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Hey guys I’m going to be doing an updated haircare routine and giving you some tips along the way we get a lot of questions about how to maintain healthy hair and specifically what we do and, I do not really do anything too different or too drastic.

So I will just quickly run through everything, I do and give you guys healthy hair tips and how to maintain healthy hair and hopefully you will find it helpful. So the first thing of course is when you talk about hair or skin or nails or anything that’s like on the outside you have to think about it the health of all of that starts from the inside. So when you think on the inside everything comes from your diet and your lifestyle and your activity levels.

So so basically hair is made up of protein which is the keratin in the hair and. So it is important to ensure that your diet is balanced. So personally my diet consists of 90%, I would say about 90% plant-based foods.

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So, I do not eat any meat or chicken, I still eat some seafood and some free-range eggs and, I do not really drink any milk, I never liked or dairy in general but, I will have occasionally some cheese. So I’m, I think I’m slowly transitioning into going like full-on plant-based diet but I’m not ready yet. So I’m just cutting it down slowly and just listening to my body.

So having said that it is important to ensure that your diet also is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. So make every fatty and in salmon and walnuts and chia seeds in flaxseed oil and there’s probably. So many other sources.

So this is just like to just touch up on the subject. So you have to ensure that if you are not consuming it at least take supplements for it but always consult a doctor I’m not telling you guys what to do or what not to do another thing that’s good for hair and skin and nails is biotin. So, I do take a supplement of that and another really important part of the diet is your leafy greens.

So, I love kale and spinach and I’m not a fan of beans but, I still kind of force myself to eat some because, I know they’re. So good for me um. So anyways you just have to ensure that your your your diet is healthy because that’s what’s going to drive your healthy hair to come out there’s nothing you can do from the outside if your hair is not healthy from the inside.

So of course hand in hand with diet is activity level and. So it’s. So important to just stay active with whatever it is that you enjoy does not have to be just like gym or exercise alone it can be.

So many other things anything that’s will just get your heart rate up and get your blood flow going, I think that’s. So important because everything in our body works together. So diet and exercise have to work hand-in-hand.

So, I do, I try to work out three to four times a week sometimes, I do not get a chance to and that’s okay you do as much as you can and, I try to dance to as much as, I can probably one to two times a week is like the most. So those two things are like the foundation of healthy hair and. So if you have a healthy diet and if you exercise, I think from the inside your hair will be naturally healthy but of course you can’t forget what you do to the hair on the outside which is all the heat damage and the color processing and all of that stuff personally, I will just tell you guys what what, I do and what, I use not.

So much the products but like the techniques, I try to color my hair as less as like as little as possible and the last time, I colored my hair is probably two three months ago and the reason for that is that, I went for a color that pretty much matches my natural colors. So that when it starts growing there is not like a you know a huge difference with the roots and they in the color. So, I can get away with just taking just stretching that time of how often you have to color your hair, I also think it is important to stick to within a few shades of your natural hair color because that’s probably what you like mother nature knows best then you probably look the best in that color there is of course you know exceptions to the rule personally.

I’ve tried lots of different colors and, I know this is the best shape for me. So anyway. So, I try to color my hair less which is.

So important because it’s. So damaging to your hair. So try to stay away from like bleaching and things like that as much as you can of course and of course the next thing is you probably heard this before is how often you wash your hair.

So it is actually better for your hair to wash it less, I try to not wash it like less than two three days, I probably wash my hair probably two times a week which is like three to four four days apart and it is better for your hair because the natural oils and things like that it keeps the hair healthy because if you over wash your hair it is going to dry out because the shampoos really dries out your hair even if you condition it. So try to just stretch the time and the best part about that is that the days when your hair is not fresh you can use our hair tutorials and there’s. So many styles that you can do that will actually look better on like not freshly washed hair.

So you can do buns are amazing, I always do a bun when my hair is not like fresh we can do braids you can do ponytails there’s. So many variations. So you can check out our posts and get inspiration and you can have like maybe 10 or 15 styles that are like your go-to styles that you can do on not freshly washed hair.

So you can stretch out that time of how often you need to wash your hair and then when it comes to washing the hair you want to look for shampoos that have no parabens and no sulfates because those are the sulfate is what dries out your hair. So, I’m still searching for like my favorite shampoo or haircare line I will tell you what, I use right now but you know, I can’t say it is my favorite it works it does a good job but I’m not really going to recommend it as like my favorite ever it does a good job you can tell my hair looks pretty healthy and it is and it feels nourished. So, I use the organics line and this is the Moroccan argan oil the conditioner and the shampoo it is not tested on animals it does not have any parabens or anything like that which is great.

So, I use that, I also were was using the yes to carrots line and you can tell I’m almost out I’m out of the conditioner this is the shampoo again it works great it does not have any parabens it is 99% natural amy said it has something that it is not supposed to and they claim that they do remember what it was, I think it was sulfate or something but, I do not know it works great for me again you know it is not I’m not gonna say these are my favorites but those are those are the hair shampoos and conditioners that I’m using right now just kind of rotating again. So back to that it is just try to stay away from sulfates and things that will dry out your hair and look for things for products that are moisture restoring and hydrating and then another thing, I do for my hair is probably not as often as they should but probably about like once a month or once every two months which is not. So good you should do it more often if, I do a hair treatment for my hair with coconut oil and organic cold-pressed coconut oil is the best kind and it is amazing for your hair and skin it’s.

So good it is it’s good to consume it as well but, I do not really like to cook on it, I like to use it as a moisturizer for my skin and my hair. So right now because it’s. So hot it is in a liquid form but normally it is like really hard and dense.

So you need to just like apply it to your to your roots and your ends or just the whole the whole hair your the whole length of the hair and you leave it on for 30 minutes and you wash it out and it is amazing it feels. So good after when you do that though you will have to probably wash your hair twice with shampoo because you know obviously it is it’s oily. So you want to make sure that you like strip away all that.

So ever since, I started using the coconut oil treatment, I totally see a difference like my ends are. So much more hydrated and of course the ends are always the driest part of your hair because it is the oldest part of you here that’s been like damaged over time. So, I definitely see a difference and, I highly recommend always look for organic you can find it probably at any natural health food stores or even, I would assume that Asian markets would have it.

So definitely definitely recommend coconut oil I’m just looking at my little notes here another thing that you want to definitely do from the inside is keep yourself hydrated. So water is so important, I always have my water bottle with me and it is better to drink it from a water bottle because you can keep track of how much you are drinking and yeah.

So hydrating yourself the inside super important. So as far as conditioning goes, I not the treatment but the actual conditioning again, I really like this one the Moroccan argan oil conditioner is it is really quite rating it feels really good and it is easy to style the hair but it is also important to actually use something after I’m damp hair and, I use these two products this is the Josie Maran or josie maran argan oil 100% pure argan oil you use just a touch I’m actually running out, I need to purchase more you use a touch, I just applied to my palms and then, I just use it on my ends and it is amazing you do not need to use it on damp hair you can use it even on on like dry hair but just use a small amount. So it does not like make your hair oily and then, I also use the macadamia natural oil healing healing oil treatment that’s a mouthful um.

So yeah you want to use some like essential oils and just kind of hydrate your hair even more you just want to do anything you possibly can to just keep it hydrated from the inside and from the outside. So now that our hair is clean and hydrated I will talk about styling. So obviously with styling we all know the less heat damage you apply to your hair is obviously better for your hair.

So, I personally have not used a flat iron on my hair for like maybe two three years for the most part for like 99.9%, I used the blow-dryer and we have shown the blow-dryer in the past, I do not have it here to the lt1 Mimi talked about it in her post that’s the best one we found I’m sure there’s other great ones. So a good blow-dryer and a good hair brush are great to just blow dry the hair straight and this is what, I have a post on that, I will link it in the bottom bar how, I blow-dry my hair to be straight.

So you do not have to use a platter and my hair is naturally curly and wavy. So you guys can tell that, I can get these results by using just a blow-dryer and, I do not need to apply too much heat with a straightener. So try to stay away from flowerings and straighteners as much as possible and just try to blow-dry your hair just learn practice and learn do it.

So you get the straight effect if you want that without the use of a flattering and of course when you use any heat tools you know this is like everybody talks about it it is use a heat protectant spray we use the Tresemme one, I actually run out of mine. So, I do not have it with me but everybody knows about it it is the Tresemme heat tamer spray. So going along with the styling, I would also say to try to air dry your hair as much as possible if you can my hair is very frizzy.

So, I can’t really and dry it. So whenever, I want to just lessen the heat damage what, I do is, I use mousse and, I use a diffuser, I have a post of that as well on how to style naturally curly hair and that of course is a lot less damage like he damage to your hair. So, I do that on days when, I want to like minimize the heat damage to my hair and the other great thing to keep in mind and do is to get regular trims and, I’m actually guilty of that because I’m trying to grow my hair naturally and you know when you trim it of course it like you feel like oh my god I’m back to square one but honestly it does make a huge difference in that your hair just feels lighter and it gets rid of all the dead ends and it is easier to style your hair, I do not do it as often as you should you should they say you should do it like every eight to twelve weeks or something like that.

So maybe like two to three months, I taught myself how to do it. So, I give myself terms for the past two times that. I have done it, I did it myself I’m not going to make it post on it do not ask me for it because, I do not really know what I’m doing um, I I will actually link a post that, I a tutorial that, I watched and did my own trim on myself the girl is really good she’s gives great tips along the way.

So, I will link that post below and you guys can check that out if you want to learn and save some money for yourself, I do not do it because of the money really, I just because, I I just want to ensure you know, I do not the person that cuts it does not cut too much. So if I’m doing it myself, I know exactly how much, I want to cut. So and one last thing and, I know there’s controversy about it that it works or it does not work you know the cold water trick, I personally do it it is not always fun because it is cold water in the winter it is kind of you know it is not really that Pleasant it is like shocking to your system but, I do find that my hair looks shinier when, I do use when, I finish it off with cold water before, I get out of the shower.

So so those are all the things that, I do to my hair and all the tips, I have for you guys today, I hope you guys found this post helpful and if you have any tips about healthy hair definitely leave them in the comments below we can all learn from each others. So thank you guys. So much for reading and, I will see in the next post bye.

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