutorial on effortless waves and although, I think it is super easy hairstyle some of you complained that it is too much work and you need something lazy and easy that you can do on lazy days and you know what, I totally get it, I too have some days when, I do not feel like doing my hair but, I still wanted to look great. So today’s tutorial is gonna be how to create lazy curls for lazy girls let’s get started now before, I get started I’m gonna quickly walk you through what you are gonna need for these curls and the first thing is gonna be just a hair loss big hair grip whatever you want to call it you are gonna need a spray bottle with some water in it nothing fancy you are gonna need some clips for the ponytail and, I will explain in a minute and you also gonna need a hair spray I’m just using rawa organic and natural hair spray oh and one more thing we are gonna need a hair wax and I’m also using Rocco’s natural and organic hair wax let’s get started okay the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pull all of my hair in a high ponytail.

So that’s just that point and it is probably gonna be weird for you to see me in a ponytail because, I hardly ever wear my hair in the ponytail, I do not know why, I think it is because when, I used to serve in restaurants, I had to always put my hair up and now that, I do not have to work in a restaurant and put my hair up, I always wear it out okay. So let’s put it all up in a high ponytail it does not need to be neat because it is just really to create the curls. So once you are happy with a high it may be a bit higher just gonna secure it with the elastic alright.

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So now we can start curling this hair and the best part of course about these curls that, I do not think, I mentioned it yet is that they are heedless yay you can of course do it with a curler if you are even shorter on time but, I honestly think it is much better and healthier for your hair and equally fast to do it with just water and your fingers. So the first thing I’m gonna do once my hair is in a ponytail is I’m gonna start grabbing small sections kind of like this not too small small to medium sections and I’m gonna grab my water and I’m just gonna spray the section top to the bottom just to make sure it is nice and you do not want it too wet otherwise it is gonna take forever to dry. So once you feel like okay, I think this is them I’m gonna grab the section and two fingers and I’m just gonna wrap this around the fingers as if I’m wrapping them around a curling barrel.

So just like that there you go then I’m gonna slide my fingers out there stop then I’m gonna grab my hair clip these are really handy you can get these at any beauty supply store and that’s it. So that’s the first one now wait a second because I’m gonna show you I’m gonna do something different with the second section and I’m gonna alternate this as it goes through my ponytail. So the second section I’m gonna pick up I’m gonna also grab a small section small medium section spray it with water now the different thing that I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna just use one finger.

So remember how with the first section, I used to it is gonna create more of a wave in the second section I’m just gonna use one finger and that’s gonna create more of a curl and that’s what I’m gonna do. So I’m gonna alternate with every section I’m gonna do two fingers one finger two fingers one finger. So in the end when, I open the ponytail I’m gonna have really nice waves and curls that are all mixed together it is gonna look beautiful.

So I’m just gonna recur this around you can use middle finger if you want or you can use the index finger middle finger is a bit thicker. So, I think it makes it a bit easier. So I will use that then.

So hide my finger out that can sometimes be a bit tricky and then just gonna clip this up and that’s I’m gonna continue to do the same thing on the whole ponytail as you can see my hair’s medium fake. So for me it takes about three to five minutes to do my whole point, I tell that’s it super easy okay let’s let’s finish this all right. So now I’m finished curling all of the ponytail and this is what it looks like feel like my hair stuff fancy the next step is to hairspray everything with hairspray and just gonna pull on top in the bottom and all around and then just wait for it to dry it now at this point we have a few options now the day, I just did it at the office.

So if you work in an office that’s more casual like mine you can just do this hop in the washroom for a few minutes wrap this up in Nice curls and then just sit at your desk and do your work, I do not think you can do this overnight to be honest because, I think they are gonna unravel and it is not gonna be comfortable to sleep on them but you can do this at home with your running some errands or doing your makeup or if you really do not have the time and you really want to do it faster then you can just use blow-dryer to quickly try the hair right now I’m just gonna do some work and then I will show you when the hair is dry all right. So it took about 40 minutes for my hair to dry and now I’m ready to take the clips out are you guys ready you ready let’s do this let’s do this together alright. So the first clip this was the two fingers.

So this is more of the wave as you can see it is nice and bouncy beautiful. So adding the hairspray of course holds the wave together also adds a bit of shine and then I’m gonna try to find which one was the one finger all right. So I’m just gonna take all of them out and as you can see some of the curls are smaller because, I just used one finger and some are bigger like this one right here was the one finger one and as you can see it is much tighter it is a nice tight curl but I’m just gonna open up everything after.

So all right let’s take all of this out okay it feels like, I took out all the clips and now I’m just gonna take the hair elastic out of my hair shake my hair out I’m just gonna insert my fingers right here and just shake shake shake and as you can see, I have massive waves and curls all mixed together and the best part of course its heedless and just took five minutes to actually curl the hair and the results are absolutely beautiful now the last thing I’m gonna do is just add my Alexis to my hair for more glamorous effects and what, I did, I used the same technique to curl my Luckies and I’m actually gonna insert a clip to show you how, I and Ravel the hair. So as you can see, I did the exact same thing to mys first, I put them in a ponytail here at the base and then, I just split the hair in different sections with two fingers in one finger and then, I clipped it away, I just clipped it away early in the morning and now, I can feel it is dry. So I’m gonna I will show you guys what, I have but also, I think it is great to do this overnight and then you do not have to worry about it alright.

So let’s get the clips out I’m just gonna show you a couple of them like this is the smaller one as you can see it is like a really nice tight curl and then I will run my fingers to it and it will open up really nicely you will get really beautiful waves lovely and no heat that’s the best part and as you can see these are the results when, I take all the clips out and then I’m gonna take out the ponytail and then I will just clip it in my hair and show you guys the finished result all right.. So I have clipped in mys and Men, I have a lot of hair all right the very last step of this hairstyle is I’m gonna add the hair wax just to add a little bit more definition and mix my hair with the extensions.

So everything blends better. So I’m just gonna dab my finger in the hair wax just grab a little bit of the product and then just crunch it in my hair and do the same thing on my right side alright. So once.

I’ve added the hair wax I’m finished and this really took me ten minutes ten minutes with extensions can you do it, I think. So all right my beauties that’s all for today let me know how you like these lazy curls for lazy girls hair tutorial down below leave me a comment try these out and let me know how it works for you I’d love to see your pictures. So make sure to fostering your Instagram but lucky hair hashtag our favorites are always featured on our Instagram thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys. So much and I will see you soon bye fingers dog love my hair still, I’m in love with his curls .

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