Louise Tweddell and Cameron Willcock

Cameron & Louise

Assistant restaurant manager Louise Tweddell, 23, and builder Cameron Willcock, 23, seemed like a done deal. The show told viewers: For their second date, Louise cooked spaghetti Bolognese their dating profiles remain deleted

Cameron’s not my usual type. When I first saw him I thought,Oh no, they’ve put me with someone young!My last few boyfriends have all been 30 and my friends say I’m brutal when it comes to men. But we hit it off and didn’t look at the menu for the first 45 minutes because we were so busy talking. On the date, he kept banging on about how he could do magic tricks and we went to Tesco after the date to buy a pack of cards. But they didn’t have any, so we bought vodka instead and went back to his hotel.

We were so drunk that I can’t remember who made the first move but we slept together that night and made a deal to see each other the following evening so he could show me his magic tricks. As it turned out, he’s really good at them! A week later we went to Brighton for the weekend and continued to see each other for two months. But then I went on holiday and he went away the day I got back, so we went from seeing each other all the time to not seeing each other at all.

He said he didn’t like phone conversations and I was annoyed that he wasn’t calling, so it reached a sort of stalemate. It turns out that we are both as stubborn as each other. It’s annoying how similar we are. I’m always saying to my friends that he’s the guy I do not want to date at the moment but the one that I will marry. I think we have ruined dating for each other since meeting. We’ve tried seeing other people but we both end up talking to each other again. He is the first person I have been smitten with in a long time and we are so well matched but it is the wrong time.

The trouble is I compare everyone else with him If I was in a club and there were identical twins brunette and blonde I would go for the blonde. So Louise is definitely my type, and we are so alike. She likes a man’s man and when she commented on the show that it was awkward that we were wearing matching outfits, she was jabbing to see how I’d react. She told me afterwards she wanted to test me. Our date was at 7.30pm but it was about midnight once we got into a cab because you have an interview and photos afterwards. The cameramen thought we went to a nearby bar, but we went to Tesco to buy cards. When I asked her if she wanted to come back to my hotel, she looked up the first morning trains on her phone and that’s when I thought, She’s staying over then!I think we both knew we were going to have sex that night.

I’d had about five drinks in the holding room with the producers before going on. If you say, I really fancy a gin and tonic, they’ll run and get you one. They like you to make a phone call halfway through the date, so I went to the toilet and tried ringing four of my mates but not one of them picked up! Louise noticed I’d been gone a long time and I was worried she thought I was having a poo. The next morning we both had work so we got up at 5am and walked to the station in last night’s clothes, laughing about the whole thing. I was buzzing that the date had gone well and we both really wanted to see each other again. I drove to her place that night because she had promised to cook me spag Bol. The next evening we went bowling and to Nando’s. We dated for two months but never had the where is this goingchat.

We were asked to go on the First Dates Christmas special and talk about our relationship, but I didn’t feel ready. Since my ex cheated on me, I can’t get into a relationship. Most girls would get angry but Louise was amazing when I explained. We have not gone longer than a week without talking. I’m going travelling soon for three months so we will see what happens, but I have stalked her on Instagram a few times to see what she’s up toWhere are the First Dates couples now? Cosmopolitan catches up … Ltf

Where are the First Dates couples now? Cosmopolitan catches up … Ltf

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