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Hello I’m in the office in case you are wondering where, I’m today I’m going to show you a new hair tutorials obviously, I noticed that you guys really love the last few hair tutorials that, I did on curling and waving hair. So today I’m going to show you any way to create really soft effortless waves let’s get started.

I’ve started by separating my hair in two sections left and right and I’m just going to quickly give my hair brush and as you can see I’m wearing my Umbra blonde hair extensions in 20 inches just going to quickly give it a brush and then the next thing I’m going to do I’m going to spray all of my hair from top to bottom with heat protectant just in case. So when you first spray this on your hair it makes your hair a little bit wet. So I’m just going to give it a minute to dry I’m going to start with the here on my left side just going to grab a section that’s about an inch thick like this one clip the rest of the hair away and I’m gonna grab my curling wand this is just the medium sized curling one you can use anything you have with a clip or without it does not really matter because you can always like open the clip and just use the barrel by itself now the next thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna hold the hair in one hand I’m going to sort of twist the section slightly then I’m going to put the barrel on top of my hair and I’m going to naturally let the hair twist as, I wrap it around the barrel and I’m not going to go all the way down.

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So as you can see I’m holding quite a lot of hair still in my hand. So I’m just going to hold it for a few seconds and wait for the curl to set and then I’m just going to drop this curl down just like that and continue doing the same thing. So maybe I will just show you one more section before, I speed everything else otherwise it is going to be quite a long hair tutorial alright.

So here’s one more section I’m slightly twisting it to the right and then wrapping it around putting the barrel on top of the you are wrapping it around and if part of the section is naturally twisting as, I wrap the hair around the barrel, I just let it be and then I’m holding the ends of the hair. So I’m not waving the ends waiting for the hair to curl 10 15 seconds is all you need then I’m just going to let this hair drop perfect and now I’m just going to go ahead and do the same thing on all my love section. So as you can see curling the hair this way resembles a wave as opposed to a curl.

So it is going to give it a completely different effect once I’m finished with all of the hair another thing that, I do is, I curl my hair and, I forgot to mention this as, I’m doing this as I’m holding the hair and letting the curls set, I also slide my hair around the barrel. So, I kind of pull the ends of the hair which tightens the curl and then, I make it a bit looser. So, I do not know if that explains this as you can see like I’m letting the hair slide back and forth.

So like back and to the front now what this does it eliminates all the frizz and it also opens up the wave. So it gives it a different effect all right. So I’m finished curling all my hair and it actually didn’t take me that long it took me about 15 minutes to do all of my hair which, I have a lot.

So it is really not that long now the next step is to go ahead and style these waves because I’m not finished alright. So I’m going to be using two different products and they are both hair waxes this is a natural organic hair wax by rawa which, I love it is more of a soft natural hair lives because it is organic and this is something that. I have had for years it is not a natural product but, I love using it because it gives me the texture it just adds that kind of attention in the hair that you sometimes need when you have waves.

So I’m going to be using both of them because, I think they do completely different things when they are in my hair and with these kind of waves the styling is actually what makes the waves become more playful more soft and more realistic what I’m gonna do first is I’m going to go into the rock oil hair wax and just grab a little bit this one is not, I mean it is called the hair wax but, I find that it is more like a cream you can even see that the texture is very soft I’m just going to rub it on my pumps and I’m just going to go into my hair and start breaking these waves sort of like brushing the product through my hair just going to add a little more and do the same thing on the right side okay. So that’s step number one now the second step is I’m gonna go ahead with my this product is called KMS hair play. So this is a much stronger hair wax it actually is very waxy Boxey it actually is very black see it is very like sticky if you know what, I mean it is very sticky if you try to put in your hair or your hands.

So what I’m going to do with this one is I’m just gonna again rub it in my palms make sure that it is not too much product and then I’m just going to grab different sections of my hair like this one and I’m just gonna rough up the ends. So I’m just pulling one section like that and I’m just sort of you know robbing the two pumps together when they hear what this does it creates more of a natural tousled look when, I finish everything you will see when, I once i’ve tussled they here. And I have only done my left section.

So far I’m going to scrunch it. So when, I hustle the hair with my pumps it expands the hair and when, I scrunch it it just makes it look all more natural and then I’m going to go ahead and do the exact same thing on my right side. So when you finish you should have something like this very soft very loose effortless waves it is almost like you have one big wave on each side that’s it for today my beauties thank you.

So much for tuning in let me know how you like this hairstyle down below leave me a comment like this post it would totally make my day when you recreate these beautiful waist make sure to post on your instagram and hashtag me hashtag laksa hair or Mimi icon my favourites are always featured on our Instagram love you guys. So much and I will see you soon bye.

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