Loop Side Ponytail Cute Hairstyle

My beautiful friends how are you doing today I’m going to show you a beautiful loop side ponytail, I think that’s what I’m gonna call this hairstyle it is super easy it looks very funky and cool and you won’t need a lot of tools. So let’s begin alright some of the things you will need is a hairbrush you are gonna need a hair wax I’m just using some old hair wax, I found in my cupboard and you are gonna need a hair elastic I’m gonna start off with just bringing all my hair to one side and, I usually use my left side when, I decide ponytails or side braids and I’m gonna quickly give my hairbrush as you can see, I’m wearing my ombre hair extensions today, I wear the ombre chestnuts at 160 grams and, I think for this hairstyle you will need long hair or you will need to not have layers and for that reason.

I’ve made hair extensions for this hairstyle because if you have layers it is just in my not word definitely helps to have long hair that has no layers but also it will help to have a hair wax. So the first thing I’m gonna do is just bring all the hair on my left side and then I’m gonna look at my ponytail and I’m gonna grab the longest section, I can find. So anything any layer or any section that goes from top to the bottom without any layers.

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So I’m just picking something that does not have my hair in it because obviously my hair is shorter than the extensions then I’m gonna bring it over to the side to the right side then, I take my hair wax just might put my fingers in the hair wax, I have it done here and then I’m gonna just run my fingers with the hair wax over that section and this will just help all the flyaway stay in place or if, I have any layers it would help for the layers to stay in place. So once, I distributed the hair wax in that section I’m gonna hold with one hand I’m gonna hold the big section the other hand I’m gonna create a loop and that’s why, I call little pony pal I’m gonna create the loop and then I’m gonna take the rest of the hair behind that big section and then over and then I’m gonna take the ends of the section and pull it through that loop. So you saw what, I just dislike to that section went behind over the big section and then through this section and then you just pull it and your first loop is ready.

So what I’m gonna do next again I’m gonna go back to my pony tail and I’m gonna pick another section that is long I’m just looking to my mirror. So I’m gonna pick this section you can work with small or medium sized sections and then I’m gonna add it to that section to the first section and again I’m gonna take a bit of hair wax run my fingers through the hair wax, I mean all right my fingers through the hair with the hair wax and then do the exact same thing. So I’m gonna create a loop bring it behind the thicker section behind the pony tail over the pony tail and through the loop and then just pull it pull it pull it pull it pull it until it is nice and tight and then I’m going to continue doing the same thing.

So I’m going to again go back to my pony tail pick a long section the longer sections are usually in the middle of the pony tail. So I’m just gonna grow another section put some hair wax in it and then create a loop get a loop go behind over and then pull the hair through and depending on how long your hair is you will be able to do three to five or six of these, I probably will go just for one more I’m gonna go again in the middle of my pony tail grab a long section of hair maybe something a bit thicker and then combine the two sections together add a bit of hair wax create a loop pull the hair through and if you have any layers like, I do you can just pull them down. So they are not sticking out and that’s my number for now at this point I’m gonna stop I’m just gonna grab my hair elastic and I’m gonna secure this loop side ponytail in place.

So just with my elastic I’m gonna go to where it ends and just secure it just pull on these ends of the braid or really it is a loop. So once, I pulled it you will just see it a little more it is just more distinctive this way and that’s really it the UH ponytail is done you can do this on straight here or you can just wave the ends, I personally prefer it on straighter here because, I feel like it stands out more if you hear straight but, I think it is gonna look really cute on wavy or curly hair as well that’s it for today my beautiful friends, I absolutely love this loop side ponytail, I think it is perfect for everyday school or work or just you know a fun date out with your friends. So make sure to give it a try and post it on your Instagram relaxing your hashtag also make sure to leave me a comment down below it just takes a second and, I absolutely love reading your comments make sure to LIKE this post and come back next week for more tutorials thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I will see you next week bye all right why did Abby.

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