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Hi how are you doing as you can see I’m back in London and I’m back in my bedroom and I’m super super excited to be here and today I’m going to be showing you a really cool new side braid that, I kind of thought of, I call it a little braid but, I do not really know it is just the name, I came up with um.

So let’s begin alright. So you are gonna need a few simple tools for the side braid one of the main things you are gonna need is a regular hairbrush to brush your hair you are gonna need a hair elastic and you are gonna need scissors okay, I promise we are not gonna be cutting hair but if we really need to cut something alright. So the first thing I’m gonna do is just I’m gonna put my eyeball my hair is already on one side but first thing you want to do is just put your hair on one side and I’m just gonna give it a quick brush as you can see I’m wearing my blonde ombre luxy hair extensions and, I just added it for this hairstyle of course for the thickness and the length but also because, I think actually with any side braid when you have highlights in your hair it just looks.

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So much cooler. So, I just love having the option of being a blonde sometimes. So once.

I’ve brushed the hair I’m gonna take my hair elastic actually we are gonna need to, I forgot to mention we are gonna need two of your elastics just gonna put the first one right at the top here and I’m just gonna secure it in a ponytail alright step one done the next thing I’m gonna do, I might just brush over it one more time. So the next thing I’m gonna do is just split this hair in two equal sections oh try to make them way cool it is really really simple. So it is sort of kind of like a fishtail braid kind of not really.

So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a section from the right. So from my right I’m going to cross it over the right section and I’m going to right away create a loop. So that’s why, I call it double braid.

So you have this loop and then I’m going to take the rest of the ends of the section from the right bring it under Section two I will call the section two and then I’m going to bring it over section two and just pull these ends through the loop. So I’m going to show you a few more times of course. So you get the stubs through but it is really really easy and then you just pull it tightly like that and then you know it can be a little messy you can make it neater if you want I’m gonna make this braid a little loose and messy but you know you can make it really tight you can use smaller sections thicker sections I will probably go for medium sized sections alright.

So this is number one and I’m just gonna do the exact same thing down below I’m gonna do first from the right then from the left and then right left. So since, I did it from the right now I’m gonna take a section from the left I’m gonna cross it over the left and then create the loop right away then bring it under the right section bring it over the right section and then just pull the ends through that loop and as I’m doing that I’m just making sure you know it is there’s no like messy hair sticking out and then just pull it like that that’s done. So number two done and then really I’m just gonna be doing the exact same steps down the braid again like, I said I’m gonna make my braid a little you know loose and a little messy just because, I like it that way but if you use you know smaller sections just make sure you hold it tightly if you want it more neat and tight then that’s what you want to do.

So let’s keep going all right. So, I have about five inches left of the hair and this is where I’m gonna stop braiding because, I find that the closer, I get to the ends of my hair the more the braid unravels. And I have tried braiding it all the way down and then, I just have it ends up looking too messy.

So this is about where I’d like to stop. So, I have about you know five inches to the left and I’m just gonna secure you know the ends with a hair elastic and I’m laughing because the hair elastics that, I just had here at the base exploded but the whole point of me having the scissors was once, I stop braiding the hair, I just snipped the elastic with scissors but it just exploded, I do not know why. So yeah once you do not have the elastic here you do not have that something just like pulling the hair.

So it looks much more natural super super cute and beautiful, I just love level of this braid and, I really like how it looks with the you know with the ombre locks ease in my hair because it just creates a whole different dimension it’s. So cool just want to show you guys yeah that’s why, I also called it deliberate because once you stop braiding and once the break comes you know a little bit unraveled you can see every single loop and, I think it’s. So cool love it that’s it for today let me know how you like this hairstyle down below also I’m just about a few days ago it was Oscars, I totally missed the show because of the time difference I’m London the show started when, I was going to sleep and I’m like I’m really jet-lagged, I need to sleep but, I watched Matthew McConaughey good Matthew McCullough nee macaque, I can never anyways you guys get the point of I will link his speech, I watch his speech at the Oscars and, I was just blown away you know there’s always one speech at the Oscars that you will always remember for the rest of your life and I will quickly just say this there’s two things that, I really liked about what he said number one he talked a lot about gratitude ha and, I couldn’t agree more why am, I getting.

So emotional but, I couldn’t get agree more about it because, I think you know everything. I have been able to experience in my life is because. I have practiced gratitude and it is not easy, I practice it every single day it is almost like you have to consciously remember to be just grateful for the smallest of things.

So that’s something he brought up to the attention he said that you know gratitude is why he’s able to live the life he is and then another thing that, I really like that the Nov speech is that he said that you know somebody once asked him who is his hero and he thought about it and then he said you know what, I’m my own hero in 10 years and then that same person asked him in 10 years. So are you your own hero now and he said no no no no give me 10 more years. So, I really like that because you know sometimes people ask me like who is your style icon or who is who is the person want to be when you grow up like I’m not grown up yet but, I think, I always have this difficult time answering this question because, I feel like, I do not want to look up to anyone, I want to be the best person, I can in this lifetime and that really resonated with how, I feel as well, I think we should aspire to be our own heroes and we should just you know do the best we can to be the best person we can in this lifetime and take the responsibility for everything we do, I do not know why, I just wanted to talk about that and I’m gonna link his speech down below as well and well the reason, I brought the Oscars into the whole picture is to ask you guys if you liked any hairstyles a bit Oscars, I kind of did this whole loop to get to the story but yeah if you like the any hairstyles at the Oscars please let me know I’d love to recreate them you know just maybe post a picture on facebook or just tag me in the Instagram whatever works for you alright.

So let me know how you like this hairstyle below when you recreate a poster on your Instagram woodlock see here hashtag my favorites will be featured on e hair Instagram thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys. So much and I will see you next week just think that when it exploded my elastic exploded with the tub cause both the cutter anyways, I watched nothing with my company mr.


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